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Posted on
December 02, 2018
Even if you're working in a virtual office, you're still working with your physical body, and that can cause tension. When working in an office, it’s important to stay active and get up from the desk now and then. Here are ten great stretches you can do to work out the knots and get the blood circulating! Remember to breathe throughout all of these stretches for maximum benefit and to prevent injury.

Suits You to a T

Stand with your feet slightly apart and without locking your knees. Raise your arms straight out from your sides, level with your shoulders, like a letter T. Imagine your arms being pulled out to their full length, in opposite directions. For a great nerve stretch, flex your fingers gently upward while keeping your palms facing down. Let your whole body be relaxed but stay stretched and tall throughout this exercise.

Reach for the Floor

Stand with feet slightly apart and without locking your knees. Inhale, and on the exhale, bend forward and reach for the floor. Don't worry if you can't touch the floor -- this is about feeling good, not criticizing yourself. Let yourself "hang" in that position for a few seconds while breathing normally. Come up slowly and repeat if desired.

Go Ahead -- Pull a Face

First, make sure no one is around, because you're about to make some weird faces and you don't want to scare anyone! Now, stretch out as many facial muscles as you can, at random. Open your eyes wide, then close and squint hard. Open your mouth as wide as you can. For the rest of the day, be aware of any tension you may be holding in your face, and let your expression be relaxed and peaceful.

Legs Up, Up -- and Over!

We usually think of leg lifts as an intense exercise, but they can also be used for deep relaxation. Lie on your back and spend a few seconds breathing and releasing any tension you feel in your body. Lift your legs as far over your head as you can, with your feet flexed (not pointed). If you can, touch the floor with your toes. Stay in that position, breathing and feeling the stretch. Try a very slow descent for a great ab crunch.

Wall of Fame

There are so many ways you can use a wall for stretching and exercise. One is to stand facing the wall, place your palms on the wall and move your feet out about 12 inches or so. Do some gentle pushups against the wall, changing your hand placement to target different muscle groups. For more intensity, simply move the feet further out from the wall. To work on strengthening your fingers and wrists, push up on your fingertips or fists instead of palms.

Be Kind to Your Neck

Lie on the floor, completely relaxed and breathing. Lace your fingers behind your head and gently pull your head up from the floor. With your head still in your hands, gently rotate your head from side to side. Try not to hold any tension in your neck during this exercise -- you should be limp like a rag doll.

Do the Twist

For this one, you can stay in your chair. Keep your lower torso facing forward, and twist your upper torso around as far as you can, to one side and then the other. Hold yourself in the twisted position and breathe deeply before returning to neutral.

Help For Hardworking Hands

Give yourself little hand massages throughout the day, especially if you do a lot of typing. Push into all the muscles of your hand with your opposite thumb. Squeeze each hand all over. Lace your fingers together and squeeze them firmly against each other. Repeatedly splay and contract your fingers and rotate your wrists.

Happy Hamstring Time

To release tension in the lower leg and foot arch, stand facing the wall. Place the pad of your foot on the wall. Gently move yourself closer to the wall until the foot is as flexed as possible and the hamstring is stretched out. Repeat (while breathing!) with the other foot and leg.

Rolling -- It's Not Just For Babies

The benefit to your entire body of simply rolling around cannot be overstated. Begin on your back in the "happy baby" position (holding your feet). Stretch your legs out, then let your go of your feet and simply roll, end over end or log-style. There are no "wrong" rolls as long as you protect your neck. As you roll, be aware of spots that feel good in a particular position, and hold that for a few seconds. It sounds crazy, but you will be amazed at how awake, happy and relaxed you feel after rolling!

In Russian martial arts, there is a saying: "The floor is an honest partner."
You can use your floor, desk and walls combined with only your body weight to create dozens of stretches and exercises right in your own office. Don't worry what your neighbors think -- when they see how good you feel, they'll want to try it too!

Posted on
December 02, 2018
Small business and social media go hand-in-hand, but do you know how to get the most out of your online presence? A social media consultant can help you to improve your brand recognition, but it's important that you stay involved! A good social media consultant will know how to answer your questions, but you need to know what questions to ask. Here are three questions you need to ask your social media consultant.

Small Businesses and Social Media: Three Questions to Ask Your Consultant

What Goals Are We Working Towards?

This is something you should talk about with your social media consultant before anything else. You both need to be clear on what you want to achieve with your social media strategy. A social media consultant is basically there to help you develop an online marketing strategy, and if they don't know what goal they're working towards, how can they possibly develop a strategy to reach that goal? Maybe you want to reach younger audiences, or engage more closely with customers of all ages. These are things that need to be taken into account when developing a social media strategy. If you never talk about your goals, then it's your fault if the outcome isn't what you wanted.

What is a Realistic Outcome of this Strategy?

It's important that your consultant is honest with your business and it's important that your expectations from social media are realistic. Social media isn't magic; it's probably not going to radically improve your sales in a couple of weeks. Make sure you keep your feet on the ground. Ask your social media consultant for realistic results, not the absolute best outcome. You'll be better equipped to handle the actual outcome (especially on the sales level) if you know what that outcome will realistically be.

How Should We Measure Our Success?

This is something every social media consultant should have on their mind. It's great to develop a social media strategy, but no strategy is a great strategy if there's no way to measure its success. Sure, it's great if your consultant knows how many followers your business has on Twitter and how many "likes" your Facebook page has, but that's not all the information you need to know. Measuring success in social media is about how many people you're actually interacting with, how many new customers you're getting due to social media, and also knowing how well your competitors are doing. Feedback from customers is also a great way to measure success, and it's easy to work that into your social media campaign.

There are the three questions you need to ask your social media consultant today. Make sure you're clear on what goals your company is working towards, understand the realistic outcome of your social media strategy, and ensure your success is measured. Armed with these questions, your business will reach success in no time!

Posted on
December 04, 2018
Given that virtual businesses rely so heavily on their online presence, SEO is even more important to improve customer traffic and visibility. Imagine the difficulties your business would face if your site is virtually invisible to prospective clients. Most virtual business owners would agree that they would like to have their websites appear on the first page of search results, not buried on page 10. Without taking full advantage of SEO, this is exactly what can happen.

An Introduction to the Importance of SEO for a Virtual Business

What Is SEO?

Before implementing an SEO strategy for your virtual business, it is important to have an understanding of what SEO actually is. To put it simply, SEO (search engine optimization) is a method used to improve the visibility of your website in "natural" search results in the hopes of increasing your page ranking. This is done largely by optimizing your content with keywords and phrases that will be picked up by search engines, but also involves other aspects such as creating backlinks to drive more traffic to your site.

With the constantly changing algorithms and rules for SEO, it can be somewhat confusing. Nonetheless, it is a key component of a business' online marketing campaign and is well worth the effort. Thankfully, if you do not have the time to set out and implement your SEO strategy on your own, there are plenty of specialists ready and able to tackle this project for you.

How Can My Virtual Business Benefit from SEO?

As previously mentioned, one benefit of utilizing SEO for your business is increased visibility and traffic. Imagine you own a sporting goods store located in a shopping complex with several other sporting goods stores. One store happens to be right by the busiest entrance of the complex, and your store is far-removed. If all of the stores sell comparable products, the majority of customer traffic would head into the store that is the closest. As a store that is less visible, you would have to put in a lot of extra effort to advertise and increase your visibility.

The same concept can be applied to a virtual business. Think of your poor search engine ranking as similar to being buried in the back of a shopping complex. Page rankings can have a huge impact on your visibility and website traffic. Most people doing a search will only look at the businesses that appear on the first page. If you're not on that first page, you will be losing out on a lot more visitors to your site, and a lot more potential clients.

