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Posted on
August 02, 2018
If you've gone through the process of starting your very own business and you're experiencing success, you may be thinking about hiring your first employee. While you may have already decided on working from a virtual office as your business grows, here are tips for how you can ensure your first virtual employee is the right fit.

Do You Really Need To Hire Someone?

As a solopreneur, taking the leap from managing your business on your own to hiring someone can be a big risk. Instead of being responsible for your own well-being, you'll be responsible for paying someone else's salary and entrusting part of your business to them. Since the added expenditure can have a huge impact on your bottom line, make sure you have enough work to keep a new hire pretty busy; otherwise, you may be able to use freelancers for those times when you need a helping hand.

Choosing a Flexible (and Autonomous) Worker

If you've decided that you have the workload to hire your first employee, make sure that the person you're hiring is capable of working independently and is flexible. Think about a worker who has experience in a small business or has had jobs that require independent initiative, as these individuals will likely provide you with the work ethic you're looking for. It's also important that they have a range of experience so they can assist you with the assortment of tasks a small business owner must take on and that they will be able to make themselves helpful wherever possible.

Consider Networking

Taking on the risk of hiring a first employee who may or may not work out can be a source of anxiety for a small business owner. It can even be hard to know what channel you should go through to find potential employees. One of your best options is through networking, as friends and business contacts may be able to offer up a candidate whose reliability is proven. As the way that many small businesses find their initial employees, you may even be able to rely on your first hire for future referrals when they've proven their capability. If you can't find anything through networking, consider smaller job boards or even an employment agency.

Develop A Good (Virtual) Relationship

Because it's not likely you'll be working face to face with your new employee, it's important to develop a rapport right out of the gate so that you know where you stand as your business relationship develops. For this reason, it might be advisable to do a video interview if you're going to be hiring someone across the country or even set up an interview in person if you're hiring a virtual employee in the same area. As you have your very own mission for the business, it's important that your first hire is someone who values your philosophies and will be passionate about working towards them with you.

Hiring your first employee for your small business is a big deal since they will be responsible for many of the tasks that you're used to doing on your own. By deciding what's required and what you're looking for in an employee, you shouldn't have a problem finding the right person to grow with your business.

Posted on
August 04, 2018
Changing office locations is not unheard of. Perhaps you were unsatisfied with your virtual office provider's services, or maybe you were in a location that was too far away from important clients. For whatever reason, you decided to move your business headquarters to a different virtual office location. You've signed the lease and your move-in day is set. Before you start loading equipment into a moving truck though, it would be wise to ensure that you have everything you will need in your new location. The items on this short checklist will be vital to have, so don't forget them.

Cables, Discs and Miscellaneous Technology

It's easy to remember to pack large, important pieces of technology like computers and printers. It can be difficult to remember the small items such as Ethernet cords, power adapters, and routers. Make sure to tag and label all cables and cords, and put them in a box together. Keep your miscellaneous pieces of technology like modems and USB drives in a bag or box, and don't forget any installation discs or backup drives. These small pieces of technology are vital to a smooth business operation, yet they are often difficult to replace, as they are usually sold with the main product or contain valuable data that cannot be found elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and pack them all together in one place.

Files and Papers

If you are leaving any filing cabinets behind, remember to ensure they are empty before you leave. Unless you have digital backups, you will not be able to replace important files like insurance papers and personal documents. If there are files that you do not wish to take with you or that you no longer need, shred them before you leave.

Staff Personal Items

Many employees like to have keepsakes at work in order to help them stay happy and motivated. These can be family photographs, novelty coffee mugs, or other various trinkets. These are items that generally cannot be replaced. As a business owner, keeping track of staff personal items may be viewed as an invasion of privacy. Make sure your employees know that they will not be able to return for any personal effects after the move has been completed, and that you cannot take responsibility for any staff member's personal items. All of your staff should take their personal effects home prior to the moving day, then bring them to the new office once your team is settled.

