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Posted on
March 01, 2018
If you're starting a new business overseas, or your existing business is doing well enough that you are ready to expand, then it's time to do your research. As eager as you may be to get started, be careful not to make these common mistakes.

A Fully-Loaded Office Without Enough Capital

Starting up a business on the other side of the world can sometimes require more capital than anticipated, and a new international office without sufficient capital to back it up is like a camel without a hump. New business owners all too often become overly excited about taking the big leap before they are firmly established. This becomes a catch-22—they want to look professional so they can attract clients, but they can't look professional unless they attract clients, perhaps with a nice lounge, a furnished office, artwork, etc. It all comes down to dollars and cents. As a business owner opening a new office, you need to plan for those additional expenses that frequently accumulate while waiting around for your office to become fully functional. Don't spend months caught up in a hotel room overseas. At City Office, we make those expenses unnecessary with our low-cost office space and virtual office services. These allow you to get your international business up and running without having to save up a ton of capital.

Don't Pay a Fortune for an Address

For many business owners, their office is simply the place they go to perform solitary work. They sign on for an expensive commercial lease, not realizing that all they really needed was the address on their letterheads. It doesn't seem worth it. But they are right; no client wants to look up the address of the company they're doing business with on Google, only to find that it is being run out of a home in the suburbs. Customers can quickly lose faith in a company's ability to do the job. If you're expanding your business over to the other side of the ocean, you will likely no longer have the luxury of using a home address anyway. The solution is City Office's low cost, prestigious, virtual business addresses that you can call your own in many countries around the world. We create a level of trust, allowing prospective clients to see your company in a good light before they even decide to do business with you.

Lengthy Commercial Leases and Scams

Even if a physical office overseas is absolutely necessary, it is still impractical for an owner to fly internationally every time they'd like to view an office to lease. As such, they should be wary of committing to lengthy leases from potentially disreputable companies via the Internet if they are unable to go and see the building for themselves. Besides the obvious Internet scams hindering you, commercial leases are a veritable minefield, and while new business owners are often eager to get things moving, this is the time to be picky. Though government legislation typically protects residential tenants, there isn't much they can do to save commercial tenants from the fine print. Estate agents offering five to ten year leases on venues for your business want your money, and will tell you whatever you want to hear as long as you sign their contract, at which point they own you.

We provide a uniquely inexpensive, professional alternative to renting physical office space, without all the risk of signing a long lease. Our virtual offices are commitment-free, and provide flexible, short-term rentals that share resources such as equipment, cleaners, and security, with some locations including conference rooms, and even reception services. These services create the lasting impression of having your own professional office overseas, even though you’re only paying a fraction of the cost, thus greatly minimizing overhead and shortening the time it takes for a new venture to pay itself off. That's what makes City Office so popular with start-up and small-scale companies that often struggle with day-to-day survival.

Posted on
March 02, 2018
As a small business owner, you have accounting needs that mid-sized and large businesses simply don't have. It can even be argued that most large businesses don't understand the specific accounting needs of small businesses. But how do you keep track of all of your transactions, expenses and income for tax season and beyond? By using an accounting solution that is tailor-made for small businesses. Here are four online accounting services that are perfect for small businesses.

Four Online Accounting Services Perfect for Small Businesses

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for FreshBooks

FreshBooks is primarily an invoicing application, but don't let this stop you from using it for your small business. FreshBooks also comes with both time- and expense-tracking benefits that are great for service-oriented small businesses. You have the power to import expense information from either your credit card or bank account, and this service creates and mails invoices on your behalf. It does everything for you, complete with return envelopes and payment stubs, too. A free version is available, yet it restricts you to just one user account.

Consider Using WorkingPoint

If your small business carries even a small amount of inventory, then WorkingPoint is the accounting service for you. What's great and handy about it is that it allows you to import your material inventory items through a CSV file. It also provides you with useful billing options that you don't get with many other accounting services. WorkingPoint also features worthwhile automation functions, such as the ability to both download and important transaction details from credit cards and bank accounts.

Outright Is Something to Look at

Outright is a free bookkeeping service, but that's not the only asset it has going for it. This straightforward program makes mastering the fundamentals of income and expense tracking simple. Of course, since it's free, it doesn't offer you the feature of being able to create your own invoices. However, it's worth a try if you don't want to spend money and still get a solid accounting service. If you're a fan of nice-looking charts, Outright will generate plenty based on your expenses by category and profit-and-loss statements.

Think About Less Accounting

Appropriately named, the Less Accounting service is characterized by great data importing, very liberal customization options and currency and foreign language features. All this, though, is available only on the full-featured version of Less Accounting. There are five pricing choices with Less Accounting, beginning with the most basic one that's free and ending with the electronic version of a human bookkeeper for some $300...per month! If you have customers in various countries, then this service's clear-cut modules will make tracking very easy.

These are the four online accounting services that are perfect for your small business. Note that not all of them have the same features or even cost the same amount of money, but they'll make your business life a whole lot easier just the same. While the free versions of some of these services are useful, they do lack the complete features of the pricier versions.

Posted on
March 03, 2018

We've all been there. The conference call is about to start, and someone has forgotten the access code. Then, halfway through the meeting, your audio starts breaking up and it takes you ten minutes before you can fix the problem and get back on to the call. Conference calls can be the source of many headaches, especially when your software phone service is not working properly. And in the virtual office world, where conference calls play a huge role, it's important to have software that gets the job done right, so you can hold virtual meetings without wasting valuable time. To help make your conference calls a little smoother, here's a quick list of the best software phone services available.

Free and Easy Conference Calls With Google Voice

For the new startup and for those who love to keep things simple, Google Voice offers a strong service for quickly setting up group phone calls. All you need to get started is a Google Voice number. Once you've got that set up, simply get your contacts to phone you. When you receive a call, you will have the option to add that person to the group conversation. This is a service that's easy to use, and it's also free to set up, which makes it great for any new startup on a budget.

Coordinate Your Conference Calls Like a Pro With Rondee

Sometimes the hardest part of conference calls is simply setting up a call time that works for everyone. With Rondee, a lot of that coordination work is done for you. All you have to do with this service is enter a time for the call and enter the names of the participants. Rondee takes things from there. This service will import your email contacts from Outlook, send out emails to the participants, and even set up an RSVP list so you know who will be on the call. As an added bonus, Rondee can also record your call and make it available for download at no extra charge. The only disadvantage with this service is that it will only link with Outlook accounts, so if you use a different email service, you'll have to do more of the work yourself.

Better Screen Sharing With Join.me

Another source of almost constant conference call frustration these days seems to come from screen sharing. For businesses that spend a lot of time with screen sharing, transferring files, and instant messaging, and conference calling, join.me can work as a great all-in-one solution. Since this service is designed specifically with screen sharing in mind, it is far less bug-prone than most other conference call software services. Their conference calling service also works great, so this service can take care of all your virtual meeting needs in one place.

With all of the frustrations that can come from conference calls, it's no surprise that more and more companies are developing services to try to make conference calls easier. However, with so many options, it can be hard to sort out the good from the bad. Depending on the needs of your business, one of the services recommended here should be able to solve many of your problems, and make your next conference call the conference call of your dreams.

Posted on
March 04, 2018
This spring, keep your eye on specific business gadgets that will change the way you do business. If you run your own business or have great responsibility at your job, you know exactly how hectic everything can be for you and how little time you have to do it all in. There's just so much to keep track of, so many things to do, and a seemingly endless series of tasks to oversee. For all of this and more, you need the right business gadgets to help you stay on top of things and turn in a better performance on the job. Here are the 3 business gadgets to watch for this spring.

Tech: 3 Business Gadgets to Watch for This Spring

Watch for Infrared Keyboards

Yes, you read that right: infrared keyboards. Another name for infrared keyboards is projection keyboards, and you just have to see these in action to really wrap your head around how they work. A tiny box gets positioned close to your PC, and a laser keyboard is projected against the flat surface found in front of the box. If you press its keys with your fingers - just as you would with any regular keyboard - the device will register the key input. This business gadget has the potential to revolutionize the way that you think about keyboarding.