Another benefit of a successful SEO strategy is increased sales and return on investment (ROI). Logically, the more traffic you have to your site, the more likely your customer base is to grow and the more products you will sell. Your initial investment in your website and SEO strategy may seem exorbitant, especially if you have a small business, but it will not take long to see an increase in your ROI.

SEO is a must for every virtual business, as your visibility is heavily reliant on the Internet and how frequently you show up in searches. SEO is one of the greatest tools to use to your advantage to increase your customer-base. If you haven't implemented an SEO strategy to date, you'll want to take advantage of this online marketing powerhouse very soon.

Posted on
December 06, 2018
If you are thinking of turning over a new leaf and starting a new virtual office or turning your current business into a virtual space, you can significantly reduce your business costs. It doesn't have to be a difficult process when you go virtual, and you just may find other advantages to your new situation. Nowadays, many businesses are solely virtual and have erased heavy fees from their accounting books. By turning your business into a virtual one, you can save money on a variety of items that might have been keeping you from moving forward and being more successful. Here are three ways that a virtual office can reduce your business costs.

Three Ways That a Virtual Office Can Reduce Your Business Costs

Expensive Rent No More: Save Big, Go Virtual

Imagine the money you will save when you work from home and have a virtual office that you can sign into from anywhere. Unless you need space for employees to work in-house, you don't need to rent an office space. Better yet, you could outsource all of your employees or hire a team of freelancers. You can also reduce costs on items like office supplies and office furniture.

Commuting is a Thing of the Past: Forget Expensive Gas Prices

If you are working virtually and if you are not spending an hour driving to work every day, you will save a lot of money on filling your tank every week. Some of the best features about turning your business into a virtual one is that your commute will only last a few seconds, you can leave your suit and tie in the closet, and you can stop worrying about office politics.

A Virtual Office Can Be the Answer to Your Prayers and Your Calls

When you decide to go virtual, be sure to check out all the extras you can get in a virtual office package such as call handling, receptionist services, a virtual address, quality virtual meeting room facilities and more. You will have more time to focus on your sales and marketing issues if you have extra help with inbound calls and messages. Time is money in business, and the same goes for a virtual office space.

Are you considering turning your office into a virtual space? Remember that you can also make your business appear larger and more established than it actually is! Making the decision to go virtual isn't as scary as you would think, and it can be quite simple and painless if it’s done with the right assistance from virtual office providers. Imagine the amount of stress you will reduce when you only have to sign in to your office from your computer every day. Finally, if you choose to go virtual and have a family of your own, working at home will provide you with more quality time with your loved ones, instead of wasting that time commuting.

Posted on
December 08, 2018
If you are among the many individuals who have made the transition to a virtual office, you probably know that the freedom of working away from an office comes with a litany of difficulties. In fact, many virtual office workers find making the transition difficult. Many even experience a great deal of anxiety, which results in a drop in productivity. However, this doesn't have to be the case. By following a few simple tips you can make your virtual office run with the kind of precision and productivity that you're used to.

Level Up: Four Ways to Boost Your Virtual Office Productivity

Let's Open a Dialogue

The key to any good office environment is communication. However, in a virtual office it's not only key, but essential! When your employees are scattered around the city, (or even the world), in order to ensure that tasks are being completed properly you need to ensure that you have strict communication guidelines in place. There's nothing that will slow your productivity down more than poor communication. Be sure that all your virtual employees know exactly what is expected of them in terms of updates, response times and methods. Not only will you feel more in control, but clear communication boundaries ensure that your employees feel valued as well.

Who Are You, Anyway?

Without daily personal interaction, it can be hard to know exactly who you are working with. So much an individual’s personality is expressed in facial expressions and tone of voice, and much of this is lost in the virtual office. Obviously you need to take the time to get to know your employees in order to be able to supervise and delegate them successfully. Consider having a weekly or even daily Skype conversation in order to benefit from face to face contact. Not only will you feel more comfortable knowing each of your employees better, but it's an excellent way to ensure that your projects remain on track.

Delegate Like a Pro

Having a keen understanding of your employees’ skill sets is crucial when it comes to maintaining your productivity. Would you ask a computer programmer to produce a gourmet meal only to become furious when they fail? By knowing who is good at what, you can safely delegate the company projects knowing that they will be done well and on time. Your employees will also appreciate a boss who understands what they are good at, and will most likely work harder because of that level of attention and respect.

Plan to Succeed

Time management, although not the most exciting of all topics, is one of the most crucial components of a successful virtual office. As you sip your caffeinated beverage of choice in the morning, take the time to arrange your day. A carefully planned workday with time for breaks means you can close your laptop at the end of the day knowing that everything is on track. Some find that breaking your day into portions of time and allotting them to various tasks works wonders. Others prefer to tackle the easy tasks early, leaving the rest of the day for the more laborious jobs. Whatever rhythm you are comfortable with is the one to choose. However, be sure that there is a plan in place and you stick to it.

Computers and the Internet have almost completely changed the way we live, play and do business. Our working day in particular has been greatly affected by technological advances, increasing productivity, changing the way we communicate and now even dictating our location. Being able to work at home is a luxury. Appreciate it, but be sure you maintain the same standards of quality you'd expect from a traditional office environment.

Posted on
December 10, 2018
As computers continually change the landscape of our culture, many of our institutions are altering in major ways. The business environment in particular is currently undergoing a major transformation as more and more companies are taking advantage of virtual office technology. If you are among the many corporations shifting from a traditional brick and mortar 'home' office to a virtual one, you need to approach this transition with caution and preparation. It is not always an easy switch for either the company or the employees, but luckily there are ways to ease the stress of such a major change.

Tips on Transitioning From a Home Office to a Virtual Office

Give Them Roots and Wings

In a virtual office, your employees will be completely responsible for their own motivation and productivity. Of course you will still be able to monitor them by communicating through Skype, instant messaging and good old-fashioned phone conversations, but before you plunge them into this situation you need to prepare them with gradual entry. Consider allowing your employees one or two days a week to work from home. These practice runs enable them to adapt to working without constant supervision, not to mention it help you identify which of your employees will be able to adjust, and who will need a little more help.

Get It Down to a Science

Running a virtual office means utilizing technologies that both you and your company may be unfamiliar with. Before abandoning your security net and closing your home office for good, be sure that everyone knows how to operate the new systems that will be in place. Be sure to hold a series of seminars on topics such as webinars, video conferencing or file sharing applications, and ensure that every last one of you knows exactly how to operate the new technology. Setting your employees loose without a deep understanding of such essential technologies will only result in frustration and a drop in productivity. The last thing you want to face is a string of frantic emails from confused employees.

No Clock Watchers, Please!

Major corporations worldwide have already adopted the “Results Only Work Environment” (ROWE) recently pioneered by Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler. Operating on the premise that employees will be happier and more productive if they are trusted to work at their own pace with a minimum of supervision, a ROWE company rewards project completion and not the number of hours worked. Many who implement this philosophy find productivity increases and also benefits the general morale in the workplace. By adopting this method when you switch to a virtual office, your employees will enjoy flexibility in terms of hours and reduced stress, which in the end can make the transition smoother for everyone involved.

Many people dream of Working from home, but the reality is it can be more difficult than office labor, causing many people to admit defeat and willingly take up their desk chains once again. However, the benefits of running a virtual office make it worthwhile. You may find it difficult to keep yourself and your employees motivated initially, but when you take into account the money and time everyone will save, it is certainly worth a few weeks of struggle.

