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Posted on
October 01, 2018
Are you worried that no one is talking about your company on Facebook? Do you keep obsessively refreshing the "connect" page on you Twitter feed in hopes of seeing new mentions of your business, only to find that there are no new updates every time? Fortunately, there are many ways to cure the social media blues. Here are a few ways to ensure that your business gets more social media mentions.

Make Content Easy to Share

One of the easiest ways to increase your mentions is to make your online content easier to share. When adding blog posts, creating new webpages, or adding a new news item to your homepage, always make sure that there's at least a "tweet this," "like on Facebook," and "share on LinkedIn" button nearby. Web users are used to quick interactions, and anything you can do to break down barriers between consuming content and sharing content will increase the likelihood of your content being shared.

Provide an Incentive for Mentioning

Another great way to increase your mentions is to offer something in return for sharing your updates. Many promo campaigns have gone social now, and will offer incentives such as: "Share this update on your Facebook wall and we'll enter you in a draw to win a pair of designer sunglasses." People are much more likely to share something if there's a chance they'll get something out of it for themselves.

Give People Something They Want

In addition to offering promos such as free giveaways, you can also increase your mentions simply by providing people with what they want, right away. Insider information, fun videos, weird news stories - these are all items that get big traction on social media sites. Share one of the above in a way that relates to your business and watch the retweets and likes multiply.

Ask For It

Sometimes the best way to get something you want is to ask for it. Market research has found that on average, brands will increase their retweet rate by twenty three times, simply by asking for retweets.

Institute a Reciprocal Sharing Program

Since asking for retweets works, imagine how pleased others would be if you approached them asking if you could share any of their content for them. You'd be surprised at how much sharing other people's content can increase your own mentions. Simply by providing other users with a service, you are increasing the likelihood that they will want to return the favor.

Credit Your Sources

When you share a link on Twitter, always remember to include the original source by typing "via @Twitterhandle" (where “Twitterhandle” is the username of the original poster) at the end of your tweet. This includes your source in the conversation, and also encourages them to retweet your tweet, especially if your tweet involves some sort of interesting comment or observation that relates to the link you're sharing.

Especially if you're running your business from a virtual office, it's important to not just have a presence on social media, but to have a presence that makes a real impact. Try out a few of these methods, and see if you can chase some of those social media blues away and regain your social confidence.

Posted on
October 03, 2018
Employment in the strict, traditional 9-5 environment is much too limiting for the average person, yet nearly everyone has to do it. However, technological advancements are making it much easier for many people to do their jobs remotely. If you are fortunate enough to have a skillset in an area that allows you to work from a virtual office, you might just be taking one step towards having the kind of freedom that comes with working in a virtual office. Here are a few reasons why working from a virtual office could be the best decision you ever make.

Who Doesn't Like Traveling?

The chains of traditional employment usually mean that you are in close proximity to a traditional corporate office for about 50 weeks of the year. That can be extremely psychologically limiting, and some might even consider it akin to slavery. However, if you have a virtual office, you are able to trot the globe to your heart's content. Feel like checking out the pyramids in Egypt? No, problem. If you have a virtual office, you can hop on a plane and work from a hotel room, for example. The places you are able to visit are limited only by Internet accessibility.

Living Cheap Just Got Easier

Are you disenfranchised by the amount of money you have to spend on living in this country? Imagine living where your expenses are half of what you pay now - even a third, or a quarter. When you have a virtual office, you are able to live in a tropical paradise, for example, while earning the same amount of money that you're earning now. The difference is that your living expenses in this tropical paradise are likely to be much cheaper than what you are paying. That could result in a ton of savings and a very early retirement.

Do What You Want to Do

One of the best advantages of having a virtual office is your ability to do what you want, when you want. Sure, you will likely have to put in several hours each day to work, but your time will be so flexible that you can essentially do something when you want to do it. For example, if you were up late because you couldn't sleep - no problem. You can just sleep in. After all, you have a virtual office, and you don't need to come in to the office to report to a boss. If you feel like grabbing a bite at your favorite sushi restaurant across town, you can.

A virtual office offers a number of benefits for savvy workers. You are essentially giving yourself the freedom you need to live the type of mobile life that you want. Once you work in a virtual office, you may never be able to go back to the traditional setting again. Freedom is a key to happiness, and working from a virtual office is the best way to free yourself from traditional corporate environments.

Posted on
October 05, 2018
Coming up with new business ideas can be tricky, especially when most of the good ideas have already been taken. Sometimes in order to get ahead in the marketplace, you have to create a marketplace of your own. People are willing to pay money for all sorts of strange things, as long as those strange things are presented to them in the right manner. And what better way to break in to your newly invented marketplace than from a virtual office? That way, you'll be able to find a home for your unusual business idea while at the same time avoiding the costly overheads that are associated with typical office space rental. Here are some unusual business ideas that have turned out to be successful. Hopefully they will inspire you to launch an unusual business idea of your own.

Greeting Cards for Even the Weirdest Occasions

One of the oldest and most successful companies in the "unusual business" category is Santa Mail, a company that, for a small fee, creates personalized "letters from Santa" for children that are actually postmarked from the North Pole (in Alaska). Another company, Fetal Greetings, creates personalized cards from - you guessed it - fetuses that are used as pregnancy announcements. Greeting card companies are great for a virtual office because they don't require a lot of materials (just a computer and a printer), and a virtual office can even help you take care of your mailing needs.

Livestock Rentals: Because Sometimes You Want a Barnyard Animal, But Only for a Little While

With backyard chicken coops taking off in urban environments around the world, now is a good time to get into the livestock industry. What about people who aren't ready for the demanding commitment of full-time livestock ownership? That's where businesses like Rent-a-Cow and Rent-a-Chicken come in to play. These businesses allow people to reap the temporary benefits of barnyard animals (free eggs / dairy products) without being forced into the commitment of caring for the animals for their entire lifespan. These businesses might not seem like a natural fit for a virtual office, but think about it - maybe it's easier to develop your online business and organize meetings in a downtown office rather than a rural farmhouse.

Personalize Your... Whatever

With the online world offering so many retail options these days, people are big into personalized items. One personalized products website allows users to create their own unique tea blend, while another allows users to design their own board game. A virtual office is a great place for these types of businesses - they allow you to save on overheads so you can spend more on making personalized products that people love.

What's Inside the Mystery Box?

When it comes to wacky but successful ideas, the Something Store is perhaps the king of all unusual businesses. For only ten dollars (shipping included), the Something Store will send you... something. It may not be a useful something, but so far thousands of people around the world have ordered their very own something from the Something Store. And because the Something Store can sell literally anything, it makes sense that this type of business would thrive in a virtual environment.