Watch for HD Media Routers

HD media routers can be put to great use in an interconnected office environment. These days, everything's interconnected at work, so HD media routers are just the ticket. If you incorporate an HD capable router, for example, you could make sure that transfer speeds stay high. As a result, your whole office system will not be negatively impacted by a few people who heavily use the system. HD media routers also reduce the chances of the system bogging down, as can be the case with shared folders that produce lagging speeds and emails with big attachments that impede the entire office network.

Watch for So-Called "Phablets"

Ever heard of "phablets?" Basically, the word "phablets" is a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet. Since phones can also function as tablets, these "phablets" can empower workers to spend their time on presentations or additional office tasks from basically anywhere. If you combine these "phablets" with a 4G LTE service carrier, for example, you'll find out that there's literally no place from which you can't work! The Blackberry days are over and done with, as changing phones to a more well-equipped platform encourages your company to expand and innovation to rise.

This spring, these three business gadgets are the ones that you should be watching out for. If you're sick and tired of the same, mundane gadgets, you'll not be disappointed with the business gadgets on this list. Sure, they will take a little bit of getting used to, but what new gadgets don't? As these gadgets get more and more popular in the workplace, you will find yourself asking, "How did I ever get on without them?"

Posted on
March 05, 2018

Creativity is perhaps one of the most undervalued elements in a business' toolbox. It enables massive potential gains in strategy, marketing and product development. By using a virtual office, you can establish the framework you need to boost your personal creativity, and the collective ingenuity of your business network. Sounds too good to be true? Let's look at some of the ways that virtual offices harbor creative, productive businesses.

A Change of Place Helps Creativity Flourish

You may have heard that creativity benefits immensely from a socially 'safe' environment free of judgment, where experimentation - and even mistakes - are encouraged. All of this is true because creativity is an incredibly immersive process, where any distractions, including the worry of 'stepping out of line', are disruptive. A common technique for establishing this 'safe zone' is physically changing your place of work and your schedule whenever you can commit to this level of open, natural and flowing creativity. Constituting a special creative space is a great way of framing the correct context or 'headspace' for the kind of work you're trying to achieve. With a virtual office, a city of your choosing will literally become the defining location of your business - and your creativity.

Virtual Office Employees Will Help You Focus

Time is another major factor in achieving successful creative flow. Simply put, creativity at its best is, in and of itself, a 'multitasking' process where you're exploring, transforming, eliminating and documenting an endless series of imaginary scenarios. Nobody could manage all that while also dealing with physical tasks like answering phones, retrieving mail and responding to emails. These simple tasks can easily distract employees and prevent them from achieving their creative potential. Luckily, a virtual office will provide you with trained administrative assistants and personal assistants who represent your company with great class, proficiency and style when you're not there. This will let you stay focused on business objectives without the restrictive nagging and fear of mistakes that bog you down when 'home life' and work inevitably intertwine. Without interruption, your business process also becomes a creative one.

Block Out Time to Brainstorm Ideas with the Help of a Virtual Office

Using these services, it becomes genuinely possible to block out time for yourself to dedicate entirely to brainstorming new marketing campaigns, service bundles, products or corporate strategy. If you can, make it a routine; in time, your brain will come to trust these special appointments as havens for genuine creativity. Anyone who's ever tried to make this work from the physical or metaphorical 'side of their desk' knows that having true peace and quiet for a set duration, with the confidence that comes with leaving your other operations to competent professionals, is truly invaluable. This is one of the key reasons why achieving optimal creativity in a cramped and under-staffed traditional office or from the distraction-wrought war zone of a home office is next to impossible.

Creativity is - at its very essence - a transient, intangible ability, but it’s also one that is critical to the success of any business. While there's no secret ingredient or magical MacGuffin that will instantly gain you and your colleagues maximum creative potential, there's a lot you can do to foster a routine, environment and state of mind that enhances your everyday creative output. One key decision will help you fulfill all of these opportunities at once: working out of a virtual office space. For more information about how a virtual office can help your business become more creative and productive, or to find the office rental arrangement that’s right for you, visit us today at www.yourcityoffice.com.

Posted on
March 06, 2018
Completing a creative project can work wonders for a business, especially a business that is in its start-up phase and is still looking to garner support. However, making a creative project is an expensive endeavor - be it a video marketing campaign, a song, or a game. If your business is interested in undertaking a creative project and you know that you have some great ideas, Kickstarter can help you move your project from planning to completion.

Need Funding? A Brief Guide to Kickstarter

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter was launched in April 2009, and since it was launched, it has funded more than 35,000 creative projects. In the last four years, more than $450 million has been pledged over this website.

Kickstarter is a fundraising platform that helps businesses with their creative projects. Some of the creative projects that Kickstarter will help fund include: videos and films, music, art and music. In a nutshell, Kickstarter will help fulfill any ambitious or innovative project that is also creative. This fundraising method is ideal for start-up businesses looking for help with creative projects, or just for creative individuals who don't have the money to fulfill their dream on their own.

How Does Funding and Backing Work?

All fundraising and financial backing is managed through the Kickstarter website. Individuals who decide to help fund a creative project might be people who know the creators directly and want to help, or they might just be fans interested in the idea and who want to see their project come to life. A great way to increase fundraising is to spread the word over Twitter, Facebook, and through personal blogs. Sometimes, using the press can help as well. A person who wants to help financially can help out as much or as little as they see fit.

Funding with Kickstarter is "all or nothing." While most projects that receive full funding will see completion, the Kickstarter company will not punish a project that does not receive adequate funding. There is less risk than with competing companies, and no one is charged if the creative project fails. Only successful projects are charged the 5 percent fee.

Who Can Use Kickstarter?

Anyone who wants to use the site and who has a creative idea can use - and benefit from - Kickstarter. However, there are eligibility requirements to be met. Only USA and UK residents can use the site. An American, for example, must be older than 18, must be a US resident, must hold US ID and must have a major credit card.

Kickstarter is a great way for creators to get a creative project funded, and it is relatively low-risk for the individuals doing the backing as well. Creators should be aware that all backing is public, and so any information they share is visible to the general public. Individuals who are providing financial backing need to realize that they will not receive refunds if a project fails. That being said, Kickstarter is a great way to complete a creative and innovative project, or to help someone else's creative dream come true.

Posted on
March 07, 2018

LinkedIn is a popular social networking website that specifically focuses on professionals who want to connect with other career-minded people, look for job opportunities or build their own personal or corporate brands. But that's not all LinkedIn is good for. In fact, the site, which claims to have in excess of 259 million members in more than 200 countries and territories, is also quite the tool for generating leads. When it comes to the small business owner making use of our virtual office spaces, LinkedIn can be a great equalizer, providing opportunities that might not have otherwise been available. However, these opportunities only materialize if you have a solid LinkedIn lead generation strategy. Here’s what you need to know about how to generate leads using LinkedIn.

Establishing The Virtual Sales Pitch: Put Up a Profile Page

Before small business owners can get on with the work needed to generate leads via LinkedIn, they need to set up their LinkedIn profile pages. Setting up profiles with relevant data, and keeping that data current and informative, will give prospective customers a good overview of your value proposition. It's important to provide enough information on the profile pages to ensure that visitors know the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, how’s and why’s, because failing to answer these important questions could end up costing you potential customers.

Getting Known: It's All About Connections

If the objective is to generate leads, small business owners have to be serious about growing their lists of connections on LinkedIn. Current and past clients, business associates, partners and industry leaders are just some of the options when it comes to possible connections. The more connections small business owners have on LinkedIn, the more potential leads they will have, since each connection is a potential customer for products or services. How, though, do you go about finding connections? Small business owners can grow their connections lists by using the LinkedIn search engine to find people and organizations in their sectors and then send requests to add them as connections. LinkedIn's internal email program, InMail, is another great way to reach out to potential leads and to stay in touch with current connections as well.

Discover Who's Who and Focus Your Lead Generation Efforts

Whether small business owners are selling products or services, they can find prospective clients by conducting a little research via LinkedIn. There are, after all, hundreds of millions of members. LinkedIn’s press department says that professionals are joining the site at a rate of over two new members per second. This is a vast pool of potential contacts. The search functions on the social networking site provide enough functionality not only to find possible customers, but also to research them to see if they fit the desired target segment. Doing this can help small business owners to generate targeted leads who are more likely to respond to marketing offers.