Moving to a new virtual office location is not an easy task, but it is exciting. Whether you are moving because you are unhappy with your old provider's services, your office is too far of a commute for key staff, or you found a better deal on rent, this short checklist will help you to remember the oft-forgotten items that you will need in your new location. Cables, installation discs and USB drives are small items that are easy to forget. Make sure to empty any filing cabinets you are leaving behind, and shred documents that you don't wish to take with you. As a business owner you cannot take responsibility for your staff's personal items, but you can remind your employees that they will not be able to return for personal effects once the move is complete. Moving your operation is no easy task, but this short checklist will help you to remember the essentials that are often overlooked.

Posted on
August 06, 2018
As serviced and virtual offices can have a huge impact on the cost of business, they are a good option for small business owners and startup companies. If you're thinking about a new business venture, here's how a virtual or serviced office can help you.

These Offices Are Fully Furnished

If you're choosing to invest in a serviced office, one of its many conveniences is that it already comes fully furnished. Instead of having to spend additional money on the office setup or necessary renovations to create a professional appearance, the desks and all of the assorted accessories will already be provided for your business. Since a virtual office can exist nearly anywhere and your employees will be working from their own home, there will be no need to provide the usual office space and all of the standard office furniture that goes along with business.

A Professional Appearance

One of the necessities of a growing business is maintaining a professional appearance, but it's also associated with a variety of expenses. With a serviced office, there's no reason to spend your funds on furniture or renovations since these are all taken care of. You won't even need to worry about the maintenance, as your landlords will be looking after it for you. Since the work in a virtual office is done on the employees’ own premises, there is no need for a professional appearance since everything can be professionally maintained by phone or email.

Office Leasing

For a serviced office, you can save on a short-term contract if you're not sure how much your business will grow and expand. With a virtual office, it can be the cheap way to start your business without having to pay for the cost of an actual office. You will still have people who can answer phones and do related tasks where necessary, but you do not have to pay for office space and all the overheads involved, which will help you save for the day when you need to make a large expenditure.

Staff Expenditures

While you may not require many full time staff members when you first start using a serviced office, being in a virtual office will require none at all. In a virtual office, you will not even need to pay for many of the general costs of a full-time employee. Instead of paying a wage, holiday pay, sick pay and other benefits, you will be paying a monthly fee for the services that are going to be provided. The added benefit of not having full-time workers is that you will not be attached to any long-term contracts, and this will give your growing business the flexibility it requires.

Whether you're looking into a serviced or virtual office, both options are capable of saving you a great deal of money as a small business owner. While a virtual office can be a cheap measure for starting out, a serviced office can more cheaply provide you with the jump to the office that will better suit your growing business.

Posted on
August 08, 2018
In the world of startups and small businesses, there's perhaps no business more virtual than a social media consultancy. That's why this business is a perfect candidate for a virtual office. Not only is it possible to run a social media consultancy from a virtual office, a virtual office can even enhance your business and provide more benefits than a traditional office. Here's what you need to know about running a social media consultancy from a virtual office.

The Right Location

First of all, a virtual office puts your business where it needs to be. Many companies simply can't afford a high-profile downtown location for their office, and end up either located far away from their clients or Working from home. But instead of compromising on location, a virtual office allows you to hold that prominent downtown address, without having to pay the same price as your neighbors. That way, you can meet with clients in your virtual office's meeting rooms and even make use of the virtual office's workspaces, all without having to pay full price for your rental. Think about how impressed your clients will be when you take them into a modern, fully equipped office building for their consultancy session, rather than meeting them at the nearest coffee shop.

The Tools You Need

A virtual office also provides you with the tools you need to get the job done right. With any traditional office rental, all you get is the space and you need to fill it with tools, like workstations, phones, computers, Wi-Fi connections, and so on. Additionally, it's up to you to hire a receptionist, IT consultants, administrative assistants, and any other necessary staff. Your virtual office rental, on the other hand, comes with all the tools you need, so you don't have to worry about purchasing your own tech products or hiring additional staff.