Got your own weird, wacky, or just plain fun business idea? Why not give it a shot, with some help from a virtual office? Just think of how many cows or goats or mystery boxes you could send out from your newfound business home.

Posted on
October 06, 2018
Starting out as a freelancer can be challenging. You need to not only be on the top of your game in the field that you work in, but in most cases you also have to be an expert marketer. Knowing how to generate business is vital to becoming a successful freelancer; however, most freelancers have already completed half the battle: finding a skill from which you can generate clients. Here are the six strategies you can use to find clients and start turning a profit.

Establish a Clientele While Still Working a Day Job

Before setting out on a career as a freelancer, it is important to ensure you will have the capital needed to live on. This is why it is important to accumulate clients in your spare time. After all, if you quit your job to start from scratch, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Building a Website Can Give You a Professional Look

While you may not know how to make a website, you could create a professional looking site from a site builder. These are easy to use, as they provide you with a template that you can then fill with the important information about your business. The website can then serve as your online platform for generating leads.

Create Social Media Accounts

Creating social media accounts is important for you to establish yourself to the masses. This allows you to communicate with potential clients on a large scale. By setting up a Facebook page, Google+ page, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn page, you will be providing people with the information they need to know to feel comfortable about your business.

Advertise on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn

Advertising on social networking sites allows you to target the type of people who you think are potential clients. Having a website established is important so you can link your ad to these sites and generate potential leads. Most social networks allow you to advertise on a pay-per-click basis, so you only pay for the ad if it receives traffic.

Advertise on Craigslist to Generate Your First Leads

You may not know it now, but Craigslist can be one of the most effective ways to gaining your first clients. Craigslist will limit you to three ads in the city from where you are posting. You can renew them every 48 hours, and if you are consistent, this could draw in clients to your business.

Creating a Landing Page Could Help with Conversions

While you may not be an expert at building a website, you can use a landing page service to build a page that looks very clean and professional. A landing page can be connected to your ads, and this will give you the flavor you need to quickly convert prospects to clients.

When setting out as a freelancer, it is important that you have several streams of revenue on the go. After all, if one falls through, you want to ensure that you have backups so that you can quickly recover. At the same time, you should be working, in your serviced office and virtual office, on ways to developing additional sources of revenue. Developing your own freelancing business is challenging work to begin with, but as you increase your efficiency, operations will begin to smooth out.

Posted on
October 09, 2018
Building a brand can be an exciting process, and when business is booming, the first instinct of many marketers is to get new ideas out there as quickly as possible. That instinct is easy to understand - your business is growing, and you want nothing more than to share your excitement with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, in many of these circumstances, marketers fail to notice the big mistakes they're making in promoting their brand. Take note of these major branding mistakes in order to avoid making them in your own business.

Straying From Your Brand's Core Identity

Once your business starts to grow and you're ready to build on that growth, expanding you brand is a good idea. But your expansion should never come at the expense of your brand's core identity. For example, if your brand is built upon finding environmental solutions for small businesses, then it wouldn't make much sense for you to start selling motorcycle jackets or printing car bumper stickers with your logo on them. Every expansion needs to be aligned with the original principles upon which your company is built. If not, you will come off as phony, or worse, a traitor to your brand's core values.

Getting Sucked into Buzzword Marketing

You've probably heard lots of marketing phrases like this before: "We locally source free range, certified organic food products from small batch sources in order to ensure the highest level of sustainability and food security." There are lots of appealing words there, but the problem is, none of them mean anything anymore. When a marketing term becomes a buzzword, it means that people are tired of hearing about it. Buzzword marketing is easy to get sucked into, because often buzzwords do provide a good description of what your business offers. However, even if a buzzword is accurate, that doesn't mean that it's a good term to use. Instead, think of original ways to describe what your brand has to offer. That way, people will actually want to listen to what you have to say.

Social Media Faux-pas

When it comes to saying something stupid and having that stupid statement immediately broadcast to millions of people, social media is definitely your best bet. Social media is great for up-to-the-minute communication, but sometimes it's better to sit back and think about something for a few minutes before tweeting it out for the world to see. Example: During the 2011 uprising in Egypt, fashion designer Kenneth Cole tweeted: "Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online..."
How's that for poor taste?

The take-away from all of these mistakes is: even though the marketing world moves quickly, sometimes the best policy is to think twice before launching your next marketing plan. Brand growth is a good thing, but growth can quickly turn into a very bad thing if it isn't managed correctly. Branding is important to your virtual office business, so make sure you get it right.

Posted on
October 12, 2018
Many people who have a virtual office are flabbergasted when it is mentioned to them that insurance is something to consider. After all, they say, we're working in a virtual office, which, one would think, does away with the requirement to worry about insurance in the first place! Not so fast, though! Just because you’re not working in a "real," physical office space does not mean that you don't need insurance. The truth of the matter is that having this financial product for your office space provides more protection than ever. Here is why you will need insurance for your virtual office.

There is Really No Difference Between a "Real" Office and a Virtual Office

In the context of insurance, there is really no difference between a "real" office and a virtual office. The reason is because you still employ people even if you have them Working from home or other, non-office locations. This means that it is a good idea to have a financial product of this type to protect your entire operation. It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is; nor does it matter what specific form your business takes. Insuring your business and its virtual office spaces is sound business policy that simply makes sense.

Deciding on How to Ensure your Office

There are various ways in which to insure an office of this type, which is why there are various insurance products from which to choose. For instance, there is general liability, which is the most common and general way of insuring your office. It shields you from claims for either property damage or personal injuries. Other ways of insuring yourself largely depend on the types of services you are selling to your virtual office clients and customers. For example, there is also professional liability insurance, which is the kind of product you want to buy if you or your employees ever make any mistakes or cause negligence in your provision of services.

What About the Premiums?

Even though you have a virtual office or offices, that doesn't mean that you can circumvent state laws regarding what types of insurance you should have in place for the kind of business you are running. The law mandates that every business must provide its workers with certain forms of insurance coverage. Examples of these forms of coverage can take the shape of worker's compensation, disability and others in the same area. Of course, depending on the type of insurance that you have to carry for your employees, you will be forced to pay more or less in the form of premiums.

Do you need insurance for your virtual office space? The answer to the question is a resounding "yes!"
You do require some form of coverage when you are operating a business, even if that business has virtual offices instead of "real," traditional office space. The law even mandates this to be the case, so it is best to speak with a business insurance broker in case you have any doubts.

