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November 14, 2018
One of the advantages of registering with a virtual office is the telephone answering service your business will benefit from. With City Office, the telephone answering service provided is so much more than simply a voice for your clients. City Office's telephone answering service provides your company with a dedicated number, a professional receptionist, a personalized voice mailbox and transcribed messages. Unlike City Office's competitors, this telephone answering service goes the extra mile to aid your business.

Not Just Voices: Alternate Services Provided With Telephone Answering

Receive a Dedicated Number

City Office's telephone answering service is specific to you and your company, which is possible with the dedicated number. A dedicated number is a phone number allocated just for your business, and will last the duration of the time that you are a client with City Office. All calls to your dedicated number are answered in your company's name, making your business look bigger and more established than it possibly is. You also decide whether you want to pay to have your calls answered during business hours or if you want to pay to have calls answered 24 hours a day.

All Calls are Answered by a Highly Trained Receptionist

A highly trained receptionist answers all calls directed to your dedicated number. Your clients are greeted by so much more than a voice. Each client will be greeted in a friendly and professional manner, and each call is answered. You will be able to concentrate on the business side of your company knowing that no telephone calls are missed, and that each of your clients are addressed professionally.

Receive a Personalized Voice Mailbox

In addition to the reassurance that all your calls are answered and that no business is lost, City Office also provides each client with a personalized voice mailbox. All calls that are directed to your dedicated number outside of office hours go directly to your personalized voice mailbox. This way, even if you don't pay for the 24-hour telephone answering service and you receive calls out of regular office hours, all messages left for your company will be picked up by a trained receptionist the next day.

Messages are Transcribed and Sent to You However You Want

After the trained receptionist dedicated to your company picks up messages left in your personalized mailbox, the messages are transcribed and sent to how however you wish. Details of the missed call might be sent to you via telephone, SMS, email or fax.

Registering for a virtual office with City Office means your company will benefit from the telephone answering service. However, this service provides your company with so much more than simply a voice. City Office's telephone answering service provides each of your clients with a professional welcome. You can focus on your business knowing that no telephone calls are missed and that all of the details will be sent to you in a timely manner. Due to the dedicated number, each telephone call is answered in your company's name, only adding to your business' professionalism. City Office's telephone answering service is not only a necessity but a way of ensuring your business maintains an air of sophistication, which will only aid the growth and success of your business.

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