5 Ways to Snag a Guest Blog in a Competitive Market

Posted on 23/10/2018

Guest blogging is a great way to increase your business' credibility and brand recognition. It can improve your SEO (search engine optimization) and help with online marketing dramatically. However, in a competitive market getting a guest blogging position can be difficult. Here are five ways that you can become a guest blogger and improve your website's SEO. 5 Ways to Snag a Guest Blog in a Competitive Market

Make Use of the Contacts You Already Have

When you're looking to pitch an idea to a guest blog, you might as well save some time and pitch to bloggers or businesses that you already have a relationship with. Perhaps you comment regularly on another business' blog. The more insightful, creative and regular your comments are, the more likely you are to write a guest blog.

Read the Blogs You're Pitching To

There's nothing more unprofessional than pitching a guest blog to somebody if you haven't actually read their blog. Let's say you own a flower business and you want to write some posts on different wedding blogs. Every one of these blogs is going to be different, and just because they have the same general topic doesn't mean your posts will fit with the style of each of these. Take some time and read blogs before you pitch ideas to them.

Tell the Blog How Your Posts Will Help Them

If you only want a guest blog position so that you can promote your business, it's unlikely that you'll get one of these positions. Bloggers are looking for something that will draw readers to their site. Give bloggers an outline of what you'd like to produce for them, and show them how these posts will make a difference for their blog.

Write Blog Posts Consistently

One of the ways to get a guest blogging position is to keep your own blog updated. This way you can show other bloggers that you're serious about what you do, and that you will be consistent and professional when working for them.

Be Willing to Make a Trade

Don't make a pitch unless you're willing to give bloggers something in return. While you're doing them a favor by writing something for their blog, you're also getting a lot out of it. Be willing to host guest bloggers on your site in return. You should only be applying to write posts for bloggers and businesses that are very credible, so making a trade should be a positive move for both parties. If you're looking for a guest blog position, use these tips in order to snag a position and remain competitive. By guest blogging, you'll improve your SEO in no time!
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