The Offline Connection

In an almost ironic sense, virtual offices can serve as great places to make offline connections. Many startups will find their first few clients through offline connections like word of mouth. When you arrive at your new virtual office, you're certain to run into some of your virtual "neighbors" and interact with all sorts of new people. While leveraging social media and other online forms of communication are great ways to make connections with people around the world, nothing beats a good old-fashioned handshake when it comes to networking.

The Credibility Factor

These days, it's pretty easy to set up a social media startup. With the right skills and the right tools, you can set up your consultancy firm anywhere - even in your living room. So, what sets you apart from the hundreds or thousands of other firms out there competing for the same business? A big factor is credibility. And a major factor in establishing credibility is location. A business card with a prestigious downtown address printed on it says a lot more than a business card with nothing but your home address or a PO Box. These days, the competition can be steep, so anything you can do to set yourself apart is worth the investment.

Sure, you could run your whole social media consultancy from home or from a regular office, but you'd be missing out on all of the advantages that come with virtual offices. Renting a virtual office space will put you in the same league as other forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are on the cutting edge of the business world. And if your business is social media, that's the kind of league you'll want to be in.

Posted on
August 10, 2018
There are many things to consider before starting a small business, let alone applying for a loan to get your business off the ground. There could be unforeseen pitfalls in the process of procuring a loan for your small business that you need to watch out for. Using a virtual office is a great way to save money, but there are always financial issues you'll need to think about. If you are certain that getting a loan is the right avenue for you, here are five tips to think about before you apply for your loan.

Getting Started: Identify Your Needs

Before you start the process of receiving a successful small business loan, there are a few factors you should consider. For example, you are going to want to think about how much you really need to borrow, so that you don't end up getting into a situation where your debt becomes overwhelming. During this beginning process, you really need to identify your need for a business loan, partially by assessing how much money you need, but also by identifying the type of loan that's right for you, and when you hope to be able to pay off the loan.

Establish a Business Plan

When applying for a loan, you will want to provide the bank you are approaching with a detailed business plan that outlines the background of your company, while also outlining where you intend to take it in the future. Looking into the future of business means that you will need to express to your bank your company's short-term and long-term goals. Banks are going to want to see exactly how the loan they may be granting you will increase the productivity or help in the growth of your business. Also, be sure to include detailed information about the directors of your business, as they will likely be vetted before the loan is approved.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Loan

As many different banks or companies offer a variety of loan options, it is crucial that you do your homework regarding what loan is perfect for your needs. It is up to you and the directors in your company to make sure that you find the right loan, and that you know the processes and possible unforeseen fees of the loan in order to avoid unnecessary debt and anxiety down the road.

Be Prepared To Change Your Plans

It is a possibility that the loan you want will not be available to you and your company, for whatever reason. It is crucial to have a back-up plan in terms of having one or many other options available to you, so that even if a lender says no, you can continue the process of growing your business.

Start a Relationship With Your Bank

It is a good idea to have all of your accounts, whether they be personal or professional, with the bank that offered you a loan. You might even want to refer friends or other businesses to your bank. Having a relationship with your bank means you will likely be communicating with your bank regularly, which breeds a stronger and more transparent business relationship.

If you are thinking about starting your own small business, keep these tips in mind. Being prepared for a meeting with a possible lender can save you money, paperwork and headaches down the road!

Posted on
August 12, 2018
With the current prominence of virtual offices, it can be hard to know the risks involved in having virtual employees. While the same insurance is required for many businesses regardless of whether or not you're in a serviced or a virtual office, here's a brief guide to what you might need to maintain the security of your small business.