Want to Make an Impact? Join a Group

Joining groups is a great way for small business owners to establish themselves as thought leaders, share ideas with other companies or people, build their corporate brands and get to know other group members. Small business owners who are active participants in discussions and who show that they really know their stuff will ultimately make the sort of impressions that could convert group members into clients. While it might be tempting to join as many relevant groups as possible, it actually makes more sense to choose a small handful, say, two or three. That way, small business owners can have an authoritative and compelling voice in a few specific groups rather than a small and insignificant voice in dozens.

LinkedIn is definitely a useful tool for generating leads. By having a solid profile page, making meaningful connections and targeting a specific audience, small business owners plying their trade from virtual offices can leverage the functionality of the popular social networking site to grow their customer lists. For more information about how to grow your business, or to discover how a virtual office can provide your business with valuable resources, visit us today at https://www.yourcityoffice.com.

Posted on
March 08, 2018
With obesity levels continuing to rise in America and overall health rates declining, people everywhere are looking for ways to stay healthy and slim. However, the biggest factor hindering people from exercising daily is a lack of time. With the treadmill desk, employees at any business can slowly walk throughout the day as they complete their work. Here are four reasons why you should try a treadmill desk.

Tired of Sitting at Work? Four Reasons to Try a Treadmill Desk

A Treadmill Desk Can Increase Productivity

We all know the feeling. After hours of sitting at a desk, our eyes are strained, our limbs feel sluggish, and there is a dull buzzing in our brains. The fact is, humans did not evolve to be sedentary beings. A treadmill desk mitigates the stultifying effects of an 8-hour desk job, helping to boost worker productivity. Because a treadmill desk allows you to get up and walk as you work, it enables increased blood flow to the brain, thus promoting mental alertness. In fact, studies have shown that companies that implement treadmill desks have seen a significant decrease in sick days and increased worker productivity.

A Treadmill Desk Can Improve Physical Well-Being

Between full-time work, family, kids, cooking, and other chores, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to find the time to exercise. However, it has been proven time and time again that daily exercise is vital to maintaining physical and mental health. Sitting for long periods of time actually results in a slowing of the metabolism and of the lymphatic system, which makes people more vulnerable to gaining weight.

Furthermore, when we sit all day, the body shuts down production of lipase - a critical enzyme for burning fat - and the calories that would otherwise be burned by exercising muscles for fuel are instead stored as fat. Treadmill desks can counter these problems: it can promote weight loss, reduce overall body fat, and control cravings. What's more, the exercise that treadmill desks allow has been shown to improve lung capacity and also to increase flexibility, coordination, and leg muscle strength.

A Treadmill Desk Can Enhance Your Overall Health

In addition to helping you get physically fit, treadmill desks have been shown to improve people's overall health. First and foremost, working at a treadmill desk increases blood circulation and helps to strengthen the immune system. Daily cardiovascular exercise has been proven to increase one's life span, and so a treadmill desk is invaluable in that regard.

Additionally, treadmill desks can decrease nicotine cravings for those who are trying to quit smoking and can help to reduce high blood pressure. Moreover, some studies have shown that working at a treadmill desk is positively correlated with reducing the risk of getting a range of illnesses, including coronary heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, glaucoma, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

A Treadmill Desk Can Promote Mental Well-Being

Finally, owning a treadmill desk can bring great benefits to your mental well being as well. Over a 6-month trial period, participants who used a treadmill desk had improved in memory functioning by as much as 15 percent. Many users of treadmill desks have also reported higher levels of wellness and self-satisfaction. With the increase in exercise that treadmill desks provide comes significantly lower stress levels, healthier sleep patterns, and even higher levels of happiness due to the release of dopamine. In addition, treadmill desks have even been shown to reduce the risk of dementia, as well as increase libido and enhance people's sex lives!

It may seem like all the benefits treadmill desks provide are too good to be true, but it is perhaps less surprising when we consider that the treadmill desks promote healthy living: they encourage walking. After all, science has consistently shown just how important physical activity is for our health, and when you work at a desk 5 days a week, there just is not enough time for you to get the amount of daily exercise you need. Treadmill desks give you that opportunity for exercise while you work, helping you kill two birds with one stone.

Posted on
March 09, 2018
Dubai is the modern world capital of high-technology and prosperous resource business. It's also a great place for budding enterprises and entrepreneurs, as it’s rich with potential investors and business-friendly programs.

Why Dubai Is a Great Place for a Virtual Office

Undoubtedly one of the most affordable ways to take advantage of everything that Dubai has to offer commercial operations, a virtual office lends your business a credible street address, reception, and other services without requiring its own dedicated lease or property. Thanks to the popularity of Dubai for a huge range of flourishing businesses, virtual office space in the UAE city is a fairly standard convention, with reputable providers like YourCityOffice.com providing great, competitive prices. Dubai isn't particularly affordable, but virtual offices create opportunities for businesses on every budget. Even larger businesses with dedicated space in other cities around the world can benefit from virtual offices to improve accessibility and business relations in important trade centers like Dubai.

Three Reasons You Should Choose the Fairmont Virtual Office: Location, Location, Location

This virtual office has one of the best virtual seats in the city. It's located in the Fairmont, which is a landmark of contemporary beauty with stunning architecture and mystic light design. The office is located just around the corner from the Dubai World Trade Centre, The World Trade Centre Metro Station, and a range of popular restaurants, shopping malls, golf clubs, bars, and hotels, just off the Sheikh Zayed Rd. (a major thoroughfare and transportation artery).

Take Advantage of the Fairmont's Amenities

Another great thing about having access to virtual office space in the Fairmont is the possibility to take advantage of the multi-use complex's many unique amenities. While primarily business-focused, the Fairmont offers great venues for official meetings as well as upscale dining and entertainment spaces to help you unwind after a long day of work. Restaurants include the stunning atrium dining experience offered by Cascades and the unique international fusion foods of Spectrum on One. There's also Exchange Grill, the Cin Cin wine bar featuring over 250 premium labels, Bridges Sports Bar, and even a Cigar Bar. Within the 40-story Fairmont, you'll also find impressive city views from the resident spa, health club, and rooftop swimming pools.

Nothing Can Touch the Value of the Fairmont Virtual Office

When it comes to value, the Fairmont Virtual Office is the clear winner in Dubai. No other virtual office comes close in amenities, services, and affordability. This virtual office features premium meeting rooms, dedicated receptionists, call patching, fax-to-email services, a dedicated account manager, and an address that's sure to boost your business's reputation as a world-class enterprise. Best of all, full office services start at less than £50, with the first two months free! Dubai is a critical trade and business location for many new and established businesses, and offers tremendous expansion opportunities for any commercial operation. A virtual office is a great way to take advantage of the many benefits Dubai has to offer. If you are looking for physical space then have a browse through our Office Space in Dubai, we have lots of great locations to choose from.

Posted on
March 10, 2018
Telecommuting offers a number of noted benefits to both employers and employees, including a decrease in overhead costs, reduced turnover rates, improved productivity, and an increase in job satisfaction for remote workers. Job satisfaction suffers when telecommuters feel their manager does not properly support them. Supervising a virtual team that is dispersed across space and time zones presents its own particular challenges, and meeting those challenges effectively requires a strategic approach. Here are four points to keep in mind when managing telecommuting employees.

Four Points To Remember When Managing Telecommuters

Telecommuters Need to Stay In the Loop

Regular communication is key to a successful and positive business environment. Open channels of communication maintain morale by promoting a sense of inclusion, as well as generating opportunities for team members of diverse backgrounds and talents to offer input on one another's projects. Technology provides a number of ways to keep telecommuters in the loop, such as shared email folders, networking media, project-oriented computer software, and videoconferencing. Utilize communication technology to create a virtual space where employees can interact productively with one another.

Goals Help to Create a Team Mindset

Telecommuting employees should understand their place in the larger business endeavor, both individually and as a group. Create and share specific plans and goals that recognize all parties involved. If you manage both in-house and remote employees, clarify the specific outcomes expected from each team as well as the relationship between their respective contributions. A well-defined sense of purpose helps to maintain focus and creates a sense of identity that is linked to collaboration.