Posted on
October 14, 2018
If you're a small business owner, taking a regular vacation is crucial to your health as well as the health of your company. If you're like most entrepreneurs, however, you might find that getting away is easier said than done. A survey taken last year, which polled over 1,200 small business owners, revealed that almost 50 percent of small business owners skipped their summer vacation in 2012. Perhaps one of the reasons that it's so hard to get away is because it's so hard to ensure that everything's running smoothly while you're gone. If you're hoping to spend some time away from the office (or virtual office) this year, here's a quick guide to keeping tabs on your business while you're gone.

Delegate Wisely and Appoint a Strong Office Manager

The best way to ensure that your business is under control is to prepare your staff properly for your absence. If you delegate your tasks wisely, you shouldn't have to worry about checking in too often. The most important part of preparing your staff is to appoint a strong manager. Invest the time into training your manager, and you'll be free to enjoy your vacation knowing that your business is in good hands.

Take a Wi-Fi Connected Vacation

If you want to be sure that you'll be able to check in on your business once in a while, it's a good idea to add Wi-Fi into your vacation plan. Do you want to be able to videoconference with your staff right before a big meeting? Make sure you'll be in an area with a good Wi-Fi connection when the time comes.

Make Use of the Cloud

With the advent of cloud technology, you can access any information you need from wherever you are (as long as there's a Wi-Fi or data connection available). A good way to prepare for your trip is to ensure that everything you'll need to access is backed up on an encrypted cloud-based network.

Take Mini-vacations as Practice

Not ready to fully turn over the reins of your business quite yet? Try taking a few mini-vacations to get your staff used to running the place when you're away. After a few long weekend trips, everyone will feel more comfortable with sending you off on a proper vacation.

Don't Forget to Relax

As a businessperson, your first priority for your vacation should be to rest and recuperate. You'll do a much better job of running your company if you're intentional about taking the time to put your laptop away and properly enjoy your vacation once and a while.

Those who run their business from a virtual office should have an advantage when it comes to taking vacations. If you're used to running your office from wherever you are - whether it be your home, your virtual office, or your kid's soccer practice - then it shouldn't be too much of an adjustment for you to run your office from a tropical island (as long as that island has Wi-Fi). By planning ahead and using the technology at your disposal, you can take a restful vacation while still staying on top of your business.

Posted on
October 15, 2018
As the social media trend continues to grow, it has become apparent that social media presents a unique opportunity for small businesses to connect with their client base on a grassroots level and in a cost-effective manner. Though it may be difficult to justify taking time out of running a business to communicate with customers over various social media outlets, in reality this time expenditure shouldn’t feel trivial. Purposeful social media in business allows for a community to be built around a business’ concept or product, which is something marketers always strive for.

Small Business and Social Media: Communicating With Your Customers

How Social Media Builds a Community

Social media is an excellent tool for a small business because it allows the business to actually connect with the audience and inspire a conversation. When social media is done right, it is engaging. It creates a dialogue among owners and potential clients, and it can stir interest in a product. Through back and forth dialogue between a business and their clients, a community is fostered where you can get a feel for the types of people that are interested in what your business offers. Basically, social media allows your target demographic to be friends with you and converse with you at the same time.

Social Media As A Tool For Customer Service

The social media platform also has the very immediate possibility of being an extension of your customer service offerings. In addition to having a customer service hotline or inbox, social media is a way to monitor the conversation about your product or service online and be a part of it. Using social media, it is possible for a business to offer solutions and tips in real time and in public. In effect, social media gives a small business the chance to host the conversation about themselves, which gives a business the power to interject at any moment and correct problems as they occur.

Social Media is Worth Your Time

Though small businesses often have a hard time justifying the time expenditure that social media requires it has nonetheless become an extremely important tool for business and should be used to its full potential. It helps small companies build a community that previously would have taken the resources of professional marketers and plenty of money to build. Companies can now build a community with the same power almost organically. Furthermore, it has the potential to enhance your business by giving you the opportunity to address customer service issues in real time and in public.

Social media is still growing and there is no sign that the trend is coming to an end any time soon. Small businesses should decide how they want to engage with customers on different social media sites and begin to do so. At this point, the drawbacks of not joining social media sites are too hefty to ignore, and the potential involved with a well-run social media presence is too great an opportunity to pass up.

Posted on
October 16, 2018
The traditional brick and mortar businesses are quickly going out the window in a lot of ways, and people are moving toward new ways of running their businesses. People want more freedom when it comes to time and money, and they are looking for balance in their lives. Virtual offices can help a business person to find the personal life and work balance they are seeking.

You Enjoy Being the Leader

Some people follow better than they lead—that just seems to be the way things are. For a person who is a natural leader, following the lead of a manager or boss can be grueling. Following the leader every day can be absolutely exhausting for the leader type. For someone who is okay with leading themselves, and who actually enjoys taking charge, a virtual office scenario can be an excellent way for a person to be the leader of their own life.

You Want to Manage Your Own Time

Time management can be tricky, especially for a person that is used to working on someone else's clock. Some people need a boss and will only work when there is someone hovering over them. For a person who owns their own business, proper time management can have great rewards. If a person is able to work when work is necessary, plan for the future economic times, and get the virtual business off the ground, then they will feel much more free in the ability to choose their own hours and make their own schedule.

You Appreciate the Money Saved in Overhead

Traditional businesses with physical locations often suffer because of the large overhead costs that they need to be able to cover every month. With a virtual business, on the other hand, overhead is practically nonexistent. For someone that transitions from owning a location to no longer owning a location, they will see just how huge those expenses once were.

You Think Change Is Positive

Starting to use a virtual office, when a person has always worked in a business that had an office, a coffee room, a parking lot, and an employee gym, can often seem overwhelming. The reality is that transitioning from a physical location to a virtual office situation can be quite smooth for a person who handles change well and who can see the potential benefits. There is obviously a degree of change associated with this transition, but the change can be a very positive thing for a person who keeps their eye on what it is that they are looking for in their new virtual business: time freedom, increased money earning potential, and life balance that simply isn't often afforded in a typical business situation.

A virtual office is truly ideal for someone who is looking to leave an expensive brick and mortar business in the dust and to make a fresh start with the assistance of a virtual office and virtual office services. If a person is determined to find balance in their life and is willing to be their own boss, then they should definitely consider a virtual business.

Posted on
October 17, 2018
Small businesses and start-up businesses are turning to virtual offices for their office needs. With the possibility of telecommuting or running a business on one's own, renting out a physical office space is no longer required. While business owners are beginning to accept the notion of the virtual office, there is still the question of mail. How can businesses receive their mail or packages if they are using a virtual office? In reality, getting your mail has never been easier. To understand how your business would receive their mail, read on for the three easy steps.