Posted on
December 11, 2018
The New Year is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about your next move. Have you been thinking about starting a business of your own? Why not opt for the route of an online business, where you can take advantage of lower start-up costs and lower risk, and run your business from a virtual office? If you’re looking to finally gain the freedom and autonomy you've been craving, consider one of the following lucrative online businesses for 2018.

Are You a Marketing-Savvy Product Person? Start an E-Commerce Store

If you have a passion for selling and a knack for online marketing, an e-commerce store may be the best business for you to start in the New Year. Considering the different components to start an e-commerce store, like warehousing items in your garage, hand-packaging them, and shipping them from your own home (if need be), this entrepreneurial route can be very rewarding and successful. As the fast pace of life continues to hasten, consumers appreciate the convenience of shopping online. Given that there is certainly no shortage of online shoppers, you’re bound to find a niche for your products.

Can’t Put Down Your Phone? Try Mobile App Development

Are you a technical coder with a knack for solving problems or improving upon already existing ideas? Starting a mobile app development company might just be the business for you. You may end up building apps for other businesses – whether they be targeted at consumers or intended for business use – or just building fun and useful apps for consumers. Given the immense variety in app types and that you can design for either Apple or Android, this realm offers a great amount of variety – meaning you can exercise your creativity and follow your whims.

Know How to Pin It, Tweet It and Share It? Establish a Social Media Marketing Business

Every business needs an online presence through their social media, and yet very few want to manage these outlets themselves. If you have a knack for tweeting, you may want to consider social media marketing as a business. Being skilled with social media is a valuable asset, and one that many businesses will pay for. Consider adding blogging into the mix of your social media marketing business to offer the most possible value to your clients.

Share Your Wisdom Through Online Webinars, Coaching, or Training

Are you an expert in a specialized field? Do you find that people want to listen to you, and often come to you for advice? Do you have a name that is known to the general public or to those of a particular field? If so, you may want to consider starting a website where you can share coaching and training videos, and run online webinars. The online coaching business is growing every day, and if you have a highly specialized skill or intricate knowledge, you can make a comfortable living by teaching others in online webinars.

For the Entrepreneurial Programmer: Website Design and Development

Are you a web developer with skills in graphic design? If you already do this kind of work, there isn't any reason why you can't do it through a virtual office on a remote basis. Take your web design business online, find sources through which you can find clients - even if that means making a few cold calls - and kick up your feet on the beach while you do your work.

Play a Support Role as a Virtual Office Assistance

It’s important to remember that the very method by which you can run an online business - through a virtual office - may create a viable business idea in itself. Work from home as a Virtual Office Assistant and have your tasks come to you through the Internet. Virtual Assistance can come in the form of online marketing, web design, accounting and customer service.

More people than ever before are starting businesses, and given the new technologies available, it’s always becoming easier to run a business solely online. With virtual offices becoming more popular, and with the growth of online business expected to rise considerably in 2018, why not put on your entrepreneurial cap and start your own online business this coming year? The rewards you reap could amount to far more than just profit.

Posted on
December 12, 2018
In today's business world, outsourcing is becoming more and more common. Virtual employees are everywhere and many prefer to work with this type of arrangement. But how do you manage your virtual employees and make sure they stay engaged?

Five Tips for Managing Outsourced or Virtual Employees

Ask Some Questions, Then Ask Some More

When you're hiring virtual employees, be sure to interview them just as you would interview a candidate that would be working in-office. Request a resume, CV, and a portfolio if applicable. Be sure to check references and, at the very least, do a thorough telephone interview. You will need to make sure that your virtual employees can actually do the job prior to hiring them in order to avoid disappointment and wasted time in the future.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

It may seem a bit odd to not be able to walk down the hall and have a quick chat with an employee, but that doesn't mean that you can't still have clear communication. Make sure you are available via email and whenever possible, for a quick chat via telephone or even Skype. Email is sufficient in many instances, but some virtual workers may prefer to actually speak with you. Ambiguities can be cleared up and directions can often be explained more easily over the telephone than in email.

Set Clear Deadlines and Priorities

Virtual workers are often consultants who work with multiple businesses. Having set deadlines and prioritizing their tasks will help them manage their own schedules and ensure that the work gets done on time. Make sure to build in a bit of a buffer in case you need to make some last minute changes. You don't want to end up scrambling and potentially missing your own deadlines due to setting a schedule that's too tight.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Even if you can manage your business and meet your deadlines with only one virtual employee, it's always a good idea to have a back-up in case of unforeseen circumstances. Having another person to fill in part-time will give you peace of mind, ensuring you won't end up stuck trying to finish all of your projects on your own if your other virtual employee suddenly becomes unavailable.

Establish a Relationship Based on Mutual Respect

Make sure your virtual employees feel connected and respected. Communicate with them often and recognize a job well done. If possible, organize a get-together so everyone on the team can meet. This may not be possible if your employees are all over the world, but if they're close by it can be a great chance to connect. Try to provide feedback and support to your employees whenever possible and use a personal touch when you can. Your employees are far more likely to be content and motivated to do great work if they feel appreciated and if their efforts are being recognized.

If you have a business that you run from a small office space or a home office, outsourcing some of your workload can be a viable option. There are certainly a lot of great employees out there that will work hard and do an excellent job, but if you're new to outsourcing and to virtual employees, expect some growing pains at the beginning. It may take a while to find the perfect fit.

Posted on
December 14, 2018
Having a brick and mortar store is no longer a requirement of all business owners. While some online businesses do have offices and storefronts, this isn't necessary for all online businesses. Working from an office can have a lot of drawbacks, all of which can be remedied by having a virtual office instead. If you are thinking of running your online business from a virtual office, read on for three types of online businesses that are ideally suited for virtual offices.

Three Online Businesses That Can Be Run From a Virtual Office

Small Online Businesses

If you own a small online business, chances are you run your business on your own or have the help of a small team. Paying to rent out an office space and paying for utilities in that office can mean wasted money. By choosing to work from a virtual office, you can save money you would otherwise be spending on rent or a mortgage.

Virtual offices are also great for small online businesses because they save a small team from commuting every day. A virtual office is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection, meaning you and your employees can work from anywhere and everyone's carbon footprint will decrease. Virtual offices allow small online businesses to save on an office they don't need, they're accessible, and they're eco-friendly.

Any Start-Up Business

Virtual offices are ideal for any start-up business. Not only do they provide you with an opportunity to get a feel for the market opportunities and gauge customer reactions, but a virtual office can also make a start-up business look bigger and more established than they really are, aiding business growth. With a virtual office, it is possible to choose your business address. You can choose for this address to be in the financial hub of the city nearest you, in a trendy city on the other side of the country, or even in a different country altogether. An address in a sophisticated business area will aid the growth of your business better than your home address will.

Additionally, virtual offices often include secretarial or administrative support. This provides you with more time to focus on your business knowing that no client phone calls are missed.

Online Businesses Struggling to Make Ends Meet

During a recession, maintaining a business can be difficult. Virtual offices allow business owners to cut overhead costs, and avoid rent and utilities altogether. If your business has always run out of an office, know that you can still access facilities like meeting rooms, but you only pay when you want to use them. Additionally, research has shown that individuals who work from home have increased productivity, as there is a greater need to prioritize work.

Whether you own a small business, a start-up business, or your business is presently struggling through the economic recession, consider making the switch to a virtual office. Virtual offices provide you and your business with an opportunity to save money, but they are also efficient and still offer you everything you would have in a brick and mortar office.