Remote Employees Should Still Be Monitored

Monitoring and evaluating the work productivity of employees may sound tricky when you don't share a physical office space with them. In fact, very similar strategies can be used to maintain careful oversight of your telecommuters. Goals or quotas can be agreed upon and used to measure output. Emails, reports, sales numbers, and customer ratings are all examples of deliverables that can be monitored virtually and evaluated for quantity and quality. Regular feedback will reassure telecommuters that coaching from their supervisor is still in effect.

IT Expertise and Support Must be Readily Available

Telecommuters' home computers may not always be at the cutting edge of technology. Even when they are, software can be buggy. The longer remote employees cannot access their tools and networks, the longer their productivity is stopped or restricted. As a manager, you should equip telecommuters with troubleshooting checklists that will enable them to rule out the most obvious problems, and provide a list of technical support contacts for further issues. In addition, be sure the telecommuters are accessing data and communicating with co-workers through a properly secured and fully supported technological platform.

Managing telecommuters may demand some extra effort on your part to foster an inclusive team environment, and it may require different methods of communication and evaluation than in a traditional office, but the underlying principles of management are the same. If you review the four points listed above and incorporate them into your management strategy, you should be well grounded to face any future challenges.

Posted on
March 11, 2018
Business travellers require a long list of items to guarantee smooth travels, but what are some of the top gadgets and travel survival tools on the market? Business travel can be stressful, as you are always organizing your workload while flying, checking your to-do list, and preparing for the next meeting. However, travelling on business doesn't have to be an absolute nightmare. Some of these top life saving gadgets might save you from ultimate boredom at times, too.

A Light and Portable Net Book

A net book can be a life saver when you are travelling on business. They are very light and do not weigh down your bags; they are always convenient and you can use them at 36,000 feet. You can slip it into your suitcase, purse, or carry-on luggage with ease and move through airport security at a faster rate.

Charge Your Devices and Gadgets

A portable charging device can be a business traveller's most prized possession when it comes to travelling overseas for business meetings and conferences. A portable charging device can save you from losing your work or not being able to access your work when you need it most. Imagine that you are preparing for an urgent business meeting in the airport when suddenly the battery of your phone, laptop, net book, or other important gadget dies. Buy a portable charger that supports a variety of handheld devices and that has a strong level of battery power and "power up" whenever you need to!

Purchase an International Phone Plan

Whether you are in sales and use your phone to call overseas throughout the day or you want to keep in touch with your dear loved ones while away, make sure you have an international phone that allows you to call anywhere in the world. You should also make sure your plan allows others to reach you when they need you. Staying connected is very important when flying around the world for business.

Invest in a GPS

A GPS (Global Positioning Satellite System) is an amazing tool if you have to rent cars and are on the go throughout your travels. If you have to drive to meeting after meeting and visit with clients throughout a specific city that you are unfamiliar with, a GPS is the key to survival. GPS devices are also fantastic when you are trying to find a restaurant, attraction, or a specific type of store in a city that you are not familiar with. Buy an international GPS system and save yourself time and money every time you travel.

An Electronic Translator Can Be Your Best Friend

When you are travelling on business and visiting countries where people speak different languages, it is always a good idea to have some sort of language tool available at all times. While phrase books can help, they are more designed for tourists. A business traveller is much better off with a translating device that will help them with meeting and greeting clients overseas. If you are a business traveller or company that is seeking office space abroad or virtual office services, please get in touch with us. For more information about our virtual offices, visit us today at www.yourcityoffice.com and we'll assist you with all of your business needs.

Posted on
March 12, 2018
Watching videos online has become a major pastime in recent years. A 2012 study by Cisco Internet Business Solutions surveyed 1100 American consumers, and found that seventy percent of Internet users watch professionally produced online videos on a regular basis, averaging 100 minutes of screen time every week. A subset of this population, 18 to 24-year-olds, ranked at the much higher 94 percent.

Using Video to Help Promote Your Business and Brand

With online video becoming a major consumer product, using video as a business promotion tool will prove to be a valuable endeavor in the near future. Here are some quick tips on how to promote your brand and business by creating videos.

Invest In The Proper Equipment

For Internet users who are accustomed to instantly accessible high-quality content, nothing is more frustrating than having to wait three minutes to load a massive video file that turns out to have grainy visuals and audio that cuts in and out. Quality equipment is key. Most semi-professional quality video cameras can be purchased for around $100. Try to get a camera that supports HD video, as much of the Internet is trending toward high-definition multimedia content. It is also important to invest in a high-quality microphone to ensure clear audio, and professional video editing software to create a polished final product. A number of free solutions are available, though the industry standard among video professionals tends to be “Final Cut Pro” for video and “Adobe Audition” for audio.

Have A Plan

Making videos isn't all fun and games. The most crucial aspect of using video to promote a business is having a clear concept oriented around valuable content. Web viewers do not want to be sold a product - they want to be informed, entertained, and invited into a community. A great example of this is Old Spice's "Smell Like A Man, Man" ad campaign featuring American actor Isaiah Mustafa. In these videos, Mustafa plays the role of a charming Adonis who exaggerates the benefits of Old Spice to a ludicrous degree. These videos are witty and entertaining because they play on typical expectations of advertising. Any video ad campaign, if it is to be successful, must do something playful. It must do something unique. It must do anything except try to sell a product.

Promotion Is Key

It's good to have a video advertisement. It's better to tie it in to a campaign and promote it. If a video ad is to succeed, it must be promoted. It must be Shared, Liked, Tweeted, Upvoted, and Linked. Users must Digg it. Using social media to promote your video advertisement is ideal because social media is a spawning ground for shareable content. Share your video on your organization's social media accounts. Make sure to include a clever title and tagline to capture readers' attention. The first few seconds of the video must be high quality - this is key.

Using video to promote a business is fun and easy. By following these tips, businesses can ensure their videos convey valuable content in a high-quality format that viewers will love to share.

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March 13, 2018
There are more than financial benefits to setting up a virtual office. Telecommuting generally has positive consequences and allows employees control over the manner in which they do their work. What is more relevant is that more telecommuting is being done across every industry, so it's no wonder more employees are out in the field more often. "Working off-site" doesn't mean replacing traditional (can it be said, "old-fashioned") methods of networking to improve and create new business relationships and opportunities. Meeting people face-to-face is still the number one driving force behind sales tactics. Networking is simply about taking advantage of business opportunities to expand your business. Just because you work from a virtual office doesn’t mean networking is impossible. Here are four great options for networking that you should take advantage of today.

Volunteering Has Double Benefits

Being part of a community means working to improve the conditions within it. Volunteering is a way to give something of yourself (which is never a bad thing) as well as connect with other like-minded professionals. If you do end up finding a business connection through this tactic, you can be sure that the person you've met has a similar sense of responsibility towards their community. Adding to your list of contacts through charitable organizations begins your business relationship on the basic principles of humanity and ethical behavior. What better demonstration of your company's ethics?

Don't Forget to Renew Your Gym Membership

Gyms are an obvious, if unconventional, place for networking opportunities. The business community tends to work out around traditional daily work schedule. Remember, though, that some people don't want to be disturbed when they're de-stressing from a hard day. The key here is to simply connect rather than "do business." Casual acquaintances can lead to more connectivity at a later date. Whatever you do, don't just approach people with the intention of getting something from them. And don't simply ignore them once you've discovered they can't "give you anything." Even if they're not in your desired community, they may be connected to someone who is, and it can be hazardous if they tell others about what tactics you're using. Be honest, upfront, and in it for the long haul. Not unlike exercising.

Three Weddings and a Memorial

This isn't as ghoulish as it sounds. Communities traditionally come together to honor, remember, and celebrate members of their own community. If nothing else, you can learn about how your industry peers talk to each other. You can learn how the memorialized or celebrated members were thought of and what impact they had and still have.