Say Hello to Organization: How Company Mailing Works With a Virtual Office

Choose a Registered Office Location

The first step is to register your company with a City Office location. City Office has a huge list of prestigious addresses to choose from. You can choose for your business to be located in the sophisticated business district of New York, or even in a trendy part of Sydney, Australia. There are no restrictions when it comes to choosing your location. Once you have selected an office location, then this is the address all your company's mail and packages will be sent to.

Put this Address on Your Business Stationery and Website

The next thing you have to do is put the address you've chosen on all your business stationery, as well as on your website and any promotional material. The address you work from will be kept completely private, allowing you to keep your work life and your personal life separate. Because the new office location is on all of your business' stationery as well as all marketing material, any mail will be sent to this location. The virtual office then collects the mail, or if necessary, signs for a package. All mail you receive by post will be collected on your behalf. This process is advantageous for you as a small or start-up business owner. If packages are being sent to your home address, you might not always be at home to sign and receive the package. The added problem of this is that anyone who looks for your business location will then know your home address. If you're already concerned with privacy and are instead considering a PO box as your business address, it is important to realize that no packages could be received. A signature is always required and a PO box doesn't allow for that.

Receive Forwarded Mail

Once the virtual office receives your mail, you can decide whether you'd like your mail forwarded to you or if you'd prefer to collect it in person. If your chosen location isn't easy for you to get to, you can provide a forwarding address and all mail will be sent to the address you provide City Office with. This address will remain confidential. Alternatively, you can choose to have all your mail held and pick it up from the office in person. Worrying about how you'll receive mail or packages shouldn't be a drawback for you if you're considering a virtual office. City Office provides mail collection and forwarding services. Not only will you experience all the benefits of using a virtual office, but you will also be able to keep your personal address separate from your business life.

Posted on
October 18, 2018
Profits tumbled in 2013 and BlackBerry reached the end of its rope. The company's stock hit an all-time low that September, and it has since laid off 40% of its global workforce. For BlackBerry users, it looks like the time will come soon when these lovable little devices will be deemed useless as the company crumbles into stock market oblivion. Market watchers may have seen this demise coming a long way off, but for those who love their BlackBerries, letting go can be hard to do. So, with the inevitable end of BlackBerry in mind, here's a guide to moving into the brave, new, BlackBerry-free world.

Get Ready for Change Now

Technology, as we know, moves quickly. But for businesses, big technology changes, like switching your entire mobility strategy to a new service, can take a long time. For that reason, it's good to start preparing to make the move away from BlackBerry sooner rather than later. Sure, it's possible that the company could be bought out and brought back to success, but you don't want to leave your tech strategy up to chance, do you? With all of the market signs pointing to the end game for BlackBerry, now is the time to seize the moment and get ahead of the game, rather than being left behind.

Compare the Competition's Options Carefully

Even if you're so attached to your BlackBerry that the only way to get it from you is to pry it from your cold dead hands, the truth is that your business is going to have to transition to some other device sooner or later, so you might as well start comparing options. Take some time to think about why you started using BlackBerry for your mobile strategy in the first place. What is it about the BlackBerry that makes it so good for your business? Identify what your business' needs are in terms of mobile devices and shop around to see which other device can best meet those needs.

Find a Replacement for BBM

One of the features that BlackBerry users will probably miss the most is the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service. There's simply no other instant messaging service out there that offers the same type of security and depth of features. There may be hope for a BBM app for iPhones and Androids sometime in the future, but again, you don't want to leave your communications strategy up to chance. If your business is concerned about messaging security, then your BBM replacement might have to be made in-house.

Talk to Your IT Staff About Encryption

BlackBerrys are also well known for providing great security in more that just instant messaging. With BlackBerry, encryption runs through and through. Such is not the case with other mobile devices, however. In order to prepare for the impending change, this would be a good time to talk to your IT advisor about other options for mobile encryption.

While the future of BlackBerry is still unclear, most of us can see that it looks pretty grim. Transitioning to another device won't be easy, especially since iPhones, Androids, and Windows Phones are all designed as consumer rather than business devices. But with some forethought and creative thinking, you should be able to come up with a solution that suits your business, and keeps you virtual office running smoothly.

Posted on
October 19, 2018
Are you seeking new employees for your busy, successful company? Great people make great companies, so it is surprising that companies don't invest more time in hiring and on the recruitment process. Finding the perfect employee to suit your business needs and to fulfill the requirements of a specific job description isn't as easy as you would think.

Three Tips to Finding Great New Employees

While you can advertise a job position, receive hundreds of applications and choose an experienced candidate that is a close match, there is no guarantee that they stay for the long haul. Finding an employee that will stay with the company for years and grow with the company takes more research, a longer hiring process and more than one interview with the team. If you are looking for advice, check out these three tips for how to find great new employees that will stay on-board with your company for the long run.

A Positive Work Environment and Culture Equals Positive Employees

When you are interviewing your applicants for a position, talk to them about your place of employment. Allow them to experience it first hand by holding your interview within the work environment. Explain to the employee what a normal day looks like for your company, focusing on the positives and explaining any potential drawbacks. The more your potential employee knows about the work environment, the less anxiety they will feel. If your candidate feels a positive vibe in the office atmosphere and senses a positive work culture, the closer you are to finding a match.

Great Benefits Attract Great Employees

When you are putting out an advertisement for a new position, make sure you mention the benefits the new employee will receive. You will only find a motivated and resourceful employee if you offer an excellent benefits package. While some companies hire good employees without all the extra benefits, they may not retain employees for the long term. Show your business’ bonuses and attract intelligent candidates who will want to stay and grow with your successful company for years to come.

Stop Waiting: Go Out and Find Your New Employees

It is easy to wait around for applicants, but why not go out and find them yourself? Recruitment fairs are an excellent way to showcase your business and explain the highlights of your company to possible new employees. Many companies find their newest employees through social media tools, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter. Why wait around when your business could be blessed with a new team of go-getters? Meet with local candidates at a recruitment fair and find employees who will fit perfectly in your company.

Now that you have a few tips on how to find and hire great new employees, get out there and begin your search. Choose to meet with positive-minded and motivated candidates more than once before you make your final choice, put them on a trial contract to see how they fit into the work environment and advertise what your company will offer if they are chosen as a new employee.

Posted on
October 20, 2018
More and more mothers have the opportunity to work from a virtual office, and this provides them with the flexibility they need to live the type of life they want. The allure of working from a serviced office has enticed many people into following this style of employment, which is very suitable for the high demands that are placed upon mothers.

