Mental Yoga: Why It’s Critical to Get out of the Office and See Some Sunshine

Posted on 13/07/2018

It can be easy to stay inside behind your computer screen when lunchtime rolls around. Shockingly, a recent survey found that 75 percent of Canadian workers eat lunch at their desk at least three times a week! Especially if you're working from a virtual office where there are no other coworkers in sight, powering through the day can seem attractive. However, taking a lunch break and getting outside for an hour in the middle of the day can actually be far more beneficial for your business than sitting in front of your computer non-stop. Below are just four reasons why getting outside is beneficial for your health and for your business.

You'll Pay Attention To What You Eat

Eating while working can be detrimental for your health. Workers who fail to take a break during lunchtime and concentrate on what they're eating are far more likely to make unhealthy food choices. Getting away from work allows you to focus on making healthy food choices. In addition to this, if you're not focusing on two things at once, you will also eat healthier portions; workers who eat away from their desk are more likely to eat smaller portions and stop eating when they're full.

Being Outside Will Relieve Stress

Getting outside and away from the office environment can be just the stress reliever you need in the middle of the day. Continuing to focus on work when you're already feeling frustrated can have a negative impact on your health and will likely affect the quality of the work you're producing. Decompressing by going to a short walk or meeting with friends will help you relax, meaning you can approach the afternoon with a better mindset.

You Can Feel Energized For the Rest Of the Day

Sometimes it can be difficult to find time to exercise when you're running your own business, but let's face it: exercise is something that everyone needs to do regardless of their career. Taking a break outside can be the perfect opportunity to get your daily workout. A jog, a swim, or a walk in the middle of the day will energize you, help you feel recharged, and help you focus on your afternoon tasks.

Soak Up Some Vitamin D

When it's sunny outside, being out in that sunshine just feels great! Being outside, even if you're just lying in the grass with a book that you like, will boost your happiness, which in turn will boost your afternoon creativity and productivity. The bonus: sunshine will supply your body with vitamin D, which is needed for the absorption of calcium. Getting outside is important for your body and for your mind! When you work from a virtual office and there are no coworkers around to convince you to take a break and eat lunch with them, it might feel as though working through lunchtime is more productive. However, getting outside and taking a break is actually critical for your body, your mind, and your business. You will feel refreshed, focused, and healthier, and as a result, you can continue to produce your best work into the afternoon.
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