Meetup Online, then Meet Up for Real

It's difficult to get around the power of social media and online communities. Still, you can use that virtual space to your advantage. Many professionals in sales and marketing are using Meetup as an online place to conduct business, but it needn't be confined to cyberspace. Consider creating an event for other industry specialists to come together in the real world. Once you've established a line of communication with your peers, it's easy enough to create a social gathering, like a cocktail party, in order to push that cyber-relationship into a tangible handshake. Be the host and bring online contacts into your world of business.

There are almost an infinite number of locations where relationship building can happen. Being stuck in a virtual office doesn't mean you can't be social, so get out there. Whether you use the gym or a church, the main issues are the same. You are defined by what you do and where you're doing it. Traditional sales people have always known this fact: you're always networking. Even the smallest amount of contact with a random person can lead to a larger and more profitable connection.

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March 14, 2018
In a difficult economy, start-up businesses are looking for ways to save money while still promoting and growing their operations. One fantastic way that businesses are cutting costs is by making the switch to a virtual office. Before you make the switch though, here are ten items you'll need for any virtual office to run smoothly.

Ten Items You’ll Need For Your Virtual Office

Six Items Your Employees Will Need In Their Individual Virtual Offices

Each of your business' employees will be working remotely, and so it is necessary that each of your employees have these six items. First and foremost, everyone working from a virtual office needs a computer or laptop. A computer needs ample hardware space, lots of memory and a fast processor. In addition to this, a fast Internet connection is needed; when your only method of communication is email, you need to ensure you can access this quickly. Internet is also imperative for the third must-have item in an individual virtual office: a shared server. Sending large documents or presentations over email doesn't always make a lot of sense. Using a shared server, like Dropbox, will let everyone access the business' materials. If you don't want to download this, then consider using Google Docs instead.

A webcam or camera is another important item each employee in your business will need. Sometimes things need to be communicated in person, and if that isn't possible due to conflicting schedules or time differences, then videoconferencing can work best. Skype is a fantastic free service. Of course, telephones are another item that are a necessity. When your employees can't be found in an office, you need a way to be able to contact them quickly. Emphasize to your employees the importance of being contactable.

Finally, ensure that each employee has a comfortable desk and workspace in their own office. This might seem unnecessary, but a proper desk and an ergonomic chair could affect your employees' productivity.

Four Items You'll Need At the Office Mailing Address

Chances are, your business also has a brick and mortar office that is used as your mailing address. For example, with City Office it is possible to choose a mailing address anywhere in the world. In addition to having an office mailing address for your business that isn't simply your home address, you will need to make sure that this office has certain items. Boardrooms are one necessity: one advantage of having an office with City Office is that it helps start-up businesses look more established. Meeting with clients in a designated meeting space will maintain that image. Office supplies, like a photocopier, printer, scanner and fax machine are also needed, as these aren't supplies each employee will have at home. Filing cabinets are a good third necessity.

The fourth necessity your business should consider is a phone answering service. This will ensure no calls are ever missed, and that your professional appearance is maintained.

A virtual office can be a huge asset to a business, especially if they are in the start-up phase and looking to save on overhead costs. To get the most out of your virtual office, be sure that these ten items can be found at either the office mailing address or in each employee's own virtual office.

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March 15, 2018

Virtual offices are great tools for improving morale and maintaining a flexible schedule. However, it’s important to take some basic steps to create a productive work environment when working from a virtual office. There are a variety of simple steps you can take to turn your virtual office into a den of productivity – one of which is simply taking the time to set up your desk to enable a productive workday. Here’s how you can configure your desk in a manner that will maximize your productivity when working from a virtual office.

The Basics of Desk Organization

A good approach for organizing a desk is to start with a clean slate. Remove non-permanent items and dust the surface. Next, make a list of objects used at the desk and prioritize their importance. Ask the question, "How often will I use this?"
Store items based on the frequency at which they are used. Keep often-used items within arm's reach, and less commonly used items away in a drawer or on a shelf. Paper is perhaps the most popular culprit of clutter, so stay organized and file when possible. For temporary notes, consider a bulletin board. If useful, set up a physical inbox near the desk for incoming letters and reports. Try to apply similar ideas to your e-mail inbox. File, filter, and delete daily.

Establishing an Ergonomic Work Environment

Chronic injury from continual deskwork and computer use is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s technology-driven society. To avoid chronic conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, organize your work environment in an ergonomically friendly manner. The first place to start is a good chair. Sitting for hours on end is unhealthy, and stretching breaks can only do so much. Look for good lumbar support and proper spine alignment. High-quality chairs are easily adjustable in various dimensions. When shopping, be critical of overpriced models; price isn't necessarily a good indicator of chair quality. For computer setup, ensure that you can hold the mouse with your upper arms relaxed and close to your body. Wrists should be comfortably placed in a neutral position while using the mouse or typing. Monitors should be placed approximately at arm's length and eye-level. Lastly, don't forget good lighting. Keep things bright, and your eyes will thank you.

Hot-Desking Can Save Resources

Hot-desking is a rapidly growing system for office organization. Multiple employees utilize a single workstation (or a reduced number of them) according to a schedule. For instance, Employee A might use Desk 1 from 8 AM to 1 PM, with Employee B taking over Desk 1 for an afternoon shift. Compared to scenarios where each employee has their own desk, this approach can lead to significant cost reduction. The concept works well in fields where employees occupy fewer hours in the office, like project management or consulting. In addition to cutting costs, hot-desking leads to improved collaboration among employees. Hot desking requires significant workspace organization, as leaving items behind after you have finished using the desk is generally frowned upon. Thus, a hot desking arrangement will often force you to keep your workspace highly organized.

When working from a virtual office, desk organization is essential. It leads to better productivity and an improved work environment. Start by prioritizing the items you need for everyday work. Store them according to their importance. Then assess the ergonomics of the environment by setting up the monitor, mouse, and keyboard for maximum comfort. Make sure to get a quality chair. Lastly, consider hot-desking as an option for reducing costs. The key to successfully setting up and organizing your desk in a virtual office is to find an organizational system that works for you. For more information on setting up a virtual office, visit us today at https://www.yourcityoffice.com.

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March 16, 2018
Every year that goes by, more and more businesses are making the decision to move into a virtual office. With studies proving that working remotely does not have a negative effect on the productivity of employees, it has become more appealing to finally make that move. When the choice has been made, the first thing you will have to decide is which location you want your new virtual office to be in.

A Few Pointers for Choosing the Right Virtual Office Location

Determine the Main Goal of Your Virtual Office

People use virtual office services for a wide variety of reasons. Some smaller businessmen and women prefer to do the majority of their work from home, but want an office to take meetings in. Many business owners hire freelance employees who work remotely, but want a large conference room to hold weekly meetings in. Some large corporations use virtual offices in new cities to test the water when they are thinking about expanding. To find which location will benefit you the most, you need to determine what the main purpose of your virtual office is going to be.

Convenience May Be Key

If you know which city you want your virtual office to be located in, you may find yourself in a conundrum if there are multiple addresses available. Which do you choose? Do you opt for the office with the most prestigious address in the downtown core, even if it's further away than a location in a trendier neighborhood? Some businessmen like to have their office located in the same area as all the other major businesses, while others prefer the convenience of a short drive without traffic. You will need to decide which one is more important to you if you find yourself with many options in the cities around you.

Which Location Offers the Most Potential Business?

One major factor is the business potential of each location. The earning potential you will have in each city is directly linked to what your company does; it's not going to be the same for each person. You may have your heart set on one city, but if you have greater business potential in another city, you would probably benefit from choosing the latter. While it may be hard to resist the allure of some cities, you will need to put your business's growth first.

Make a List of Your Choices and Then Narrow It Down

When deciding on which virtual office location will work best for your business, you should keep a list as you look through all your options. Slowly start to narrow it down until you have only five left, and then judge them based on the above criteria. From there you should be able to cut the list until you only have one or two options left. At that point, it will be up to you to make the final decision and choose your virtual office.

The new virtual office craze that's sweeping the world shows no sign of dying down. Having a fully functional office without any of the overhead costs or responsibility is too good for most businesses to turn down. If the hardest part of this decision is choosing a location, then you are guaranteed to enjoy your new virtual office.

