Here's Why You Need to Start Using HootSuite to Manage Your Social Media

Posted on 28/04/2018

HootSuite has been in existence for some time, but even now, some individuals in the business world can’t see the usefulness of depending on HootSuite for their social media marketing. HootSuite is a social media management platform that helps different businesses manage their brand. Its user interface appears in the form of a dashboard, and supports integrations for Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace. In short, HootSuite is an amazing productivity tool for everything you want to accomplish in today's social Internet environment. Below are a few reasons why you need to start using it to manage your social media.

It Supports Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are there to permit you to group a bunch of Twitter users as you see fit. An organizational tool of sorts on the site, it allows you to speedily find people of interest and view their newest tweets. These lists may either be public or private to your Twitter account. If you've been keeping all of your contacts in your HootSuite groups, you will be prompted to eventually convert all of your HootSuite groups to Twitter lists. This will make your whole interface run a lot more efficiently. You can then share the lists with other people.

It Lets You Report and Track

You need HootSuite for your business and social media management since it permits you to see what your followers in your niche are up to. More specifically, it allows you to see exactly how the followers within your niche are interacting with any of your tweets. It allows you to track by region how much time and how many clicks your link receives in a Twitter social message. Then, you can even use this information by exporting it in CSV. If you like, you can also export it to a PDF. This feature even integrates customer URL parameters.

It Lets You Save as a Draft

Even small touches are very much appreciated when it comes to helping your social media management. HootSuite permits you to efficiently schedule tweets for the future. Now, you can also save any tweets you're working on as a draft. This is very similar to saving a half-finished email composition as a draft, which you'll later go back to in order to spruce it up and add the finishing touches. This feature is ideal for when you haven't got a link ready that you can use, or are otherwise unhappy with the tweet you're working on. These are all the reasons why you absolutely have to use HootSuite to manage all of your social media efforts. These days, running a business should automatically mean that you're working to actively build your social media profiles, which means you need an efficient system to help you manage it well. HootSuite is the perfect system for this, and it lets you streamline your tweets in such a way that you'll improve your marketing efforts. Why not use social media effectively instead of getting overwhelmed by it all?
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