Public and Product Liability Insurance

A necessary insurance for any business owner who is dealing with the general public, product liability insurance will cover the cost of defending your business in the case there is a claim of loss or injury as a result of a fault in the product you have manufactured. This type of insurance is imperative in protecting your business from legal fees and, if your case is unsuccessful, it will cover damages awarded against you and will be applicable up to a specified amount. As home insurance policies do not generally extend to home businesses, you will want to ensure you have the coverage you need in the case of a virtual employee who works from home.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As your virtual employee will be responsible for a variety of tasks, it's not unforeseeable that something may be misplaced or a forgotten. An essential insurance for any business that provides advice or professional service to clients, professional indemnity insurance will protect you when things don't go according to plan. In the event of negligence, defamation and loss of documents or money, this insurance will cover the cost of your expenses in defending a claim in addition to any compensation that may be awarded. For a small business owner who is entrusting a virtual employee with many important tasks, professional indemnity can be a lifesaver if something goes unexpectedly wrong.

Business Interruption Insurance

In the event of being unable to do business due to damage or disruption of the premises upon which business takes places, this insurance will cover the expenses and lost revenue that are incurred. Helpful in the case of fire, flood or theft, this insurance will pay the amount of pre-tax profit as well as any additional costs that might occur as a result of the interruption. For this type of insurance, you will need to estimate the maximum length of time it would take to get your business running normally after enduring the most serious damage the policy covers. As something that can completely destabilize your virtual business, business interruption insurance can be of great service in the occurrence of a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances.

Employer's Liability Insurance

Any business that has employees is required to have employer's liability insurance, as it covers your business against any claims of injury or illness that are incurred by your employees at their place of work. As any part-time workers, casual workers, and temporary workers are included, it's important to have this type of insurance in the event of an injured worker. In the case of your business going into liquidation or receivership, your employees will still be able to seek compensation which will be covered by this insurance.

Whatever type of virtual business you have, insurance can offer great peace of mind for your employees and your business. Whether you experience a business interruption or are liable for something more serious, insurance can act as a backup for your business, and can protect you when things don't go as planned.

Posted on
August 14, 2018
Are you the manager of a small startup business? Are you currently Working from home? While working from home might have seemed convenient at first, there are drawbacks - all of which can be overcome by using a virtual office instead. Below are six ways that a virtual office is a great alternative to working from home.

You Get the Assistance Of a Receptionist

First of all, when you work from home you're working by yourself. This means doing every business task on your own. However, with a virtual office you'll be able to focus exclusively on the business side of things while an administrative assistant will aid you with organizational tasks. You can use your time and energy to build your business, and get help making sure the other areas are running smoothly.

You Don’t Have To Buy Expensive Office Supplies

If you're working from home, chances are you don't have a photocopier, scanner, and high-quality printer at your disposal. Instead of going out and buying all of these, take advantage of a virtual office. All of these office supplies - as well as office furniture - is included for your convenience.

You Can Take Advantage Of Meeting Rooms

Trying to impress clients is difficult if you're chatting in a crowded coffee shop. This can be a thing of the past with a virtual office. Take advantage of meeting rooms of various sizes. Not only will this help establish your business as professional, but you will also be able to take advantage of office technologies to impress potential clients even more.

You Can Choose a Prestigious Mailing Address

One of the disadvantages of working from home is the fact that you must use your home address or a PO box address as your business address. However, if you choose to take advantage of a virtual office, you will no longer need to share this personal information! Not only will you have a business address, but you can choose an office that is in any area you want: prestigious, sophisticated and fashionable areas all over the world host virtual offices.

You Can Take Advantage Of Mail Forwarding Services

Don't think that having this business address is inconvenient. On the contrary, it is incredibly easy. If clients are mailing you documents, a virtual office can forward your mail to your home office. This keeps your home address private and ensures you receive all your important documents in a timely manner.

You Can Expand Your Business Geographically With Ease

Once you're out of the startup phase, you might be looking at expanding your company. Virtual offices can be found all over the world, in a number of different cities. Why not try bringing your business to Paris, London, Hong Kong or Singapore?

Working from home might have initially been a fantastic, novel experience. However, there are drawbacks to working from home. All of these disadvantages can be taken care of by using a virtual office. There are a whole host of advantages to using a virtual office instead of working from home: you will have help from a receptionist, can make use of office supplies and meeting rooms, you will have a prestigious business address, mail forwarding services, and the opportunity to expand anywhere in the world. Virtual offices make your startup business look well established and professional in a way that a home office simply can't.