Posted on
December 14, 2018
Whether you're contemplating a virtual office or you currently use one for your business, there are plenty of benefits to this type of set up. If you're wondering how a virtual office can make your business seem more professional, here are four ways it will give it a boost.

You'll Have a Personal Assistant to Deal with Daily Tasks

If you decide that a virtual office is right for your small business, one of the many services you can make use of is a personal assistant that can deal with things like data entry, transcription, and book-keeping. They can work from the convenience of their home or any location of their choice. If you’re looking for telephone answering services, you can enlist the services of receptionists who will answer the phone in a professional manner, returning voicemails, and deal with customer questions. By seamlessly conveying the appearance of a business that is in full bloom, virtual assistants and receptionists can bring your small business up to the next level of the professional world.

You'll Be Able to Refine and Rethink Your Workload

One of the most difficult things about being a small business owner is trying to figure out your task load as your business grows and the demands of your customer's begin to increase. With a virtual office, not only do you get an assistant who will be able to deal with day-to-day tasks for you, you'll also be able to utilize your time as a small business owner more efficiently by refining the goals of your company and working towards the future of your business without having to make the professional sacrifices.

It Provides You With a Professional Business Address

Even if your virtual office consists of an assistant who works from her own home and never has to get in a vehicle to travel across town to a professional office, you can still have a business address. While an address for mail or even for your website will allow you to market your services to a wide range of people, it will also make your business look stable and in-demand and serve as a great gateway to the next step of a serviced office.

You'll Be Able to Save for the Future of Your Business

One of the best things about being able to take advantage of a virtual office as a business owner is the money savings that can push your business to the next level. As a virtual office will help you save significantly on rent, staff expenditures, and all the things that go along with a professional office, you can use the extra money to boost your business in other ways. Whether you choose to put it into marketing or invest it into other parts of your business, the added savings can be just the thing you need to turn your business into one of long-lasting success.

If you're a small business owner who is interested in virtual offices, you may want to contact us at YourCityOffice.com for more information. From creating a professional image to providing you with the additional time to develop your business model, a virtual office can be the perfect opportunity for your company to grow professionally.

Posted on
December 16, 2018
Running a business while on the road is a tricky task. Reports need to be reviewed, client communications are a top priority, and staff may require consultations on projects. The rise of smartphone technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected. These five iPhone apps will help tech savvy entrepreneurs to run a business from wherever travel may take them.

Road Warrior: The Top Five IPhone Apps for Traveling Entrepreneurs

Dropbox Keeps Important Files Within Reach

Dropbox is a free file-sharing service that allows users to create and share folders. Dropbox has plans for individuals and businesses, offering encrypted sharing and automatic synchronization. This means that files and folders are always up-to-date whenever an Internet connection is present. The mobile app allows users to create and access password-protected documents, and enables sharing across platforms; a folder created on an iPhone can be viewed from an iPad or computer, and vice versa. The free Dropbox app is available in the Apple App Store, while Blackberry and Android versions are available for non-iPhone users.

Skype Makes Videoconferencing Easy

Need a face-to-face with the team? Skype for iPhone offers free video calling and instant messaging over a 3G or WiFi network, including anti-shake technology to ensure a smooth videoconference even while in motion. The app permits users to send text messages and make traditional phone calls to landlines and mobile phones for a small fee. Business owners can even make video calls to laptop or tablet-based users. Perhaps most importantly, Skype enables conference calling for when multiple parties need to connect. This free app, offered by the world's most popular videoconferencing software provider, is a powerful communications tool and a reasonably priced alternative to long distance calling plans.

LogMeIn Ignition Gives Users Remote Desktop Access

It's the traveling entrepreneur's worst nightmare: check into the hotel, get the laptop fired up, and realize - too late - that the vital document that needs to be finished immediately is sitting in a folder on the desktop computer back at the office. Beat the stress and panic with LogMeIn Ignition, a remote access program that links the user's iPhone to an unlimited number of previously specified computers. The app allows the user to access a linked computer from the iPhone interface, copy files from PC to iPhone, and print to AirPrint-enabled printers. A one-time fee of $129.99 allows access to the mobile app, as well as an unlimited number of LogMeIn programs for installation on remote computers.

Documents To Go Premium For Creating Files On The Fly

Documents To Go Premium offers an iPhone-friendly office productivity suite. The app allows users to create, view, and edit Microsoft Office files via iPhone. Documents To Go Premium allows document sharing via email, Dropbox, and Google Docs, along with free desktop software to enable synchronization across platforms. The app contains several task-specific programs, including Word To Go (for word processing tasks), Sheet To Go (for spreadsheets), Slideshow To Go (for presentations), and an email client for easy sharing. This app, priced at $16.99, puts all the features of a desktop-sized office productivity suite in the palm of the user's hand.

TimeWerks Keeps You On Track

TimeWerks is a mobile billing and time-tracking application, allowing users to keep track of multiple projects and accounts, create and send invoices without the use of a computer, and keep track of time spent on tasks with a built-in stopwatch. The app supports multiple currencies and contains a sales tax calculator, making billing an easy task. Data can be backed up and restored with the touch of a button. A credit card terminal (sold separately) turns the phone into a digital payment processor. Rates can be customized to include various discounts or extra fees. Priced at $3.99, this little app packs a strong punch.

Running a business is no small endeavor. Part of building a business involves going on the road to attend conferences, meet clients, or scout potential office locations. With these five apps, the tech-savvy entrepreneur can keep the business growing, from anywhere in the world.

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December 17, 2018
In today's world, not all businesses require every aspect of a typical company office. But almost all small businesses and startups can benefit from using the services of a virtual office. A virtual office, unlike a traditional one, can be cost-effective in allowing a company to save on traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism through necessary communication services such as a remote receptionist, a telephone answering service, and virtual assistants. Space services can come in the form of a registered address or casual workspaces.

The Benefits of Virtual Communications Services

Telephone answering services can be very beneficial to the success of your company, allowing your customers and clients an open line of communication up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This cost-effective method of business communications allows your company to choose the hours they desire for a professional call center to be on the phone lines. There are many options for call centers, which are designed to handle a large volume of calls, but one based in the United States is highly recommended to avoid language barriers. For businesses that do not require 24-hour communication, voicemail is another outlet they can implement for off-hours times.

City Office offers a virtual receptionist to handle calls for your business and ensure another phone call is never missed again!

Chicago Virtual Offices: A Great Alternative to the Traditional Office

Working from home has its definite benefits, including saving on the high cost of renting or purchasing office space, but its main downfall is its lack of professionalism and security. Putting a home address on a business card, for example, has its obvious problems. For many businesses, the solution to this problem has been obtaining a virtual office whereby they can use a prestigious office address on their company's public material.

At City Office, we offer a registered business address as well as mail forwarding from our 15,000 square foot business center located on the Magnificent Mile of downtown Chicago. This prestigious high-rise office building is one of the best addresses in the city, and is sure to infuse your clients and customers with a sense of trust in your business.

Need a Place to Meet Clients or Customers? City Office Offers Meeting Rooms in Chicago

Meeting rooms have become an important asset to businesses running a virtual office. These are important for running company meetings amongst your team as well as providing team training, or conducting a meeting with a customer or potential client. We offer meeting rooms to our clients, which can be rented by the hour, or for a half or full day. Refreshments are offered at our meeting rooms, and most offer Wi-Fi and video conferencing capabilities. Stationery can be provided upon request.