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March 17, 2018
A virtual office has a lot of benefits that can address issues you're having. When you work out of a traditional office setting, you run into various problems that you unfortunately will have to deal with. There is no elegant or sometimes even smart solution with such an old-fashioned setup. That's where working virtually could really come in handy, especially if you're tired of the same old, same old. Here are the five problems that you're having right now that a virtual office could solve for you.

You Can't See Clients in Person

When you work out of a traditional office, you'll sometimes have to meet clients face-to-face, but it's expensive to see them in person, particularly if they live out of town. Luckily for you, working virtually allows you access to teleconferencing equipment that can solve this problem for you immediately. Your clients just have to be in front of a computer, and presto. You're all set to meet!

You Don't Have Dedicated Office Space

Professionals who work out of their homes or even on the road are confronted with the problem of not having an actual office in which to meet with their clients. A virtual office will solve this issue for you in a cinch. Part of renting virtual office space is getting physical office space that you can use for client meetings. You look professional, and your client is satisfied, too.

You Don't Have a Proper Business Address

Working from home usually means that you have to give out your home address as your business address. However, for security and privacy reasons, few professionals do this. The solution is a provider of virtual office solutions because such a provider normally grants you access to a legitimate business address that also comes with a mail forwarding service. You get a business address and you keep your privacy intact.

There's No One for Clients to Contact When You're Not Available

Sometimes, you're not going to be available to handle all client contacts. If you're not making enough money to hire an employee, consider a virtual office solutions provider instead. Such a provider will set you up with a virtual receptionist who will take all of the incoming calls and emails from your clients.

You Have No Business Continuity Plan

Most businesses have a business continuity plan in place in case something goes wrong, so that they can still continue operations in the event of an emergency. If you're working out of your home, however, it may be more difficult to plan for a business emergency. That's why a virtual office can offer you both the space and the equipment you need to carry on operations, at least for a little while. This applies if your computer goes down or your phone goes out.

These are the five problems that your virtual office could solve right now. Having an office of this type is really a dream come true because it's so versatile and addresses all of the needs that a regular home office or traditional office simply won't. To learn more about virtual offices, head to YourCityOffice.com.

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March 18, 2018
You've heard it before and you'll hear it again: your business needs to be actively engaged on social media if you want to thrive in today's marketplace. That's great for major corporations with big budgets and plenty of resources, but what do you do if you're a small business with limited resources and limited time? The good news about social media marketing is that you can achieve a lot without spending too much. But there are also many pitfalls you can fall into that will end up costing you valuable time and money if you're not careful.

Social Media Marketing on a Small Business Budget

Tools You Can Use For Free

One of the major advantages of social media marketing is that most of the tools are free to use. Anyone can have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Google+ account provided they have an email address. There are also social media management tools like HootSuite that provide a basic package for free or a premium package for a low monthly fee. This means that anyone can get into the social media game for next to nothing.

Don't Waste Your Time

The main problem with social media, however, is not the cost of the tools, but the time it takes to use them. This is where your business will have to seriously consider if certain social networks are worth being a part of or not. Take Twitter, for example. If you don't have the time to tweet multiple times a day, then Twitter might not be for you. Social media users expect to see a fresh flow of content that is being continually updated, and failing to provide them with that can have a negative impact on your brand.

Can You Afford to Hire a Contractor?

Many businesses with limited resources will hire independent contractors to handle all of their social media for them. This is a great way to ensure that you have an effective social media presence even if you don't have the resources to handle it yourself. But when hiring contractors, you can easily end up spending upwards of $10,000 a month to keep up a blog, a Twitter account, a YouTube account, a Facebook account, and more. Is this really something that your business can afford?

Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin

Instead of trying to keep up a dozen different social media accounts when you don't really have the time or the budget to do so, it may be best to figure out which areas you want to focus on and do those well. Consider which demographics you want to reach. Find out which social media tools they use most and do an awesome job of representing your brand across those platforms.

Social media marketing can be fun and it can be effective, but if you're doing it wrong it can also be a colossal waste of time. And as with many other areas of marketing, going after a niche market means that you can often see a higher return coming from a smaller investment.

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March 19, 2018
Setting up your virtual office takes a bit of planning and thinking because you want to make it a comfortable place in which you can do a lot of productive work. Your Frankfurt virtual office should be a place where you feel like you can spend a lot of time very easily. Setting up your office properly will ensure that you aren't distracted by anything unpleasant during your workday, which can lead to a lot of lost productivity and diminished efficiency on the job. Here are the must follow tips to help you set up your office easier than you imagined.

Pick a Virtual Assistant

Picking a virtual assistant for the office is easier than you may think. First, you should decide on either a dedicated assistant or a 24/7 assistant. A dedicated assistant allows you access to your own agent who will essentially do all of your office bidding for several hours a day. He or she will be accessible by phone or email. A 24/7 assistant is access to a whole team of virtual assistants that you can get in touch with by email, phone or Internet. Of course, do be sure to pick a virtual assistant who has an excellent command of the English language.

Obtain a Virtual Phone System

With a virtual phone system, you can get the entire operation installed an hour. That is probably a far cry from how long you'd have to deal with a phone system installation in a traditional office. All you have to worry about with a virtual phone system is choosing a business number, recording a main greeting that you can customize, and adding employees and departments. After that, you and the team will be capable of taking calls and getting voice mails anywhere you happen to be. Now that is a truly headache-free way to install your phone system.

Get a Professional Mailing Address

You want a professional mailing address to boost the profile of your business. You don't need to even have a physical office space at the site where the mail is sent. Depending on which mail forwarding service you use, you get many benefits. These include the chance to check by telephone whether you have new mail or not, receive email notifications if you have new mail, get automatic and efficient mail forwarding right to your own home, and use extended pick-up hours to get your mail when it's convenient for you. Now, you're able to offer your business contacts and clients an impressive-looking address, without the hassle or expense of setting up a physical office location.

These amazingly helpful tips really make setting up your office in Jakarta a cinch and definitely a lot easier than you ever thought possible. The truth of the matter is that it's a lot easier to set up a virtual office than it is to set up a traditional office. Knowing this, it's time to make the most of your opportunity to be more productive than ever. If you're curious to learn more about virtual offices, visit YourCityOffice.com.

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March 20, 2018
In business, it’s vital to have great employees working for your company. Great employees will mean the difference between a productive business that generates revenue and a costly, inefficient mess. But how do you locate these great employees? Before you even hire a person, how do you tell if he's the next great employee or just another average worker? To make your life easier in this regard, simply use the services of a recruiter to find your next great employee! Here's how a recruiter can help an employer do just this.

Using A Recruiter To Find Your Next Great Employee

Gain Exposure for Specific Jobs

The beauty of utilizing a recruiter is that you are going to get added exposure to certain employees who specialize in only certain niches. Let's say that you are a chemicals company, and you need to hire an employee with a very specific skill set in the field. By utilizing a recruiter, you will be able to locate these highly specialized employees with greater ease and surety. Some recruiters are themselves specialists in being able to locate certain employees within a certain field that you just can't find on your own as an employer.

Using A Recruiter Saves Valuable Time

Another advantage of having a recruiter find the next great employee on your behalf is that it simply saves you a lot of time. In business, time is money, so you'll actually also be saving a good deal of money over the long run by having a recruiter do the leg work for you. A recruiter will not only provide you with copious amounts of access to the untapped pool of potential employees, but he will also do it on his time and not on yours. As an employer, you have better things to do with your time, like running your business!

Spare Yourself the Trouble of Advertising and Interviewing

As an employer, your time is precious and valuable. You don't want to find your next great employee by advertising and interviewing countless candidates for the position that you have available. Advertising takes both time and money, which can be a drain on your budget and on your nerves. Interviewing candidates yourself will only deplete you of the precious time that you should reserve for running your own business. A recruiter is specially trained to advertise to the right candidates and also to conduct interviews with them, thereby increasing your chances of finding that next great employee all the quicker.

If you use a recruiter to find your next great employee, you'll have a much more effective time of it. You'll be able to spare yourself the high costs of advertising to specific niche candidates and fields, all the while still weeding through people until you find the right employee. Likewise, you'll also be able to save precious time by bringing a recruiter on board to help you find the next great employee. As the boss, you have so much more important things to do than advertising and conducting interviews, like operating your business.