Posted on
August 16, 2018
Sales are vital to any business: They mean the difference between staying in business another month or closing the doors permanently on your enterprise. A virtual office is not just a handy way to save money on the costs of operating a traditional office. It's also a great way to help your business increase its revenues. In today's dynamic business world, it's a great idea to think outside the box when setting up your place of operations. Here are the seven ways you can use your virtual office to increase sales.

A Virtual Office Lends You A Professional Image

An alternative office of this nature creates the impression of a professional workplace environment for your clients, thereby helping you to secure the deal. Having a serviced office like this means the difference between getting more clients and clients passing you up because they believe your operations are amateurish.

You Get Help With Office Management

No matter what your field of expertise is, you likely aren't an expert in office management. Therefore, you can't really deal with taking your calls, worrying about callbacks and sorting your mail, just to name a few office-management requirements. These administrative tasks can easily consume your time and prevent you from finding new leads. A virtual office takes care of all these small details for you, so that you can take care of your business.

No More Missed Calls

To succeed in business today, you can't just let prospective clients leave a message on your voicemail on your mobile phone! That amateur strategy is a surefire way to drive away clients. A serviced office provides outsourced receptionists that will take your calls and messages at all hours of the business day.

You Will Have A Professional Business Phone Number

Increasing your revenues and profits comes down to maintaining a professional image at all times. An office of this type affords you an official business phone number that features premium call forwarding, a pre-recorded answering message and even a fax number.

A Virtual Office Gives You A Prestigious Mailing Address

Any good virtual office will also give you an official business mailing address, again so crucial in maintaining the all-critical image of professionalism. This corporate mailing address is typically available in one of many different locations, giving you great flexibility while also concealing your private home address from clients.

You Can Compete With Bigger Businesses

An office of this type with all of the latest technological features and tools will help small businesses to compete with bigger businesses that have full-fledged offices and the budgets to operate them on a regular basis. This is an invaluable edge in the business world that you simply can't take for granted.

Meeting and Conference Rooms Are Available

Finally, good serviced offices also offer meeting- and conference-room amenities that can help you close a deal effectively by meeting with prospects, potential partners and clients face-to-face. This is invaluable in business since people appreciate the frankness of direct and personable communication over email or phone communication.

These are the seven ways you can utilize your virtual office to help increase your sales in your business. An office of this kind is very handy because it does not just save you money, but it also creates a highly professional image, thus helping you to win prospects and increase your profits.

Posted on
August 18, 2018
Building a global brand from a virtual office either requires that you have solid computer skills, or a budget with which to hire someone to complete the task for you. Several key elements are involved in building a global brand from a virtual office, but it is primarily concerned with developing a website in order to brand your business.

Developing a Website Can Be Easy

While many services are available that will help you build a website with relative ease, the process of setting one up yourself is also a breeze. You could contact a web design company to design and host your website. This can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars (though that would be an very high-end site). You can just as easily visit a company that sells domain names and make a purchase for one. A basic name costs between $10 and $15. Then, you can also host that domain at the site where you made the purchase. Most providers charge about $15 per month for a basic plan. The plan gives you access to a site builder, which can be used with relative ease. Most come with templates where you drag photos and write text.

Marketing Your Website Can Require Some Capital

Depending on how much exposure you need to have in order to gain the number of customers/clients you are looking for, you will need varying amounts of capital. If you simply use search engine optimization (SEO) to build your website's exposure, then you won't have to pay more than what it costs to host your website. The SEO is built into the articles you write, and into a "keyword" section of the web design platform that you use. If you enrich your text with words for which you believe people will search when looking for your products or services, it will increase the chances of your site appearing near the top of the search results page. This is a great way to get business to your virtual office from all over the world.

Other Ways to Increase Your Exposure

You can also increase your exposure to the rest of the world by paying to advertise your website to increase your branding and traffic. You can pay per click on social media sites such as Facebook, and you can also pay for AdWords from Google. You can set a maximum amount of money you want to spend on your account, and then each time someone clicks your ad, they will be directed to the products and/or services that are offered at your website. Furthermore, as your traffic increases, Google will give preference to your site when people from throughout the world Google your keywords.

