Five Tips for Recruiting Interns to Assist With Business Tasks

Posted on 19/01/2018

Interns are an extremely valuable asset to a company and have never been more available than they currently are. With the economy still recovering, college students are becoming more and more eager to intern as a way to establish connections and expertise before they enter the workforce. Those who are not in college also turn to internships in order to build the resume and attract potential employers. Because of their willingness to work, your business can benefit from the skills of interns. If you are a business that is looking to recruit interns, there are five key practices you can begin to start attracting bright, young talent to your organization. Five Tips for Recruiting Interns to Assist With Business Tasks

Offer Meaningful Training

Part of the law surrounding interns states that a business is not allowed to have an intern perform a task that an employee would otherwise be paid to do. An internship, by nature, is offered by a business with the intention of training the intern in the industry or role that they are learning. In order to offer a legal internship as well as to attract the brightest candidates, take the time to develop internship positions that teach candidates about a certain aspect of your business while at the same time as challenging them to perform.

Provide Valuable Mentorship

Many people mourn the loss of true mentors in the modern age. Interns nowadays are craving personal one on one mentors that can help them navigate the snares of being a professional, as well as direct them to the most appropriate path for them to take in their career. A business that integrates true mentorship into an internship program is always a great draw for prospective interns.

Connect With Post Secondary Institutions

Many schools require an internship as part of a student's degree or diploma program. By connecting with educators at these schools you can win the referral of people whom students trust. A recommendation about your internship program from a professor or career counselor can make a huge difference for a student looking for a meaningful way to complete their program requirements.

Advertise Your Internship Positions

Many schools have job boards available to students and alumni where you can advertise available internships. In addition to this, always make sure you are keeping active postings on any industry job boards. Professionals looking to switch industries, as well as people who are not in school, will check these regularly to see if any new opportunities have arisen.

Generate Positive Word of Mouth

The days of dismissing interns as nothing more than people who do menial tasks are over. Now there is a high importance placed on generating positive word of mouth about internship programs. Interns talk to each other, and the best way to attract new interns is through peer-to-peer recommendations. The most helpful way to generate positive word of mouth is through treating interns with plenty of respect and care. Always remember that while you're doing interns a favor by giving them a job, they're doing you a favor by working for free. Acknowledging this and thanking them for their contributions goes a long way and will create a positive experience for interns.
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