Although starting a virtual office can be a challenge at first, it is very common amongst the world's most modern companies and startups, and the benefits are endless. As long as you pick and choose the right virtual office components to facilitate your business, a virtual office is a very rewarding venture. To learn more about our Chicago virtual offices visit us at www.yourcityoffice.com today.

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December 18, 2018

Starting a new business can prove difficult for anyone, especially when money is tight. For a start-up, you need a good idea that can translate into a profit. Once you begin your company, you need to promote and market it properly to draw new business. These days, companies open and then close all too quickly due to misspent funds. However, that doesn't mean that you won't succeed as an entrepreneur with a start-up company. You just have to possess business knowhow, such as how and where to spend your money. In particularly, you need to figure out where you will work and whether or not an office fits your needs.

Do You Need an Office to Thrive?

As an entrepreneur, you may wonder if your new company needs its own office space to thrive. A physical address, after all, gives you a certain type of presence and authority that your competitors may already have. All sorts of big name brands own headquarters, sometimes multiple locations spread out across the nation. While you may have similar dreams for your own start-up business, take heed before you begin looking for empty office space in your neighborhood. Truthfully, not every start-up will require an office. You may find that a physical space becomes feasible later on, but in the beginning, you may want to hold off.

One factor that dictates the need for an office relates to the type of business that you run. If you produce many physical products, then obviously you will need a place to store these. However, even in that case, you won't need an office. You could rent out storage space or even rent out part of a warehouse to store the extra products until you sell them. You can also keep these products in your own residence if size permits and then sell them right from your company's website. In all of those instances, you would still remain in charge of the entire shipping process.

Generally, you will find that in the early stages of your business that an office probably will not suit you. One disadvantage of renting an office relates to the cost. You will pump extra money into an expenditure that doesn't necessarily help your business. In fact, the lost profits could actually harm your start-up. After all, the money that you put into office space could go into marketing, creating new products, hiring new staff members, paying for your website or various other avenues of funding. As mentioned, lack of money often leads to the downfall of a start-up. Your company doesn't have to go this route, but you will need to spend your funds wisely to ensure success.

Other Places to Work in the Early Days of Your Start-up

Instead of an office space, consider Working from home in the beginning of your start-up’s career. You can probably do most of your work remotely through a computer and phone contact with others. Eventually, you will begin to hire staff members to assist you with various jobs. These should include information technology (IT) experts, an accountant, a salesperson, public relations or PR, and maybe an assistant or two. However, just because you have staff doesn't mean that you need a physical office. You can utilize all sorts of virtual meeting spaces and services online that allow you to do your work and correspond with your coworkers without being in the same room or even the same building. You can use teleconferences or video conferencing to communicate with your team as well. Set up individual email addresses for each staff member and volley off messages to each other online. These options may cost you money in some instances, but generally not as much as renting an office will.

Getting Your Mail to You No Matter Where You Work

You don't have to worry about where your mail will go once you do start to receive it. If you do work from home, you can always have any start-up letters and parcels forwarded to your home address. Similarly, you can have this mail sent to a PO Box of your choosing. You can then visit the box whenever you wish and retrieve your mail. Naturally, signing up with a PO Box will likely cost you money, so you may want to hold off on this step until your business has more regular income flowing in. Other mail forwarding services will also charge money, but this can be a good investment if you want the authority of a business address. By choosing to get your mail delivered to your home address, you don't have to spend one extra cent.

Choosing the Right Office Space Once You Can Afford It

If you do find that you eventually want an office space, ensure that you can afford the monthly costs that go with it. Before you pick a space, determine if you really do need it. If your business begins to grow and you have more employees, then you should consider an office. If you have achieved success and your company no longer flounders for money, then an office could suit you. Perform research for the most affordable leasing space in your area. Some offices come furnished. These allow you to enjoy amenities like phone service, mail service, high-speed wireless Internet, and conferencing equipment as a part of your monthly bill and not as extra service charges. You will also not have to worry about safety, as security will patrol the building. A kitchen space allows you and your employees to store food and relax during breaks.

If you find that an office space doesn't work for your start-up, do not fear. Many of these offices allow for flexible leases that may last for three months at the shortest and 12 months at the longest. If you signed up for a 12-month lease, you can possibly lessen the length to get out of the agreement if it doesn't help your business. However, this may differ depending on the office space that you ultimately decide to work with.

Most people who work with and invest in a start-up business do know that the company has just begun and wishes to improve in the future. No one should begrudge you for not having an office. Instead, you should focus on improving your start-up and having solid products that will appeal to customers. You should concern yourself with having an online presence such as your own website and social media. These measures will help further your business.

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December 18, 2018
Virtual offices are a great way for many businesses to reduce overhead costs. A virtual office can cut expenses like utilities, furniture and rent, keeping money in a business owner's pocket. A common concern though, is worker productivity. Will telecommuters still stay productive, or become lazy and distracted if left to their own devices?

Studies Noting a Boost in Virtual Office Worker Productivity

Telecommuters are Driven and Hard-Working

A new FlexJobs study on the efficacy of telecommuting found that the majority of telecommuters are experienced, creative, and driven. Telecommuters are not slackers, nor is this desire to telecommute rooted in fanciful daydreaming or a desire to spend more time with family. 79 percent of telecommuters say their primary goal is to find a better work/life balance. An overwhelming 98 percent of respondents say they would be more productive working from home, claiming the main factor for their productivity is that there are fewer co-workers interrupting them during a task.

Other major factors influencing productivity include reduced commute time (freeing up employees to accomplish more in a day), reduced stress (as being in a home environment can make employees feel more comfortable and confident when working), and freedom from office politics.

Brown University Study: More Productivity and Higher Job Satisfaction

Brown University and a NASDAQ-listed Chinese business randomly selected a group of 255 call center employees who voluntarily worked from home. The study tracked their job performance over the course of 9 months. The study found an 8.5 percent increase in number of minutes worked per shift, and a 3.5 percent productivity increase. Most impressive though, was that the “work-from-home” group experienced a major increase in job satisfaction, with employee retention rates jumping an impressive 50 percent.

Stanford University economist Nick Bloom attributes the elimination of office distractions as the cause of the increased productivity. Bloom says, "In the office it's very noisy, you can hear the guy next to you on the phone or the person across the desk crying because their boyfriend just split up with them. It's very distracting.”

Working From Home Also Has Health Benefits

Christine Hoehner, a professor of public health at Washington University, found that employees who commuted long distances to work were in poorer shape, weighed more, and had higher blood pressure than those with short commute distances. Working from home is thought to be less stressful than commuting, and therefore, less likely to contribute to weight gain, hypertension, heart disease, and an assortment of other health problems.

Healthier employees are known to be more productive employees, as an employee in good health will take fewer sick days, have greater stamina, and be more productive than an employee in poor health.

Psychologists have studied workplace motivation factors since the 1950s, when it was discovered that the act of merely watching someone work increased their productivity. Over the last sixty years, the data has accumulated. Working from home reduces stress, improves health and happiness, and boosts productivity. The savvy business owner can reduce overhead costs and increase output by replacing a physical office with a virtual one.

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December 20, 2018
The golden rule of business is to expect change. When Henry Ford invented the assembly line in 1913, the auto manufacturing industry was changed forever. One hundred years later, the rise of the virtual office is changing the way companies do business. From insurance to marketing, the majority of information-based work and twenty-first century businesses can be run without a dedicated physical office space. Third party companies that rent virtual offices can supply business owners with meeting rooms and conference halls as needed, eliminating the need to rent a large space on a regular basis. Indeed, common business staples like fax machines, email accounts, and a physical address can be handled through a virtual office rental agency, making a physical office space an unnecessary expense.

