Perception Is Reality: Why a Professional Telephone Answering Service Should Be One of Your First In

Posted on 21/04/2018

When it comes to life in general, we understand that perception is everything. The way in which you perceive a particular event, person, or place comes to make up your reality and experience, and the same is true when it comes to business and building client relationships. Since we know that perception is reality, and we know that the way our potential clients perceive our business will significantly affect the success of that relationship, as well as our business success as a whole, we should tailor the first impression our business makes in order to make the best first impression possible. Here's why a professional telephone answering service should be one of your highest priorities for your business.

First Impression: The Perception of Professionalism

An incoming phone call from a new client or customer means one thing: more business! The customer who is making first contact over the phone has likely looked up your business online, and has perhaps read online reviews to prompt them to make the call and inquire more about your products or services. With this in mind, you want to be sure that the first impression the customer receives from your business is a positive one, and one that will lead them to choose your business over a competitor.

Developing Trust: A 24-Hour Open Line

Once your business has gained the trust of your new customer or client, it's important to ensure that you maintain that trust to help build the new customer relationship. Opting for a 24-hour professional answering service will ensure that your customers receive the same service they experienced on their initial call, and will always be able to make contact with your business. Even if the customer has to leave a message with the Virtual Assistant and wait for a call back from you, the fact that they are always able to get through and make contact will help to build and develop trust based on consistency and reliability. These are two significant assets for any business to have, and a great way for a business to be perceived.

Maintaining Professionalism: Always Being Ready for the Call

Not having a professional telephone answering service to handle the incoming calls to your business can be detrimental, especially if you're taking the calls on your personal mobile phone. Perhaps you pick up a call from an unknown number, expecting it to be a personal one, when you realize it's business-related. You have a new - or potential - client on the phone, and you're out at a summer barbecue with friends. The unavoidable background noise will undoubtedly be made apparent to the client, as well as your unprepared and unprofessional demeanor. Having a professional answering service will cut this mistake out altogether, and will ensure that you're always prepared and in a quiet space for the call. When it comes to first impressions, reliable communications, and a professional tone, you want to be sure that each of your customers perceives your business as a solid investment of their time and money. Telephone answering services, as simple as they may seem and as cost-effective as they are, could be the differentiating factor when it comes to making or breaking your business. For more information about telephone answering services for your business, visit us at
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