Email Marketing for Small Business: Follow These Tips to Increase Your Open Rates

Posted on 23/11/2018

Growing a small business is a lot of work, requiring an abundance of focus and attention to detail. One of the least expensive methods of communicating and marketing is using email to send messages directly to the inboxes of people who may be interested in the products or services you offer. When you follow these four tips, you will notice a rise in the number of people who open your emails and engage with your small business.

Divide Your Contacts to Conquer

The contacts in your database should be segmented according to the various demographics that allow you to tailor your email blast according to the type of message that best reaches your target. For example, if you divide your contacts in terms of geographical location and cater the title of your email to the region in which they live, your reader is much more likely to open the email.

Compelling Subject Lines Focus Your Audience's Attention

The subject of your email is perhaps the most important piece of writing that takes place in your virtual office. An excellent, compelling title grabs the attention of your audience, vastly improving the odds that your reader will decide to invest time in hovering their mouse over the email you sent and clicking to read the contents within. Use commanding verbs and concepts that are easy to understand to make sure that people quickly realize why they should click on your email.

Make Them an Offer They Can't Refuse

When you send a marketing email, consider the point of view of the people who will be opening your email. Specifically, what's in it for them? Why should they bother spending the time opening your email when it's quicker to ignore and delete yet another sales pitch? Give your reader something of value and make sure the subject line clearly communicates your offer. A free e-book, how-to video, or white paper, or a coupon offering ten percent off a product or service is much more effective in grabbing the reader's attention compared to not offering anything at all. Motivate your audience to take action by pandering to their sense of self interest.

Interact With Your Contacts and Persist

When someone reacts to an email you send, make sure to respond to their response. Taking the time to interact with people who show genuine interest in your communication ensures that they are more likely to open the next email you send and spread their positive experience to others on your email list. However, just because you do not receive a response from a particular contact in your database doesn't mean that you should stop trying to reach this person or organization. Continue to send them carefully considered and tailored emails with compelling subject matter and offers that pique their interest. The only time you should stop trying to communicate with your audience is if they specifically ask you to stop sending them emails. Considering the fierce competition for the minds of people on the Internet, sending excellent emails that increase the exposure for your small business ensures a greater share of attention. Sometimes, it's not easy, especially if you travel a lot or lack a physical office space. If you need to set up a virtual office, visit our website at We can make it easier to follow the advice in this blog, letting you increase the number of people who open your emails, regardless of where you conduct your business.
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