Being Able to Spend More Time With the Kids

As a mother, it is likely extremely important for you to spend as much time as possible with your children when they are growing up, particularly during their formative years. This makes working from a virtual office the logical path, as it will allow you to take care of your children and watch them grow up. It is also a much more affordable option than hiring someone to look after them, or sending them to a day care. Whatever age your children are, it is typically much more convenient for you to either ensure they are cared for prior to their school years, or take care of their many needs even while they are in school for most of the day.

Working From A Virtual Office Saves Time

Commuting to and from a typical day job can be a nightmare. That is why working at a virtual office can save you hours of commuting, and this is time that can be better spent raising your children. Furthermore, juggling being a mother and having a job can be extremely exhausting. Think of how much energy you will save by not having to negotiate yourself through traffic every morning and evening. You will be able to wake up, walk a few steps, and be in your office ready to work.

Your Time Will Be More Flexible

Let's face it, you work around your children's schedule, particularly if they are very young. This is why having flexibility in your work schedule is so important. Rather than having to go to a 9-5 every morning, for example, you can pick and choose the hours that you work. Is your son or daughter having a nap mid-afternoon? Perfect, this could be the ideal time for you to get some work done. You could also take advantage of the late evening hours to work, while the children are typically sound asleep in their beds.

Choosing a virtual office could be your recipe for happiness. While it can take a lot of effort to ensure that you are earning enough money from your virtual office to make it practical, if you have the opportunity, it can be an amazing switch for mompreneurs. People who switch to a virtual office and are able to maintain a steady income find that is one of the best decisions they have made in their lives. Not only will you have the time to spend with your children, but you will have the energy at the end of the day that will allow you to enjoy that time.

Posted on
October 21, 2018
Small businesses and start-up businesses don't always require a large physical office. If your business is made up of only a few people, you can opt for a virtual office with City Office. Not only are virtual offices more environmentally friendly as employees don't need to commute to work every day, but they will also save you money on rent and utilities. Perhaps the greatest perk of a virtual office is that they make a better impression than if you had no office at all. Read on for three fantastic reasons for why your business should consider a virtual office space.

Three Great Reasons Why Virtual Offices Make a Better Impression

You'll Make a Great First Impression

If you're running a business with only a few employees or if you're a one-man-shop, answering all telephone calls yourself can give away that you're a small start-up company. With a virtual office, all telephone calls will be directed to a trained receptionist. Each virtual office has professional, multi-tasking receptionists who will ensure that no phone calls go unanswered. When you're provided with telephone answering services, no calls go to voice mail and all messages get to you. Not only does this provide you with more time to focus on your business, but it also makes the impression that you own a large, secure company.

You Can Choose a Prestigious Location

Having your business address the same as your home address does not look very professional, and could end up being a hindrance to your business' growth. With City Office, you can pick a virtual office location in any big city. City Office has offices all over the world, meaning you can choose a virtual office location that is both convenient and prestigious. If you work from home in a small town, you can choose a virtual office location that is in the business district of New York or San Francisco. The benefit to you is that you don't need to pay rent for this location all year round; you only pay rent for the days you use the space. A prestigious city center address gives the impression that your business is both professional and sophisticated.

Everything You Need for Client Meetings is Provided

Scheduling a client meeting in your nearest coffee shop doesn't always leave the best impression. However, renting out a virtual office in a big city in a trendy area is sure to leave a lasting impression with any client. In addition to a fantastic location, a virtual office also provides all the facilities and equipment you need, including meeting rooms, high-speed Internet, video conferencing services and administrative support. A sleek presentation on a big screen in a boardroom is far more likely to leave your clients with the impression that you're an experienced professional than if you met up for a chat in Starbucks. Just because you're part of a small or start-up business doesn't mean your business phone calls and mail should come to your home. A City Office virtual office space allows you to keep your personal life and work life separate, while at the same time leaving a lasting impression on your clients at a price you can afford.

Posted on
October 22, 2018
Virtual offices can provide business people with the affordability and flexibility that they are looking for when they are working as solopreneurs or when they have employees who are working while out on the road. When a person is considering their business options, and they are uncertain as to whether or not to go with a virtual office instead of a brick and mortar business, here is a list of four of the benefits of having a virtual office address.

Virtually Nonexistent Overhead

Virtual office spaces are offered to entrepreneurs and to bigger companies at competitive and affordable rates. Only need a virtual office location for a single day or a single month? That's okay, because with virtual offices, rates and time frames are flexible so that different needs can be met with ease. The overhead associated with traditional physical locations can be enough to shut a business down, but the same is simply not true of a virtual office. Flexibility and affordability are the key.

A Prestigious Mailing Address

When a person works from home or when they are always out on the road, a home address for mailing doesn't always provide the same professional look and feel that a business location can provide. With a mailing address that is in a major city, in a prestigious part of town, for example, a regular business person can provide their clients with the impression that they are very well established. This perception can mean a lot to a business' success.

An Amazing Office Space Wherever You Need It

Due to the fact that virtual office rentals are quite flexible, a business person does not need to attach themselves long-term to an office rental when that office rental might not be what they need for the long-term. Furthermore, virtual office spaces are conveniently located and they most often offer business spaces in areas of town that are admired and highly sought after. As with a mailing address, a virtual office space can provide the prestige that a business owner is looking for, without the heavy cost associated with a traditional location.

Professional Virtual Office Services

Sometimes, people are nervous that they will not receive the same quality for their dollar when they opt into virtual office services rather than hiring their own in-house staff. The truth of the matter is that virtual office assistants and secretaries are highly trained professionals that are ready and willing to provide the ultimate customer service and client care. There is no need for a business person to worry that their services are not top-notch and professional at all times because they most certainly surpass standards.

In closing, these are just four of the many benefits to having a virtual office address. For a business person who is looking for a location in a jiffy, a prestigious business address that is sure to knock the socks off of visitors, and a mailing address that simply cannot be beat, virtual office addresses are the way to do worldwide business with ease. Check out your virtual office options, today!

Posted on
October 23, 2018
Guest blogging is a great way to increase your business' credibility and brand recognition. It can improve your SEO (search engine optimization) and help with online marketing dramatically. However, in a competitive market getting a guest blogging position can be difficult. Here are five ways that you can become a guest blogger and improve your website's SEO.

5 Ways to Snag a Guest Blog in a Competitive Market

Make Use of the Contacts You Already Have

When you're looking to pitch an idea to a guest blog, you might as well save some time and pitch to bloggers or businesses that you already have a relationship with. Perhaps you comment regularly on another business' blog. The more insightful, creative and regular your comments are, the more likely you are to write a guest blog.

