3 Mac Software Solutions to Help Manage a Remote Workforce

Posted on 11/06/2018

Are you a dedicated Mac user who loves running your business using all of the latest Apple gadgets and innovations? Are you someone who loves Working from home, but also needs to effectively manage a remote workforce? If this is you, then there are some Mac software solutions that could be of serious benefit to you and your business.

Chat With Workers Anytime With FaceTime

Running a successful business involves effective communication. But for those who work remotely, communication can be a challenge. While there are a number of other tools that allow workers to chat via text, voice, or video call, each of these tools has their own limitations. Online videoconferences can be negatively affected by a poor Internet connection, and you can only set up these conversations when people are at their desks behind a computer screen. For Mac users, FaceTime presents the perfect solution to all of these problems. Although this tool is mainly intended as a social networking app, it can also be used in the business world for quick face-to-face conversations between virtual co-workers. With FaceTime, your video calls will look and sound great, and you can make calls from any apple device. If you're out on the road with your iPhone, you can still make a video call to any other apple computer or handheld device. Also, you don't have to schedule time in advance for conversations, as calls will ring on your Mac device whenever they come in, even of you don't have FaceTime open.

Link Your Macs Together With Apple Remote Desktop

A great apple tool for any remote workforce is the Apple Remote Desktop. This tool allows you to remotely manage any computer in your Mac network. Some of its features include a network-wide search function, remote file transfer functions, software distribution tools, and remote administration tools. You can also use this app to automate routine management tasks across your apple network. This is a great tool to provide your system administrator with access any computer, and to allow for easy information sharing throughout your network.

Keep Everyone's Computer's Up-To-Date With Apple Configurator

When you have a lot of computers to manage, it's important to keep all of your systems up-to-date. The Apple Configurator is your tool for setting up new devices, syncing apps and updates, and ensuring that your remote workforce's workstations are all operating at the same level. For example, you can install new apps across all of your network's devices using the Configurator, so when you discover a new tool, you can share it with everyone in the virtual office. Plus, this is not just an app for Mac computers; it can also be used with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Macs have long been the choice for creative-minded individuals, and using this Mac software, you can maximize not only your creativity but also the creativity of your whole remote workforce. And, if your whole workforce is operating in a Mac environment, you can seamlessly integrate all of these devices to facilitate information sharing, making everyone's job easier.
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