Figuring Out What to do Next

After your website is set up, and you have routes available from which to increase traffic to your site, all you have to do is wait for inquiries or purchases. If you are operating a virtual office that sells products, you will receive a purchase order, which you then fill and receive payment for. If you offer a service, you will likely need to provide a quote to the client before completing their service request.

Virtual offices have grown in popularity in recent years because they are a great way to operate a start-up business while keeping costs low. With a well-designed, SEO-friendly web site and some well-placed online ads, you can grow your business into a recognized global brand - without the profit-consuming overhead of a physical office space.

Posted on
August 20, 2018
Technology has significantly reduced the barriers to entry when starting a business. It is easier and less expensive than ever before to set up shop online using the amenities of a virtual office. In fact, the many cost-saving benefits that come with having a virtual office can improve yearly profits.

Over the last few years many people have turned to solopreneurship for the freedom and flexibility it provides them. No longer must they be tethered to a specific location. As Timothy Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week, aptly confirms, "I've seen the promised land, and there is good news. You can have it all."

If you've been dreaming of starting your own business, here are three ideas to inspire you that can be run from a virtual office and could lead to your next big pay day.

Life Coaching

As an industry, life coaching has evolved significantly in the last five years and showcases some great online business success stories. Life coaching giants like Anthony Robbins, Marie Forleo and Deepak Chopra have all grown six figure plus empires online through a unique mix of free content and paid programs and services. Life coaching is also an industry with lots of room for newcomers: the market for life coaching continues to grow, and since no two people deliver their services in the exact same way, there will always be a way to stand out from the pack.

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation

From a young age, people are either good with numbers or they're not. For those who don't consider themselves good with numbers, tasks like accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation take a back seat. But not minding their numbers could leave them with an even bigger mess. If you're savvy with numbers, there is a perpetual market for financial services like accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation for businesses and individuals. This is a business that does not need to be geographically specific, and can be easily scaled to serve a growing global market.

Online Business Management

With more people around the world gaining access to the Internet through smart phones and computers, online business is booming. Forrester Research suggested that by 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in US retail would be influenced by the web. Businesses are seizing this opportunity left, right and center. But for smaller operations, the transition to managing an online business isn't always a smooth one.

"I see too many entrepreneurs working way too hard. Working evenings and weekends, never taking time off or having a real vacation....Their operations, systems and team - all essential for their growth - are either lacking or just patched together... which leaves them in a place of chaos and overwhelm," says Tina Forsyth, online business management expert and author of The Entrepreneur's Trap. Online business management is a growing need in the marketplace, and businesses are paying top dollar for such services. This career allows you to work from the comfort of your home office and provide services or products to multiple clients.

The days of the traditional office are numbered. Enterprises in life coaching, accounting, and online business management can be easily coordinated from a virtual office – and all of them can earn a good fee. The benefits of a solo career are numerous, but perhaps the greatest is knowing that you can make your mark on the world doing something that is meaningful to you and of service to others.

Posted on
August 22, 2018
A lot of people hear the terms serviced office and virtual office thrown about, but some may be confused about the difference between the two of them. It turns out that there is a difference between these two kinds of office, but few people can make heads or tails of them. However, the differences between the two styles of office are quite profound. Essentially, the differences between these types of offices lie in the specific needs and purposes of the person using them. Here are some of the notable differences between these kinds of offices. In a word, yes. There are differences between these offices types.

Serviced Offices and Rent

A serviced office can be rented for any duration of time. This fact is one of the biggest differences between it and a virtual location for an office. Renting an office of this type just means that the company will be renting it on your behalf. Your company is going to put up said rent for the office in question for a specific quantity of time. The facilities and tools available at this type of office are typically of a very high quality. One thing that can help explain this is the fact that this equipment is purchased by the same company that rents the space, thereby ensuring a high standard of quality.

