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Virtual Office &
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For Nonprofit Organizations

Encourage Trust From Constituents And Donors

  • A Local Phone Number Dedicated To Your Organization
  • Live Phone Answering, Message Taking & Appointment Scheduling
  • Spend Much Less Than Hiring Your Own staff
  • Flexible Hours Of Operation
  • A Business Address You Can Use On Your Website
  • Get An Address Location That Transmits Credibility
  • Receive Mail And Have It Forwarded To You

Does your nonprofit organization look less than serious? Call 0207-692-0608 to speak with a Virtual Office representative now. International callers call +44-207-692-0608.
Don’t Let Contributors Get Away
As a nonprofit organization you are busy coordinating projects and promoting your mission. Phone interruptions can slow you down, but they might also mean support coming in. How do you stay loyal to your cause without getting tied down with phone answering chores?

With Virtual Receptionist Services from City Office you can have a live, fully trained person answer your calls. Your receptionist can provide information, take messages and even set up appointments. This frees you to keep making positive changes for your constituents.

Legitimate nonprofits don’t rely on just a cell phone to represent their organization. A Virtual Receptionist can improve your image with your stakeholders.


Small Organizations Build Trust, Big Organizations Meet Demand
Even during growth phases you can still transmit the image of a fully operational nonprofit. Larger organizations also can meet busy periods, such as during intense fund raising activity.
City Office assigns your organization an exclusive phone number that can be answered 24 hours a day, every day or only during the hours you choose. Additionally, Fax 2 Email receives your faxes then forwards them directly to your email.

Donors give to organizations they feel are trustworthy. An answering machine has a hard time building trust or getting donations. A Virtual Receptionist can help you build - or maintain - the confidence your organization deserves.

You Can Keep Costs Low
No matter what the size of your NGO, you are typically on a tight budget. Hiring a receptionist might not be an option especially when you consider the cost of wages, insurance and sick leave. With a Virtual Receptionist you can have all the benefits of a full-time staff person at a fraction of the cost. Let us take care of the human resource issues.

Virtual Receptionist services from City Office save you time and money. This is an ideal solution for growing nonprofits that want to keep costs streamlined.
Virtual Office - Gain Credibility With A Central Address
If you want to give the impression of a serious operation, then your address should be instantly recognizable. Credibility is the most important factor for contributors, especially if they are donating their hard earned money. With Virtual Office you get an official mailing address located in a well known commercial centre in the UK. Other locations are available internationally.

Virtual Office is also great for larger organizations that want to establish a presence in other geographic areas without spending on rental space.

These are not rental spaces but fully functioning addresses. You can place your Virtual Office business address on your website, business cards, letterhead or any other form of communication. An address in a well-known business district transmits reliability.


We Take Care Of Your Mail
Virtual Office addresses are physical locations that can receive and store all incoming mail. We can sign for letters and packages as well. You pick up your mail whenever you want, or have it forwarded to any destination worldwide. Mail forwarding can be set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

There are no extra fees for mail forwarding; you only pay the postage.
Call 0207-692-0608 to speak with a Virtual Office representative now. International callers call +44-207-692-0608.

Address Registration
City Office Registerd Office addresses are fully registered legal locations. This means they satisfy any government, institution or tax requirement. If your nonprofit needs a central address to qualify for funding or membership in an philanthropic organization, or if you want to be associated with a specific location, a Virtual Office puts you on the map wherever you want to be.


City Office Virtual Address Registration satisfies:

  • Public Registrar at Companies House requirements
  • HMRC (Inland Revenue) letter receiving
  • Signing of important documents
  • All package and letter reception
Click here to see a full list of our Virtual Office Registered Addresses available throughout the UK.
Meeting Rooms - Virtual Becomes Real
Every NGO is about people, and sometimes you have to have face-to-face meetings. Perhaps you have a potential donor that wants to get to know you. With Virtual Office you have the option to use an actual physical meeting room on-site. You have all the privacy you need, as well as refreshment on hand.


And if someone shows up unannounced, don’t worry. The receptionist politely takes down all their contact information and tells your visitor that you will get back to them soon.
A Package To Fit Your Needs
Depending on your needs, you can opt for Virtual Receptionist services, a Virtual Office or both. Pay only for what you use, as long as you need it with no minimum terms and no hidden costs.

Is your nonprofit transmitting a not-so-serious image? Is this due to the lack of receptionist services or the absence of a prestigious mailing address? Let City Office’s Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Office move your organization up to the next level.

Want to improve your nonprofit image and operations? Call 0207-692-0608 to speak with a Virtual Office representative now. International callers call +44-207-692-0608.
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