Startups and the Virtual Office - Is Physical Office Space Still Necessary?

Virtual Offices Provide All the Benefits of a Physical Office

Having a physical office offers many benefits. A professional-looking address can impress clients and offer a place to receive mail. A dedicated receptionist on staff can handle a high volume of phone calls, allowing the business owner to carry on with core tasks. When it comes to client meetings, an office space has a much better appearance than a living room in a private home. Virtual offices can meet all of these needs without the upfront expense of leasing a corporate suite.

A virtual office offers a mailing address that can be used for business purposes. Many virtual office businesses allow renters to forward office mail to their homes to avoid the inconvenience of having to pick up mail at a secondary location. Traditionally, virtual offices have their own receptionists handle renters' phone calls. This allows small business owners to give the impression that the organization is larger than it actually is, without incurring the cost of hiring a full-time secretary. It also removes the burden of handling phone calls from the business, meaning the business owner can focus on other tasks. Virtual offices often rent out corporate suites for meetings as needed, usually for less than the cost of a permanent office suite.

Virtual Offices are More Cost-Effective Than Physical Offices

Because many different businesses can operate out of the same virtual office, the cost of renting a virtual office is substantially lower than that of renting a physical office. A virtual office offers the professional appearance of a large organization, while fitting into the budget of a lone freelancer. For a company with limited resources that is looking to expand, the virtual office is a cost-effective alternative to renting a physical office space.

No longer is a permanent physical office a necessity for a start-up business. With the advent of the Internet, it is possible to run an entire company with only a laptop and a cell phone. However, a growing company will require some kind of office-related organizational services such as a receptionist, a mailing address, and a meeting space. Virtual offices offer all the resources of a physical office, and at a fraction of the cost. During a recession when every dollar counts, cash-strapped start-ups would be wise to abandon the obsolete physical office in favor of a virtual office.

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December 21, 2018
Whether or not you work out of a virtual office, you will always want to ensure that your cash flow management is solid and highly competent. Ensuring that cash flow is adequate is one of the greatest duties of any startup entrepreneur who wants to run a successful business. The worst thing that can happen to any business is that it manages its cash flow very poorly. Here are five cash flow management tips for startup entrepreneurs to heed.

Remember the Difference Between Profits and Cash

First of all, profits are not cash. They are merely accounting. Startup entrepreneurs who understand this will succeed. Accounting can be a lot trickier than you might expect. Further, it is impossible to pay bills with just profits. For example, if a startup entrepreneur pays his bills while his customers don't, it will be problematic. The fact remains that profits can be made without making any real money.

Don't Work Out Cash Flow Mentally

There's nothing worse than working out cash flow in your head. It's just not intuitive, and, furthermore, making a sale doesn't even always mean that one has the money. At the same time, incurring an expense may not really mean that your business has already paid for it. Inventory is typically purchased, paid for, and then stored until it turns into cost of sales.

Remember That Inventory Eats up Cash

Prior to being able to sell products, a business has to either purchase or build these products. Even when you place said products on the proverbial shelves and wait until they're sold, you still have to make sure the suppliers are paid. Remember that each dollar you have in inventory is actually a dollar you do not have in cash.

Working Capital Is the Best Survival Skill

Working capital is the accounting term for what a business has left over after one has subtracted present liabilities from present assets. In a practical sense, this is actually money in the bank that's utilized to pay the business’s running costs as well as expenses.

Receivables Should Not Be Taken For Granted

Accounts receivable is a reference to the money that your customers owe you. In other words, and this is highly important, accounts receivable is not something you can count on to be able to pay expenses. It's best to remember that each dollar in accounts receivable is actually a dollar less in cash. This is a great way to look at cash planning if you're a startup entrepreneur.

These are the five best cash flow management tips for startup entrepreneurs. Being a startup entrepreneur does not necessarily mean that you are also adept at handling the ins and outs of successfully running a business. If you fail to watch cash flow management, then you will also fail at running your business. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you should visit YourCityOffice.com to find out about all of the options they have at their disposal for their virtual office solutions. These days, successful businesses no longer need a traditional office space in which to succeed.

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December 22, 2018
Business is entering a new era. The days of commuting to and from an office are becoming replaced with modern blueprints of doing business; business is slowly shifting to the virtual world. Virtual offices are appealing to business owners for many reasons: they offer the amenities of a regular office space such as a mailing address, telephone reception services, conference rooms, lounges, and workspaces, to name a few. However, virtual offices present plenty of advantages that a traditional office does not have. Here are the four most beneficial aspects of a virtual office.

Four Reasons That a Virtual Office Is the Perfect Solution

Save on Exorbitant Rent Fees

Arguably the most obvious advantage of a virtual office is the ability to save on rent and other costs. Establishing and maintaining a traditional office in most cities is impossible or inadvisable for many new and small businesses. Most office spaces in reputable areas cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in rent per month. A virtual office will allow you to develop your business without worrying about allocating funds towards outrageous office space costs.

Cut Back on Unnecessary Costs

If the cost of renting office space wasn't enough, the numerous extraneous costs that are associated with it will surely present a roadblock to any small business. Having a virtual office will effectively eliminate the costs of electricity and power, cleaning, parking, and Internet, all of which can add up to hundreds of dollars of unnecessary financial burden for your company.

No Need to Hire Support

Utilizing a virtual office may have some people questioning who will be in charge of handling administration, mailing, and customer service. Fortunately, a small business owner does not need to scout for employees to fill these roles. There are plenty of services that provide employees with virtual office positions full-time. In other words, part of the cost of renting a virtual office goes toward these services. This will not only save you time, but plenty of money in the long run.

Flexible and Innovative

The last advantage of using virtual offices is not necessarily centered around costs or money, but efficiency and convenience. Virtual offices allow a businessperson to work from home, and therefore avoid long commutes and unnecessary wasted time. Since your company's administration services are covered, you are free to work where you please. More time can be spent on work-related responsibilities. This ability to work from home also benefits the environment because fewer vehicles will be on the road.

As younger employees discover and reap the benefits of virtual offices, they will find that they are helping shift business into the digital era. Because many things that were once physical are becoming increasingly digital, virtual offices are a logical step in the right direction. They are a great way to start a company, as they offer many of the same conveniences and familiarities as a standard office, without all the high rent costs and overhead fees.

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December 24, 2018
The holidays can be a slow time for some businesses and a busy rush for others. What makes the difference, and how can a business ensure they stay busy over the holiday season? Read further to find out.

5 Ways to Ensure Your Business Stays Busy over the Holidays

Keep Moving Even When There's a Lull

Instant gratification tastes good, but realizing there's more to receive in the future is a skill that business owners must master. Customers may be doing more relaxing than purchasing during the holidays, but what does this mean for a business that relies on cash flow? This is where the saying, "patience is a virtue" can really come into play. A business owner who recognizes that with consistent effort comes reward, will come out on top every time. No customers? Keep on moving, keep on promoting and keep on offering better-than-average service!

Let People Know that Business is Booming

People will assume that because it's the holidays most businesses are closed for an extended break. It's important for business people to make it known that their companies are not only still around, but are thriving and excited to provide service to their customers during the holiday season. Customers will be pleased to be in-the-know regarding the business' holiday hours, and sales can happen more organically than perhaps planned.

Prepare Social Media in Advance of the Holidays

Social media is a great way to make potential customers aware of holiday business hours, closures, and special holiday promotions. One method of preparing updates in advance is to use a program called HootSuite, or another one called TweetDeck. Both programs make it possible for business owners to prepare tweets or Facebook updates and schedule them so that they are posted during the busy holiday times. This way, even if a business owner is busy eating turkey dinner, Facebook page updates will be updated and tweets will be made. Social media is an excellent way to keep customers on the cutting edge of what's going on during the holidays.