Read the Blogs You're Pitching To

There's nothing more unprofessional than pitching a guest blog to somebody if you haven't actually read their blog. Let's say you own a flower business and you want to write some posts on different wedding blogs. Every one of these blogs is going to be different, and just because they have the same general topic doesn't mean your posts will fit with the style of each of these. Take some time and read blogs before you pitch ideas to them.

Tell the Blog How Your Posts Will Help Them

If you only want a guest blog position so that you can promote your business, it's unlikely that you'll get one of these positions. Bloggers are looking for something that will draw readers to their site. Give bloggers an outline of what you'd like to produce for them, and show them how these posts will make a difference for their blog.

Write Blog Posts Consistently

One of the ways to get a guest blogging position is to keep your own blog updated. This way you can show other bloggers that you're serious about what you do, and that you will be consistent and professional when working for them.

Be Willing to Make a Trade

Don't make a pitch unless you're willing to give bloggers something in return. While you're doing them a favor by writing something for their blog, you're also getting a lot out of it. Be willing to host guest bloggers on your site in return. You should only be applying to write posts for bloggers and businesses that are very credible, so making a trade should be a positive move for both parties.

If you're looking for a guest blog position, use these tips in order to snag a position and remain competitive. By guest blogging, you'll improve your SEO in no time!

Posted on
October 24, 2018
Business and industry are changing, and as the younger generations are taking greater control over the economy, they are reshaping the world of work. One major shift in company culture is the trend toward virtual offices rather than physical ones. Here are just a few of the reasons that a young entrepreneur would choose a virtual office over a physical office.

Virtual Offices Are Cost-Effective

One major incentive for young professionals to make the switch to virtual offices is the fact that a virtual office is substantially less expensive than a traditional office. In a traditional office building, tenants must pay a variety of charges including property fees and utilities, even during evenings and weekends when the office is closed. Commercial office space doesn't come cheap, with many leasing companies charging one dollar per square foot or more. Additionally, entrepreneurs in traditional office buildings must purchase the company's technology and supplies. In contrast, a virtual office allows businesses to share amenities such as meeting rooms and break rooms. The virtual office leasing service provides the technology, and the building manager pays the property fees. This means cash-strapped startups can get away with spending minimal amounts on office necessities, leaving more room in the budget for marketing and staffing.

Virtual Offices Allow a Certain Degree of Freedom

If your business is primarily online, you likely have little need for physical office space. Employees and contractors who have their own equipment can work from home, which can help to save on overhead costs. As a generation that grew up with advanced technology, young professionals are finding that the Internet provides ample opportunity for doing business. These tech-savvy workers are finding that, thanks to a variety of tools like online banking, Skype, and Dropbox, they are able to do business anywhere they can access Wi-Fi. Generation Y workers are characterized by an adventurous and individualistic spirit, making these younger professionals keen to travel and explore the world. This Wanderlust is something that traditional offices and work arrangements are incapable of accommodating. Rather than adapt to the traditional world of work, these young innovators are changing the culture of employment and claiming the freedom they desire, and virtual offices are helping them do it.

Virtual Offices Cut Down on Administration

Highly motivated young entrepreneurs are eager to make their mark on the world and become productive go-getters. Unfortunately, every business will require some degree of administration. It has long been known that every hour spent on administrative tasks is an hour that could have been spent recruiting clients, and a variety of businesses and managers have tried various strategies for cutting down on administration (such as hiring administrative support staff and CEOs). With a virtual office, receptionists and administrative support staff are ready and willing to assist young professionals with the day-to-day details. That means a virtual office can cut through the mess of administration and allow young entrepreneurs to focus on what matters—recruiting, networking, and growing the business.

Today's young professionals make up a talented, energetic, and highly educated workforce that is chomping at the bit to revolutionize the world of work. Although cash-strapped, these young trendsetters love their freedom and wish to build lean, profitable enterprises that require minimal administration. That's why they are turning to virtual offices in droves—the virtual office presents the perfect work environment for these Gen Y professionals.

Posted on
October 25, 2018
Whether you are a brand-new company or a well-established one, creating a virtual office helps your business maintain efficiency and professionalism without breaking the bank. Here are some terms to know if you're just getting started with a virtual office.

Hot Desking and More: Five Virtual Office Terms You Should Know

Hot Desking Uses Office Space Efficiently

Hot desking is a term used to describe an office space in which each desk or cubicle is used by multiple employees. Hot desking is particularly useful for companies that have employees who are frequently out in the field and do not need to be at their desks all day. Employees will use desks at different designated times, rotating with other office users. This can save companies thousands of dollars in overhead costs per month, but it does require that each desk be set up to accommodate different individuals.

Telecommuting: Reducing the Need for Permanent Office Space

Telecommuters, or teleworkers, are employees who do not physically commute to work but "arrive" by logging in or communicating by telephone. The high cost of gas and traffic congestion in urban centers makes the prospect of commuting to work less attractive every day. Businesses are starting to encourage telecommuting if they have tasks that can be completed remotely. Telecommuting both reduces the cost of office space and gives employees far more flexibility, allowing them to spend time "at work" that they would have otherwise used up commuting to work.

Virtual Assistants can Answer your Phone from Anywhere

In today's economy, hiring someone full-time to answer the phone can seem like a prohibitive expense. Virtual Assistants can work for multiple employers at once, thereby reducing the cost to each employer. These task-management impresarios can work from almost anywhere and are great for self-employed individuals who need help with a few small tasks, or those who want to add polish to their operation by having someone answer the phone. Virtual Assistants can answer the phone, book appointments, keep track of your schedule and answer emails, all from a remote location.

Mailbox Rentals Keep the Packages Coming

A key part of any virtual office is having a registered address where clients can send mail and packages. Many small business owners hesitate to give out their home addresses, as this can lead to violations of privacy. Having a rented registered address, especially if it is in your city's prestigious business district, ensures that your mail comes in on time and that you maintain credibility with your clients and correspondents. Additionally, if you are frequently away on business trips, a rented mailbox ensures that you don't miss any important correspondence.

Temporary Meeting Rooms Help Impress Clients

It would be impractical for most small businesses to have three different sizes of meeting rooms. But, depending on the occasion, you might want a large conference room that fits all your employees or a small, well-appointed boardroom to help woo a potential client. Virtual offices let you pick and choose the kind of space you want depending on the kind of meeting you want to hold. It also prevents you from having to chair your next big meeting in the local Starbucks.

These are some key things to know if you are looking to set up a virtual office. As you can see, making your office virtual is quite easy, and doing so will save your business both time and money.

