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'Brexit' is a pivotal moment for British businesses, now faced with critical decisions on how to move forward.
Thursday 23rd June 2016 went down in history as the day when Britain voted to leave the European Union.
Since then, the business world has been abuzz with speculation. What does the future hold for UK businesses? What happens to European trade? Will 'Brexit' pull the plug on inward investment? Can we expect the British economy to fall into recession? And on it goes.
Let's put the record straight.
'Brexit' hasn't even happened yet, much less any conclusive decisions about how Britain will extricate itself from EU policies. While such actions are largely out of our hands, what business owners can do now is ensure their operational structure is agile enough to adapt to our changing business landscape - and that starts with a flexible workplace agreement.
Simeon Howard, Managing Director at Your City Office, is one of many business owners ready to embrace the inevitable changes that lie ahead.
"Everyone wants to know how things will pan out over the next few months, but I think that the fundamentals remain the same. London is still one of the best cities in the world, not just to live in but also from which to operate a business.
"We have to remember that the global concept of working environments is changing, and with the assistance of technology, more and more businesses are choosing flexible and community based spaces from which to operate. I can already see the smart money taking advantage of the opportunities made available by this Referendum result."
Indeed, the Referendum result and future 'Brexit' is a pivotal moment for British businesses. But business owners already face critical decisions, market fluctuation and change on a daily basis. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at how flexible workspace can help business owners transition during times of change, and combat any lingering uncertainties over 'Brexit':
Brexit or not, after 30 years of growth, the London office space market certainly isn't going to disappear overnight. Rather, it is perfectly placed to provide support to entrepreneurs in the wake of the EU Referendum and during any other time of change. Flexibility is key to business evolution, and smart business owners are already taking steps to ensure their workspace agreement is as agile as their business operations.
Find out more about flexible office space in London and across the UK at City Office.
[1] Research by Deloitte shows that the serviced office market in London has expanded by 67% over the past decade


Office Space in Town reports that the UK market is currently worth £16bn

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