Design Exclusive Holiday Promotions

Make the holidays a time to generate even more business than normal. People love deals, especially deals that they can offer to people as gifts during the holidays when there may be a lot of people for whom they need to shop. A promotion that happens only during the holidays, or special store hours that start early in the morning or go late into the evening, are both fantastic ways to encourage customers. Often people who have never been interested before are intrigued due to new scheduling times.

Whatever a business owner does to make themselves known during the holidays will be a benefit to them. Customers are out there and they're ready to spend, even when it's the holiday season and they appear to just want to mingle and drink eggnog. If no customers are coming through the door, work anyways! Moving forward is always a "step in the right direction," and making use of social media platforms is a most excellent way to do that. Keep on going, make customers aware of the business thriving, and see the results in more sales, leads, and customer interest.

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December 26, 2018
How is business changing because of virtual offices? Do people really need to go to work anymore, and what does it look like to work with virtual office services? This article discusses working from home and asks the question, "Are virtual offices blurring the lines between home and the workplace?" Let's find out!

Are Virtual Offices Starting to Blur the Lines between Home and the Workplace?

Making the Choice: Home or Office?

There are a number of reasons why people go to a workplace: they feel like it's their only option; they need to get away from the house; and they thrive amongst other people in a traditional working environment. What about the people who choose to stay at home, and work from the comforts (or chaos) of their personal living spaces?

Similar to the way some workers make the choice to work at the office, people who work from home choose to work from their houses for all their own reasons: they need a flexible schedule due to personal commitments; they want to be closer to their families; they want to have more time freedom. Most people, whether they act on their desires or not, have had the idea of working from home at one point in time or another.

Going to the Office Can Be Unnecessary

Oftentimes, work is done on the computer. The great thing about the computer is that it can literally travel anywhere the worker goes. How necessary is it to wake up early, get ready for work, exit the comforts of home, commute to the workplace, and spend the entire day inside an office building? Especially since more and more, people are turning to virtual offices for services like telephone answering and mail forwarding. Working from anywhere in the world is becoming easier than ever.

Commuting from the Bed to the Computer Chair

Commuting costs alone can make it financially worthwhile for someone to choose to work from home, although there are a number of reasons why working from home can be a cost-effective experience overall. Take for example the exclusive tax benefits to businesses that are run primarily from the home. It's worth looking into because a business owner can save a lot of money simply by ditching the office space, furniture, and overhead costs, and opting for a work-from-home experience instead.

It's good to keep in mind that, even though working from home can be more comfortable for a lot of people, it takes some personal motivation to be someone who creates their own schedule and sticks to it. The perks of working from home can be had with a little determination and perseverance.

Although working from an office can offer a possibly larger sense of camaraderie, working from home and benefiting from services offered through virtual office providers can be the best choice for a lot of small businesses, budget-minded business owners, and people who like the freedom of creating their own schedules. Working from home can be a really great thing, and sometimes it even means a person can wear their pajamas to work!

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December 26, 2018
If you have recently started a business but don't have an office yet, there is a solution for you. This solution comes in the form of a virtual office, which covers the needs of almost any entrepreneur. For those who are having problems locating a virtual office in Rome, there is no need to look any further than this. We are offering space in our virtual office, which has the best location possible—it's right in the heart of Rome. Add to that the fact that we are also offering services such as mail forwarding and telephone answering at low prices, and you are left with the most temping offer you could hope for.

A Beautiful Building in the Perfect Location

Located on the Via Cavour Street in Rome, the Tomorrow Business Center offers its clients the perfect combination of the prestige that comes with having an office in the center of Rome, and the convenience that getting to it is. Located only 400 meters away from the central station of Termini, it benefits from great public transportation, which is ensured by both metro lines and busses. The building in which the offices are located is modern and features spacious rooms. In it, you will find offices that are equipped with all necessary furniture, meeting rooms, reception services, and other 5-star services.

There Are Many Services You Will Benefit From

By joining our group of entrepreneurs, you will benefit from many services. Firstly, our clients gain 24-hour access to the building and its features. Once inside, telephone services are provided, as are wireless and broadband Internet, a cafeteria, and catering. Some of the equipment you will have at your disposition includes fax machines, telephone devices, and photocopiers. As mentioned before, receptionist services are provided, which includes phone answering. Should you need any assistance, secretarial support is there to help you out. The meeting rooms and offices are protected by an alarm system, and are also kept clean by a cleaning service.

Incentives for Becoming a Part of Our Team

City Office offers two free months for those who pay annually in advance. This is just our way of expressing gratitude for the commitment you have made with us. Additionally, you don't have to worry about any minimum terms, as there aren't any! City Office gives you the freedom to be in complete control of how you want to deal with your business. We do that by using a rolling monthly plan. Moreover, we are operating on an honest basis, by not implementing any hidden fees. Lastly, you can rest assured that your account with us will be dealt with in a professional and friendly manner. An Account Manager that is handpicked by City Office will be placed in charge of your account.

If you have any questions regarding our services, don't hesitate to ask. Every member of the team behind City Office is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible service, which means that we will be able to give you the information you need. All you have to do is visit YourCityOffice.com. We can make owning a business in Rome a breeze.

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December 28, 2018
Communicating while on business in a foreign country can be confusing at the best of times, and it can become downright frustrating without a proper dictionary or travel companion to interpret the language. The problem with foreign language dictionaries is that they can be bulky and annoying to carry. Thankfully, app producers understand the challenges that travelers face and they have come up with some really great solutions to these foreign language dilemmas. Below are three excellent translator applications that can be used while both online and offline, (offline being a nice way to save on data usage while in another country).

Lost in Translation: Three Translator Apps That Can Help You Bridge the Gap

Ultralingua App is Well Worth its Price

Ultralingua is an application that, even though it has a higher price than some apps, is an excellent choice for travelers who are looking for a high-quality translation experience. Priced at around $20, Ultralingua is not the best choice for the budget traveler, although people who make the purchase will most likely be delighted by their choice. A unique feature of Ultralingua is that it's tuned-in with regional language differences. For example, slang and technical terms are found in its database, which can be accessed while the user is offline. Paying the $20, in this case, is an excellent way for a traveler to ensure they're getting the most language translation for their buck.

Jibbigo App is Inexpensive and Worthwhile

Jibbigo, like Ultralingua, can be used offline. The great thing about Jibbigo is that it functions with voice-recognition: speak English into the microphone and receive an audio playback in the desired foreign language. This is beneficial to the traveler who may be concerned about proper pronunciation, and likes the idea of hearing the words spoken in the language of choice before actually repeating the words themselves. In addition to voice recognition, Jibbigo is only about $5, making it highly affordable for almost anyone with a smartphone. For $5, a business traveler can't really go wrong with this app.

Bing Translator App is Free for the Budget-Minded

For travelers on a budget, Bing offers a stellar deal: the Bing Translator app, and it's free! Travelling can quickly become expensive, and Bing obviously recognizes that people like "free." The Bing Translator application won't break the bank, and it can be used in one of five languages: French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese Simplified. The Bing app, like Jibbigo, makes use of voice-activation to make the user experience more interactive and enjoyable. Keep in mind though, that the term "you get what you pay for" comes into play with any free application. Expecting the very best from a free app can sometimes be like eating a gigantic bowl of ice cream for breakfast and then expecting to feel fantastic afterward. It's good to read the details before downloading a free app and then jumping on a plane straight away.