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March 21, 2018
The first virtual employee you hire as a small business owner in Jakarta can be a choice you ponder over and contemplate to the extreme. Since your first employee can have a huge impact on the growth of your business, it's very important that they're the type of person who will help you achieve your goals. If you happen to be having some difficulties with your new recruit and you're not sure how to proceed, here are some solid pointers that should get you to a better place.

Figure out What Makes Them Tick

One of the most important parts of being a good boss is being able to determine what your employee's weaknesses and strengths are so that you can deal with them accordingly. Instead of assuming the worst if you're having problems with an employee, find out what their perspective on the situation is as only this will give you the tools you need to move forward so that you can figure out a viable solution to the issue.

Good (and Consistent) Communication is Key

Since you won't have the daily face-to-face with your virtual employee that a standard office affords, you'll want to make sure that the difficulties associated with your new hire aren't occurring because of a communication barrier. Instead of leaving communication to chance and enabling your new employee to fail as a result, try setting up a daily meeting time for a quick conversation. A short chat will give your employee a better sense of your business and will also provide them with the chance to address any concerns before they spin out of control.

Make Sure They Know Who's Boss

If you're a new business owner, navigating the territory between boss and employee can be a bit complicated. It can be very exciting to have a new recruit but knowing where the line is between being too strict and being too lenient can lead to problematic issues. While being a tyrant won't create a good employee, sharing your expectations for the business and the position will go a long way in establishing a healthy rapport.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

If you've looked at things through the eyes of your employee and you're still having problems with certain aspects of their work ethic, you may want to consider if they are truly worth retaining. A minor grievance can be ignored or outgrown without much incident, but if the bad is beginning to outweigh the good, you might want to sever the relationship before it begins to damage your business.

If you've recently hired a virtual office worker in Jakarta and you're having some problems with them, it's important to approach the issue from both sides. You just might be able to diffuse a minor situation before it becomes a much bigger problem by keeping the lines of communication open. If you happen to be curious about a Jakarta virtual office, visit us at https://www.yourcityoffice.com for more information.

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March 22, 2018
These days, starting a Facebook page for your business is a no-brainer. It seems that everyone from celebrities to major corporations to home-based entrepreneurs are using Facebook to their advantage. But there are dangers to be aware of. Having a poor Facebook presence can be worse than having no Facebook presence at all. Fortunately, there are five easy steps you can follow to ensure that your business is doing the most to entice your clients to become Facebook followers.

Five Ways To Entice Your Clients To Follow Your Business on Facebook

Update Often, but Not Too Often

There's nothing worse than a Facebook page with nothing on it. If a client sees that your Facebook page is outdated or has no useful content, they may leave and never come back. At the same time, you don't want to be that annoying Facebook user who overloads people's news feeds with endless useless content. The key is to find a balance that works for you. Many companies will aim for one or two posts per day. The way Facebook is currently set up, home page feeds are based on users' previous visits, so the more they look at your page, the more of your content they'll see in their home page feed. This is important to remember when you're thinking about how much information to put out there on a regular basis.

Use Multimedia Content

Today's Facebook users are typically seeking content that is varied and compelling. Organizing an event and posting photos of that event is a great way to turn your face-to-face clients into online clients. Tagging your clients in these photos will not only attract them to your page, it will also give them an immediate sense of personal connection to you. Videos are also a great way to engage potential clients. Just remember to keep them short and to the point. Users are looking for content that is quick and easy to digest.

Use Your Existing Online Tools

Your business probably has a website already, as well as other tools that clients can follow such as a blog, an e-newsletter, or a twitter account. An easy way to get Facebook followers is simply to place a "like" button on your website or blog, and to ask your e-newsletter readers to like you on Facebook as well. These are users who are already following your business in other ways, so it's a simple task to turn them into Facebook followers. You can also sync your twitter and Facebook accounts to ensure that whatever you post on Facebook is posted on twitter as well, or vice-versa. Twitter will even shorten longer posts if they don't meet their character limit, and will include a link to your original Facebook post.

Give Something Away

Using your Facebook account for online giveaways will really make your clients want to follow you. All you have to do is create a post that says something along the lines of "like our page and you could win a free smartphone app." Give it a timeline, and select one of your new "likers" at random as the winner. If you turn this into a monthly event you'll likely see your number of followers skyrocket in no time.

Be Creative and Have Fun

While Facebook works great as a marketing tool, it's important to remember that most users are just looking to have some fun. Try creating posts that are interactive and invite people to respond. You could post something general along the lines of "I hate Mondays because ___________" and have readers fill in the blank. Or make it something more closely related to your business if you want followers who are more deeply engaged with what you do.

In the end, remember that Facebook users are people, and have specific wants and needs just like all people do. If your business is attentive to these wants and needs, you will be able to turn your clients into Facebook followers in no time.

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March 23, 2018
As a business owner, you know how important networking is to the success and growth of your company. Whether it's networking with other professionals, possible clients, or future business partners, you just never know what kinds of connections you will make that will end up benefiting your business. Networking can be more difficult when you are working through a virtual office, but in Chicago there are still plenty of options available to you if this is how your business is currently running. Take a look at these must attend business networking events near our Chicago virtual offices.

Networking and Funding: BNC Venture Capital Group

On Tuesday, May 6, Business Network Chicago will put on a networking event that offers perhaps that best benefit for your business: the chance to get funding. The event takes place at 161 N Clark St # 4200 in Chicago, which is conveniently located within minutes of our Chicago virtual office locations, and offers an exciting and productive dynamic. Three entrepreneurs make a pitch to the panel of investors, including angel investors, early stage venture capitalists, and private equity firms, in hopes of raising funds. The evening begins at 5 PM, with half an hour of networking sessions, and continues with a presentation from each of the three entrepreneurs, each of which is followed up by a 10-minute question and answer session. Visit the event for pure networking and inspiration for your business, or present your business yourself for the chance to raise capital.

Network After Work: Chicago at Parliament

Network After Work is made up of 500,000 professionals who are like-minded and understand the power of networking. On Thursday, May 15 from 6 to 9 PM, join Network After Work Chicago for their Chicago at Parliament event, and get the opportunity to mingle with over 400 business professionals. The event will be held at 324 W Chicago Avenue, making it easily accessible to you from our virtual offices in Chicago after your day of work. Tickets are affordable as well, ranging from $12 if pre-booked up to $20 at the door. Cocktails and appetizers are served from 6 to 7 PM, so you can stay refreshed while you get yourself—and your business—in front of some of Chicago's leading business professionals.

The Digital World: ChiPMA

ChiPMA is a networking organization modeled after one of the best in Silicon Valley, and aims to connect professionals involved with digital products and services, particularly product managers, but is beneficial to many other related fields as well. These networking events are also beneficial to companies that are still in the design phases and especially those that are preparing to launch their products to the public. ChiPMA will be held on Thursday, May 8 at 321 N Clark Street in Chicago, just north of the Chicago River.

Regardless of what field your business resides in, it can certainly benefit from becoming connected with other businesses. Allowing your business to be seen and noticed in an environment that is filled with powerful and well-connected professionals could make the difference this year for your business. Opt to attend one of these business networking events near our Chicago virtual office, because your business deserves the recognition. For more information on our Chicago virtual office locations, visit us at https://www.yourcityoffice.com/usa/executive-office-space/Illinois/executive-offices-Chicago.html.

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March 24, 2018
Everyone has been in the position where they can feel their productivity level lag. For you, maybe this happens in the afternoon and after lunch, when you begin to dream about going home. For others productivity might not pick up until mid-morning. However, trying the Pomodoro Method within your business could result in an increased productivity level. Continue reading for more information on the Pomodoro Method and how it can help your business.

Boosting Productivity With the Pomodoro Method

What is the Pomodoro Method?

The Pomodoro Method is a way of working that is supposed to optimize how a worker spends their time on certain tasks. This method was created back in the 1980's by an Italian man named Francesco Cirillo. Cirillo emphasizes the importance of planning a task, tracking your progress, recording how well you have done, processing this, and then visualizing the next step. The entire process was created to increase mental agility, keep the mind focused, and reduce procrastination.

