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Phone Support And The Appearance Of A Centrally Located Office

  • Live Phone Answering, Order Taking & Appointment Scheduling
  • Appear More Professional
  • Avoid Expensive Staff Overhead Costs
  • Keep Your Hands Free To Work
  • A Registered Commercial Address You Can Put On Your Website
  • Gain Credibility Instantly
  • Receive Mail And Have It Forwarded To You

Incoming Phone Calls Mean More Business
Even though you work from your home, it doesn’t mean you aren’t busy. But you can’t afford to answer your phone all the time, can you? Will your voicemail capture business and take orders? How do you solve this without spending too much?

With Virtual Receptionist services from City Office you can have a live, fully trained person answer all your calls. Your receptionist can record data, take orders and even set up appointments. This frees you to dedicate your time to task completion and business growth.

Many homeworkers can benefit from a live phone answering service. Ask yourself - when you call a professional or company would you rather speak with a person or a machine? Give your callers a more human experience with a Virtual Receptionist.


Is your home work load growing? Call 0207-692-0608 to speak with a Virtual Office representative now. International callers call +44-207-692-0608.

Even Homeworkers Can Be Competitive
Maybe you make and sell crafts, or maybe you work online or manage a fleet of online workers - if you are busy you can’t be your own receptionist any more.
A City Office Virtual Receptionist helps by assigning you an exclusive phone number that can be answered 24 hours a day, every day or only during the hours you choose. Additionally, Fax 2 Email can receive your faxes and forwards them directly to your email.

For full or part-time homeworkers, a Virtual Receptionist helps you finish tasks faster. You're never caught between a phone call and work activity again; and you never miss an opportunity.

Save Time & Money
Homeworkers are frequently on a tight budget. Hiring full time staff might not be an option especially when you take into account wages, insurance and sick leave costs. Plus when you work from home you want to maintain your privacy.

With a Virtual Receptionist you can have all the benefits of a full-time or part-time staff person at a much lower cost, and you don’t have to worry about human resources issues.

Virtual Receptionist services from City Office save you time and money. This is an ideal solution for a homeworker that wants to keep costs low.
Virtual Office - Gain Credibility With A Commercial Address
Working from home doesn’t mean your business isn’t serious. But your home address might not transmit a professional image. With a Virtual Office address you can have a prestigious mailing address that you can put on your website or any other form of communication.

This is not a rental contract, but an actual address you can use to represent your business location. An address in a well-known commercial district transmits reliability. Our Virtual Office addresses are located in some of the most popular locations in the UK and worldwide.


Your Mail Is Collected And Forwarded To You
Virtual Office addresses are physical locations that can receive and store all your correspondence. A receptionist can sign for letters and packages too. You can pick up your mail whenever you want, or have it forwarded to any destination worldwide. Mail forwarding can be set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

There are no extra fees for mail forwarding; you only pay the postage.
Call 0207-692-0608 to speak with a Virtual Office representative now. International callers call +44-207-692-0608.

Address Registration
City Office Virtual Office addresses are fully registered legal locations. This means they satisfy any government, organization or tax requirement. If your type of work requires a central address to participate in a commerce organization or if you just want to be associated with a particular geographic area, a Virtual Office gives you the exact location you desire.


City Office Virtual Address Registration satisfies:

  • Public Registrar at Companies House requirements
  • HMRC (Inland Revenue) letter receiving
  • Signing of important documents
  • All package and letter reception
Click here to see a full list of our Virtual Office Registered Addresses available throughout the UK.
Meeting Rooms - Look As Professional As You Want
As your home work activity or business grows, you may need to meet with people face-to-face. With Virtual Office meeting rooms you can have a physical meeting place at the same location as your Virtual Address. You don’t have to compromise your privacy anymore.

Even unannounced guests are fine. Your receptionist will politely tell the visitor that you are not available, and a message is taken. Then you connect with them later.


Choose A Package That Fits Your Business
Depending on your needs, you can select Virtual Receptionist services, a Virtual Office or both. Pay for what you use, as long as you need it with no minimum terms and no hidden costs.
If your homeworker activity is being held back due to the lack of receptionist services or a non-commercial mailing address, then City Office’s Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Office services can set you free to grow.

Want to improve your homeworker performance? Call 0207-692-0608 to speak with a Virtual Office representative now. International callers call +44-207-692-0608.
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