Flexibility in the Rental Agreements

A serviced office, unlike a virtual office, comes with a rental agreement plan that is usually highly flexible, which makes it a highly attractive option for many office workers. A lot of businessmen like this type of deal because it means that they are not subject to one office space for too long a period of time. Furthermore, such an office is typically to be found in the same building as the office space for the company that is renting out the serviced office space. This means that the office workers can share all of the joint facilities such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, office machinery and so much more.

Virtual Office Traits

A virtual office is not to be found in the same physical space as one of those serviced offices. From the name alone, virtual implies that it is typically offsite. For instance, an office of this type can even double as a regular call center. An office of this type can be staffed by just one individual at a time, usually the receptionist at the location. This receptionist has the capability to take care of all of your emails and even phone calls. In these kinds of offices, you also get amenities such as various meeting rooms, conference rooms and the requisite waiting areas for your clients and guests. These are the main differences between serviced and virtual offices. While there are differences, some people still get the two kinds of offices confused. It all comes down to need. So is a serviced office or a virtual office the better option? The answer is that it all comes down to the needs of the business and the employees that will be using the office.

Posted on
August 24, 2018
If you're a business owner, you already understand the importance of advertising. Whether it takes the form of press releases, radio spots, or web content, getting the word out about your business is the only way to create growth. With the rise of mobile devices, a new form of advertising is available to business owners: mobile ads. This type of advertising is expected to become a vital part of any marketing strategy in the near future, with financial services corporation Morgan Stanley correctly predicting that mobile Internet use would surpass desktop Internet use by the year 2015. In order to stay competitive in the future marketing world, business owners will have to develop a mobile advertising strategy. Luckily, this form of advertising is easy to coordinate from your virtual office. Here are just a few different ways you could use mobile advertising to promote your business.

Create An App—If It's Right For Your Business

Depending on your industry and your target demographic, creating a mobile app could be a fantastic way to foster client engagement and raise awareness about your brand. The appeal of the app is multifold. First, it generates a unique user experience that lends itself naturally to creating a loyal client base. Second, it allows you to customize and control the user experience. Your app can include facts, games, quotes, maps, or any other relevant data. Creating a mobile app can be a great way to advertise your business via mobile devices, as your app provides your client base an opportunity to engage with your brand. There is, however, a caveat. Using an app for marketing your business only works when you have valuable content for consumers that easily makes use of the mobile format. Your primary aim should be functionality. If your app can provide users with a functional service that is relevant to your business, it can be a great mobile advertising opportunity.

Produce A Podcast

Nearly every mobile device has some form of audio storage and playback feature. This makes it easy for users to listen to any kind of music or content on the go. Podcasts are short (usually 15-30 minutes) audio (or sometimes video) recordings that are optimized for playback on mobile devices. Users can download these recordings and listen to them on computers, tablets, or smart phones. If you have the time and resources, producing a podcast can be a great way to leverage mobile marketing in a novel manner. For instance, if you operate a tax preparation firm, you could host a weekly 20-minute podcast where you clarify complex tax laws and answer listeners' questions about deductions and exemptions.

RSS Feeds Are The New Press Releases

If you have a company blog, you should already know how important it is to have fresh content. However, with mobile Internet use quickly growing and desktop use stagnant, it will be vital for you to go where your readers are going. In order to survive in this brave new mobile world, you should ensure that your company blog is mobile-optimized (that is, that it can be easily read on a mobile device) and that you offer an option for readers to subscribe to RSS updates on their mobile devices. An RSS feed is a web application that allows users to subscribe to various web sites, so that when those sites publish new information, said information is sent directly to the user's mobile device. If you want your audience to know that new content is available as soon as you publish it, an RSS feed is a great way to let them know.

Mobile advertising can be a great way to inform potential clients about your business. You can design an app to provide a functional and relevant service, create a weekly podcast to distribute valuable content to prospects, or use an RSS feed to let your current clients know about new developments in your field. The era of mobile marketing is here—don't get left behind.

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