Posted on
October 26, 2018
When you are traveling on business, it is often important that you have frequent access to the Internet. This is why finding Wi-Fi is so vital. Gradually, telecommunications companies throughout the world are providing Wi-Fi services to more and more locations. That makes it easier for you to find the connection you need. You may need to do some searching, but knowing where to look can help you connect to the Internet whenever you need.

Using Your Smartphone to Connect to the Internet

While having data network access on your cellphone is great for using the Internet whenever you have a cell signal, it is also possible to use that signal as a router for you to connect to the Internet from your computer. Most smartphones have a simple option for you to access the "Personal Hotspot" feature in the "Settings" of your smartphone. Once activated, your computer can search for a signal and see the one coming from your cellphone. From there, just click on the corresponding hotspot and type in the password that is located on your phone. Now you should be able to connect to the Internet from your computer, using your phone’s data network.

Ensure You Have a Local SIM Card

Most phone companies charge a considerable amount of money to provide Internet access from abroad. That's why it is important to have your phone company unlock your phone so that you can place another company's phone card in your smartphone. The price for unlocking the phone varies from company to company, but it is in the area of $35. Also, buying a SIM card from a different country varies considerably in price. However, phone companies from abroad typically charge considerable less money than North American phone companies. For example, a SIM card in Costa Rica cost $5 early in 2013. Once you are connected to the new phone company and you purchase data, the Internet hotspot you secure from your phone will be at a reasonable price. This will allow you to have cheap Internet for your virtual office essentially anywhere you have a phone signal.

Finding the Best Spots for Wi-Fi

Similar to the situation in North America, coffee shops around the world typically offer a Wi-Fi connection. Other popular spots that will offer you free Wi-Fi include hotels and libraries. If you know you will need Internet in a location where you are travelling, it is a good idea to check for the nearest spot that has Internet prior to your departure. That way you will know where to go when you arrive. Similarly, it is a good idea to ensure the hotel where you are staying offers Wi-Fi.

Planning is the most important component of your business trip. If you plan your business trip right, you won't likely have a problem finding Internet. Of course, this depends on the nation to which you are traveling. However, more and more countries are making it easy for you to access the Internet from essentially anywhere in the world.

Posted on
October 27, 2018
Entrepreneurs all have at least one thing in common: they see potential. Potential excites them, motivates them and drives them. The idea of potential propels them forward and compels them to commit time and resources into their start-up business ventures because they have the hope of seeing that start-up succeed. However, almost any start-up business owner can attest to the fact that the early years can be challenging. The true test of launching a start-up company is making it through these rough first years, and below are a few tips on how to do that.

Hanging on: Surviving the Early Business Startup Years

Remember to Have Perseverance

The most helpful advice that anyone in business can give someone who is slugging it out with a start-up is to keep going! It may come as a surprise at first, but the majority of successful business owners have more failures than successes. The only thing separating them from failure was their refusal to stop and their inability to simply call it quits. True determination is what kept today's heavy hitters in the game, and it is what will keep you going further than you thought you had the strength to.

Focus on Your Opportunities, Not Just Your Problems

One of the best ways to keep persevering is to remember to divide some of your time each week to working on opportunities. Often in the first few years of a start-up company’s existence, there are so many issues to troubleshoot and problems to solve that it can really pull one's attention away from opportunities. Over time, this has a negative effect on morale. In addition to this, focusing on the problems will ultimately stifle the creativity required in a start-up.

–Remember, if you want your business to stick around, you need to commit some of your time to thinking about opportunities. Focusing on the opportunities and the potential is what ultimately energizes you. Work on the problems you face, but also carve out time to commit to new advances. Spend your time working on both, and you will be better for it.

Ultimately, the difference between success and failure is that people who are successful have simply kept reinventing themselves after every failure. In the early years of a business start-up, survival hinges on constant effort. Though there may be a lot of difficulties to navigate through and it may feel like there are more failures than you bargained for, if you are able to stay committed and hang on then it is likely you will reap the rewards of this in due time.

By following in the footsteps of business leaders who came before you and by holding on to the initial potential you saw, you will be able to overcome the early years when things do not seem to flow as easily as you initially hoped they would. Keep a strong presence of mind, focus on opportunities, and keep going. All of these differentiates a successful start-up from one that falters and fades out.

Posted on
October 28, 2018
If you're looking for a free market economy with plenty of opportunity for financial gain, there's no better place to be than Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong is not exactly an easy market to enter into, and finding reasonably priced office space can be a challenge. How can one compete in such an environment? With a Hong Kong virtual office, you can pay less than you would for a standard office, and have the advantage of a more prestigious office address than what you could normally afford. Here are three fantastic options to choose from.

Overlook the City from Hong Kong's Sixth Tallest Building

On the 23rd floor of the One Island East tower, you'll find some great contemporary virtual office spaces. One Island East is the sixth tallest building in Hong Kong, and it stands at the heart of one of the city's busiest business districts. Your neighbors in this building will include over 300 major multinational corporations. The building is also conveniently located near both Quarry Bay and Taikoo MTR rail stations, providing direct access to these major transport hubs. The virtual office itself is of new generation Grade A construction, and comes with additional features such as meeting and conference room availability, 24-hour access, mail handling service, high speed Internet access, and on-site parking.

Join the Great Multinationals at Cambridge House

At Cambridge House, a 33-floor office building located within the second largest business district in Hong Kong, you'll share an address with tenants such as Ericsson, Coca-Cola, GE Capital, Heineken, Philip Morris Asia, IBM, Citibank, Fujitsu, LVMH, M&C Saatchi, AIG Finance, Zurich Insurance, and ABN Amro, to name a few. You'll also be located directly across from the Quarry Bay Underground Station, making this a great location for connecting any business to the rest of the city, or to the rest of the world. The virtual offices in this building are located on the eighth floor, and offer plenty of space with quality furnishings. You'll also have access to services such as high speed Internet, mail handling, air conditioning, as well as the option to book meeting and conference rooms on site.

Become an Exclusive Tenant of the Bank of America Tower

As a tenant of the Bank of America Tower (BAT) in central Hong Kong, you'll join the ranks of exclusive corporations such as the Bank of America and the American Chambers of Commerce. You'll also be centrally located, close to plenty of shops and services, including the Pacific Place shopping centre, and have stunning sea and garden views from your virtual office suite. Additional features in this location include meeting and conference room availability, and state-of-the-art IT and Telephony systems.

An address at any one of these three locations will provide a major boost for any business. These offices provide everything a business needs to grow, both in terms of services and physical location. If you're looking to work your way up in the central Asian economy, these locations provide just what you need.