Having a translation aid is an important part of traveling, and having the right smartphone application can be the best alternative to a bulky and annoying translation dictionary. Get the most out of a business travel experience with one of the three translator apps above.

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December 29, 2018
Working out of a virtual office is all that it is cracked up to be and more. If you own an e-commerce business, then working out of such a non-traditional office definitely comes with more benefits than you may have thought. In addition, offices of this type are becoming increasingly popular these days as employers realize the cost-saving advantages of these setups. Owners of e-commerce businesses have to understand the appeal of these offices. Here are five benefits of virtual offices for an e-commerce business.

A Sense of Professionalism

Working out of a virtual office affords any e-commerce business with a sense of professionalism. Many of these non-traditional offices feature office spaces in high-class buildings that will leave a favorable impression with your clients. In addition, it is also possible to draw contingent clients closer for many long-term partnerships. Overall, such a corporate image will improve the experience of a business’s virtual team.

Feel the Increased Efficiency

Having a non-traditional office location causes a rise in efficiency in the workplace. A lot of virtual office providers manage most of their clients' telecommunications needs, allowing you to focus on more vital projects that are important to the success of your business. A perk of such an office is a virtual assistant, who is duty-bound to answer one's phone calls and email messages.

Too Many Savings to Count

A virtual office will save you a lot of money on traditional office costs as well. Normally, owning a business would require you to purchase things such as office supplies and equipment, as well as create the need to rent physical office space inside of a building. You would also have to pay for the (often excessive) maintenance fees. These are not issues if you choose to make use of a virtual office. There are no contracts involved, so you can pay either monthly or yearly.

Less Risk in Business Ventures

Opening up a new business is risky and costly, but with a non-traditional office, you can cut down on this risk. Using a virtual office means you lower the chances of insolvency if you face crises like unexpected developments or even tumultuous changes. A virtual office is a great solution for anyone running a startup e-commerce business.

Nice Conference Rooms for Meetings

Virtual offices provide conference rooms for their diverse client list. This clearly offers businessmen the opportunity to hold more efficient and productive meetings than ever. Having such an office space instills an ambiance of professionalism and a spot in which to hold meetings with various local and international clients.

These are the five most important benefits of using a virtual office if you already own, or are just starting, an e-commerce business. For more specific details on all the best virtual office options available, you can learn more by visiting us at https://www.yourcityoffice.com. The trend these days is for more and more businesses to use the virtual office solution, as people are beginning to recognize the benefits of doing so. Not only can you save on the hassles of opening up a physical location, but you can also save a lot of money in the process, thanks to not having a physical location.

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December 30, 2018
A growing business always requires a great deal of attention, but the rewards can be significant. Business growth can equate to higher profits, expansions into new territories, and the opportunity to experiment with new service models. A growing business can attract the top talent in the field, providing investment returns well into the future. In order to leverage growth potential into actual growth though, it is in an entrepreneur's best interest to seek out a mentor.

Leveling Up: Why a Mentor Can Be Incredibly Helpful for Managing Business Growth

A Mentor Is Someone To Turn To

If you're an employee at a business and you need advice, you can ask your boss for help. However if you're a business owner, you are the boss from whom others seek advice. Where can a business owner turn for advice? Having a reliable second opinion can aid in decision-making and provide reassurance. A business mentor will be able to provide an entrepreneur with the insights and lessons that only come from experience. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, "learn from the mistakes of others - you can't make all of them yourself."

A Mentor Can Help You Expand Your Business Network

A business mentor is usually a retired CEO or former entrepreneur, and as such, is likely to have a well-developed network of valuable contacts. A mentor will be able to provide you with consultants to aid in the decision-making process. Furthermore, a mentor will be more willing to help you expand your contacts than someone you met at a networking function last week.

A Mentor Has No Ulterior Motive

In business, many people that a business owner has contact with will likely have their own agendas. Not all contacts will have your business' best interests at heart. Having a business mentor can offer a lasting friendship built on trust. A good mentor will not try to sell you anything, and will genuinely try to guide you to successful business practices. As you and your mentor move forward, your mentor will become more familiar with your business, and will be better able to guide you.

A Word Of Caution

A business mentor can be a great asset to a growing operation. It is important to remember though, that a business mentor is not a consultant. Business mentoring is not a short-term deal, and it is not a transactional service with immediately measurable results. Business mentoring is built on a relationship that requires input and effort from both parties. It is informal and often takes place over the course of many years.

Business Mentoring Is A Journey

A business mentor may begin as an informal contact, but will likely become a lifelong friend. Business mentoring is generally free of charge, (compared to consulting firms that often charge several hundred dollars per month), making it a risk-free investment.

There are many benefits to having a business mentor; there may be business mentors in your existing network! Potential business mentors may be among friends and family, acquaintances, or even the competition. Seeking out a business mentor can give the savvy entrepreneur an experienced sounding board and access to an otherwise impenetrable network of potential clients and contacts. Thus, a mentor can be a powerful ally to aid entrepreneurs in managing business growth.

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December 31, 2018
If you run a home-based business in Denver, Colorado, you know how much a company can benefit from working on a more remote basis. Veering from the traditional office spaces of the past, the future holds great things for virtual companies, and many modern businesses today are utilizing this effective business model. Many modern startups in Denver choose the virtual route as opposed to the traditional route in order to save on capital, which ultimately leads to the success of their business.

But in Denver, however, it isn't just startup companies benefiting from the use of virtual offices. Other professions that have been known to run on a virtual basis include attorneys, accountants, consultants and non-profits.

Your City Office in Denver

As a top-ranking virtual office provider, we at CityOffice offer virtual offices around the world and across the United States. Our virtual office center in Denver is located in the heart of Highlands Ranch Business Park, a sought-after business location surrounded by residential homes, parks, and open land. The Highlands Ranch community was founded in 1981 and encompasses a total of 22,000 acres.

Just off the C-470, our center offers an ideal location for commuting tenants. Our facilities, which are found on the fourth floor of a modern, four story glass and sandstone building, consist of conference rooms, serviced offices, and a cyber cafe with modern telecommunications equipment. The building offers expansive views of the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver, which is 12 miles away from Highlands Ranch. Located nearby the Denver Tech Centre and golf course, there is also an express bus service to downtown Denver.

The serviced offices in this building are perfect for small businesses that don't require large spaces. Virtual office services for Denver companies can be made custom to each company's unique requirements. You can visit us at CityOffice to learn more about our available virtual office services.

Highland Ranch Business Park's Nearby Amenities

Choosing a serviced office at our Highland Ranch Business Park location has another benefit: it’s nearby amenities. With residences, schools, and parks nearby, executives at this location gain the benefits of a quiet work setting while also being nearby many restaurants and coffee shops, stores like The Home Depot, Michaels, and Walgreens, and more shopping in the Highlands Ranch Shopping Center. The UPS Store is also conveniently located nearby to handle your business' shipping needs. Highlands Ranch Library is also within a short driving distance from the business park. Denver International Airport is roughly a 40 minute drive from the office building, and downtown Denver is about a 25 minute commute with quicker access to the suburbs of Centennial, Englewood, and Littleton.

Highlands Ranch, as you see, is an ideal location for a cost-effective virtual office space that also offers the benefit of convenience and an easy commute to the surrounding urban centers of Denver. Create an effective remote business with our telephone answering and call patching services, and make an impression with this Denver business address. For more information about how a virtual office can benefit your Denver business, Contact Us Here.

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