Posted on
October 29, 2018
Virtual offices are a great alternative to renting out a physical office, especially for small businesses or start-up businesses. If you are looking to increase the size of your business by connecting with potential clients, you are more likely to make a lasting impression with a professional office space. While the coffee shop down the road might be convenient, choosing a space that will make your business look sophisticated and bigger than it actually is will only be an advantage to you. City Office offers meeting spaces at a price you can afford, and that will make your clients want to do business with you.

Outside the Box: Providing the Best Meeting Spaces Away From the Coffee Shop

Choose a Great Location Anywhere in the World

One of the advantages of City Office is that you have the flexibility to choose an office location. If you work from home then you might want to select an office location that is conveniently located in the business district of the city nearest you. If you're looking to expand your business, you can select an office location in a different city or even country. City Office has a wide range of offices to choose from. Virtual offices can be found all over the UK, all over the USA, as well as in Western Europe, the United Arab Emirates, North Asia and Southeast Asia. All locations are centrally located and conveniently close to public transit, making it easy for you and clients to get to this location. A professional building in a high-profile area is sure to make clients remember you.

Experienced, Professional and Friendly Staff

All of City Office's locations are staffed. The trained receptionist manning the lobby will greet every client is a considerate and professional way. The staff also provide refreshments for your meeting and will escort all your clients to the meeting room you've scheduled. Not only does this meeting environment provide an air of professionalism, but it also makes your business look structured, well organized and well established.

Fully Furnished Meeting Rooms

Many of City Office's locations provide meeting rooms, which are fully furnished and provide all the equipment you would need for a professional meeting. Beverages and refreshments are also included. In addition to spacious desks and comfortable chairs, meeting rooms also have high-speed Internet, video conferencing capabilities and any office stationary you request. It is possible to hire a meeting room on an hourly basis, for a half day or for an entire day. Not only is this space more private than a coffee shop, but it also allows for the presentation of business ideas and conversation in a highly sophisticated environment.

With City Office's many locations, you no longer need to schedule your next client meeting in a coffee shop. Registering with City Office will provide your business everything it needs for successful client meetings, including a central and convenient location, professional staff and fully furnished meeting rooms. A virtual office will aid your business' growth, and will make client meetings easier and less stressful for you.

Posted on
October 30, 2018
If you're new to the world of virtual offices, first of all, welcome to your new life. A virtual office is a great way to run a business, and you're sure to enjoy being a virtual office user, as long as you live your new life the right way and avoid making a few key mistakes. Here are a few virtual office do's and don'ts to be aware of as you move into your new business life.

Do Take Advantage of All the Services Available to You

A virtual office is more than just an address. Virtual offices offer plenty of services, so use them! Take advantage of services like mail forwarding, reception, and meeting rooms in order to get the most out of your new virtual office life.

Don't Close Yourself Off From the Outside World

While your virtual office may offer you all you need to run your business, that's no reason to close yourself off from the outside world. Most virtual offices are actually great places to meet new people, so don't be afraid to reach out and make new connections. Who knows, your next new connection might turn into your next business partner.

Do Use Cloud-Based and Remote-Access Technology

Because virtual offices combine the best of Working from home and working from an office, switching between the two is often a regular occurrence. In order to ease that transition, be sure to make use of cloud-based and remote-access technology. Storing information in the cloud is a great way to ensure that you always have access to the documents you need, and using remote-access software can be great for ensuring access to secure systems.

Don't Cheap Out on Software

Because staying connected is so important, you'll want to be sure that you're using good quality software in all areas of your virtual office. You'll want to make sure that you can log in remotely whenever you want without having to deal with crashes or bugs.

Do Build Up a Regular Workforce

Just because a virtual office is not the same as a traditional office, that doesn't stop you from building up a regular workforce. Some companies use virtual offices on a short-term basis, but if you're concerned about establishing yourself, you'll want to start building up a regular staff as soon as you can.

Don't Hire People Who Can't Work Alone

When looking for staff, be on the lookout for those who have trouble working without supervision. If you're like most virtual office users, you'll be on the go a lot, and you'll want team members who can keep the workflow moving whether you're in the office watching over them or not.

Lastly, you should be encouraged to do what you can to make your virtual office your own space. You may be leasing the space temporarily, but that doesn't stop you from "branding" it as your own. This will help to establish your virtual office as a "home base" for you and your employees, and also make a good impression on any clients you bring into the space.

Posted on
October 31, 2018
When the Internet's predecessor was first conceived, it was a military communications network designed to allow the United States army to improve the reliability of communications between battalions in the event of a radio outage. Today, the Internet contains millions of web pages and terabytes of information. Businesses can take orders online, communicate with clients online, and send invoices online. A business that functions purely online is the way of the future.

Understanding a New Era: How Virtual Offices Work

Unfortunately, the road to online business is paved with impracticalities. Standard mail is still the preferred method of sending many business documents, such as contracts and invoices. As such, a physical address is a requirement for any business. Furthermore, any business that wishes to attract clients must have an office space in order to be taken seriously. In the aftermath of the recession, though, profits are down and costs are up. Many small business owners simply do not have the resources to afford an office, and this can hinder business growth.

The Practicality of Virtual Offices

The solution is virtual office space. A virtual office consists of various services, including receptionists, administrative support, telephone answering services, mailboxes and rentable business meeting spaces. The purpose of a virtual office is to eliminate the need for a physical office, thereby reducing costs associated with having a physical office, such as rent, utilities, and furniture. A virtual office can give a home-based business owner a professional space to meet and entertain clients, thereby improving brand image and recognition.

How Virtual Offices Work

A virtual office provider offers services such as a fax line, phone line, receptionist or assistant, and mail forwarding. In the event that a meeting with a client or business partner is required, it is possible to rent out a meeting space almost anywhere in the world. Rather than pay for utilities, rent and Internet for a permanent, physical office, the business owner only needs to pay rent to the provider for the time the office is actually required.

Who Can Benefit From a Virtual Office?

Everyone benefits from a virtual office, from the largest multinational conglomerate to the lone freelancer. International corporations who seek to experiment with a work-from-home program to improve productivity can rent out a virtual office to coordinate employees from one location. A freelancer running a one-person operation can rent a professional space to meet with clients. A virtual office can serve as a test-run for a company seeking to expand into new territory. Rather than invest in a permanent office space in a location where the business may not succeed, a virtual office allows a business to maximize growth opportunities with minimal risk. The way that people do business is changing. Business owners and their employees may live several hundred miles apart. A company based in Maine may do business for clients in Dubai out of an office in Moscow. As more and more work moves onto the Internet, it will become more and more necessary for businesses to coordinate multiple employees from around the globe. Physical offices will no longer be necessary, and instead will cap business profits. The best solution is a virtual office.

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