"Pomodoro" means "tomato" in Italian, and this name was chosen because of the tomato-shaped timer Cirillo used.

The Five Steps Involved

First, an individual must plan their task, which involves deciding which task they are going to do. This step is particularly useful for a business, as it forces all workers to prioritize different tasks. Second, the worker tracks himself, which is done by setting a timer for 25 minutes. During this step, a worker must concentrate on a single task for the full 25 minutes; the timer should be counting down in front of him. The employer will work until the timer rings and then, he will record his progress with a big cross or check mark. This is a way of letting the employer know he has finished a task, and this should be a motivating factor. Fourth, the worker gets a short break. For each 25-minute period of work, an employer gets a short break of 3 to 5 minutes. The fifth step of the Pomodoro Method is that after four 25-minute intervals of work, a longer break of 15 to 30 minutes is allowed.

The Effect of Working this Way

If you've found productivity isn't where it should be in your office, give this method of working a chance. The effects of the Pomodoro Method have been largely positive. Because an individual works in such short intervals, the worker's mind is able to stay fresh and focused, and the impact of external interruptions is reduced. Additionally, the 25-minute intervals help workers avoid frustration; if a worker can't finish a task or finds it difficult, then they will take a break before continuing. Finally, it is easier for a worker to avoid fatigue when working in short bursts. All of these effects will benefit a business and contribute to how well a business works.

In order to fully master the Pomodoro Method, a worker should stick to it for 7 and 20 days. That being said, this method of working is not for everyone. Within your business, your employees should know how they work best. Working with a timer might not appeal to every employee, so respect that there are a variety of different working and learning styles.

Posted on
March 25, 2018
Sometimes meeting with clients can be a little overwhelming and stressful. The need to impress your clients in order to continue doing business with them amicably can cause a lot of pressure, which is certainly something that isn't needed in the business world. If you're situated at one of our central Wolverhampton virtual office locations, you'll be happy to know that there are many incredible restaurants within walking distance that will impress even the most difficult clients. Check out these unique Wolverhampton restaurants for a winning client lunch.

A Park View: Hamilton's Restaurant

Located inside A Park View Hotel, Hamilton's Restaurant offers a unique dining experience at the edge of West Park. With an interior that speaks volumes for your personal taste, the exclusivity and sophistication of the atmosphere will certainly put your clients at ease the moment you sit down. The cuisine here is nothing less than incredible, with ideal portions and creative presentations that are sure to impress. Opt for the pork belly, go for your usual hearty steak, or get creative with the tandoori pigeon dish. Whatever your decision, both you and your clients are sure to leave Hamilton's very pleased. Hamilton's Restaurant is located at 12-13 Park Road West.

Family Italian: Bella Restaurant

If a warm, casual atmosphere is what you're after in order to make your clients feel relaxed and at home, where better to take them than a family-run restaurant with authentic Italian food? Bella Restaurant is just the place to accomplish this sense of bonding, because bonding is especially effective over a bottle of Italian wine and an authentic pizza. You can also opt for one of their fine dining à la carte options, or indulge in one of their many delicious pastas. Get to know your clients on a friendly level, and bring them to the quaint and quiet atmosphere at Bella Restaurant, located at 82 Chapel Ash.

Modern Global Cuisine: Banks Bistro

If you're just getting to know your clients, you might be having trouble choosing a restaurant that is sure to please them. If this is the case, it’s not a problem; there’s a solution for you in Wolverhampton. Banks Bistro offers a menu full of modern and classic global cuisine, ensuring that your company will find something they like. This classic, formal setting is the perfect atmosphere to introduce yourself to your clients or get to know them a little better. Banks Bistro, located at 40C Bath Road, is suitable for almost any event and every kind of company, making it an all-around pleasing experience. Impressing clients isn't always easy, but luckily when you have the help of fine dining and luxury cuisine, the feat can be that much more approachable and obtainable. Though you might have to go the extra distance in order to earn your clients' respect and cooperation, you'll certainly be glad you did. The distance in Wolverhampton isn't so bad after all, and once you've finished at one of these incredible restaurants, you'll be licking your lips and fingertips with just one word in mind: Winning! If you’d like more information about our serviced offices near Wolverhampton, or elsewhere, visit our website at YourCityOffice.com.

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March 26, 2018
It's not uncommon for businesses to switch from having a brick and mortar office to having a virtual office instead. While having a virtual office can save money on overhead costs, some employees are wary about Working from home. Below are five common misconceptions about working from a virtual office.

Five Misconceptions About Working From A Virtual Office

You Are Less Productive If You Work From a Virtual Office

One common misconception is that people are less productive if they are working from a virtual office. There is no boss to look over your shoulder and give you a stern talking to if you're not working hard enough. While working from a virtual office does require self-control, studies have found that most employees who work from home are actually more productive than their colleagues who work from an office. Individuals working from a virtual office tend to work more hours, they're more frequently on time, they take fewer breaks, and they take fewer sick days. According to studies, productivity gets a big boost when working from a virtual office.

It's Harder To Get Distracted When Working From a Virtual Office

The other side of the coin is that it is impossible to get distracted when working from a virtual office. Again, this is a misconception. Just like in an office, employees in a virtual office can get distracted, tired, or bored. It's possible to give in to online distractions or to be distracted by things that need doing around the house. It does take self-control to work effectively from a virtual office.

You Can Work Wherever You Want

The idea that individuals who run a business from a virtual office can work wherever they want is a very common misconception. The reality is, individuals are most productive when they have set up a work or business environment. Virtual office employees should have a desk where work occurs each day, and this should remain separate from where you relax. Working from a coffee shop or restaurant will likely not result in high-quality work. Like regular business employees, virtual office employees need routine.

You Can Sleep In Every Day

Similarly, virtual office employees cannot work whenever they want. Again, routine is integral to maintaining good work habits. While the schedule might be slightly more flexible, there are still restraints: you can only speak with clients within certain hours, for example. Sleeping in late every day is a common misconception, as eight hours of good work still needs to get done during the business day.

Working From Home Frees You Up To Do Errands

This is a common misconception those who live around virtual office employees have. Just because you're working from home, that does not mean you are free to do errands or socialize for hours on end. Make it clear that even if you are at home, during certain hours you are on the clock.

A virtual office can save a business on overhead costs like rent, utilities and Internet. It could also result in increased employee satisfaction, as commute times are reduced and there is more flexibility. However, running a business from a virtual office does take discipline, so it's imperative that employees know how to manage themselves when they're not working in a brick and mortar office.

Posted on
March 27, 2018
Small business organizations don't need huge budgets in order to make a big splash in the media. While getting media exposure is definitely easier for entities that can afford to hire media relations firms, smaller companies can, with a little bit of imagination, find themselves featured in newspapers and magazines as well as on TV broadcasts and radio segments. Here are some great tips that small businesses working from our virtual offices can use to get media attention.

Connect with Journalists on Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help small businesses to generate significant media exposure. Small businesses should connect with writers, journalists and bloggers on these sites. After connecting with media types, small businesses can join discussions, suggest story ideas with interesting angles and offer their expertise. Done correctly, this strategy can position small businesses as interview candidates for print or broadcast stories.

Leave no Stone Unturned

Small businesses need to get their messages out there if they hope to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Whenever there's a newsworthy development that should be shared, small businesses should write press releases and get them into the right hands at print and broadcast outlets. With the right technology it's now possible to disseminate press releases far and wide. Businesswire.com and PRnewswire.com are just two examples of sites that make distributing press releases relatively easy. Media types typically access these sorts of sites to look for story ideas or to find relevant sources for stories they're working on.

Put Fingers to Keyboard

While getting media types to run with pitched story ideas can be a great form of free publicity, small businesses can help their own cause by generating their own content. Whether they start a corporate blog, write columns for newspapers or produce articles for other news outlets, small businesses can quickly make a name for themselves and become recognized as thought leaders in their respective industries. It's important to understand that thought leaders are the sorts of sources that media types love to seek out for interviews on breaking news.

Persistence Pays off in the End

Sending out press releases and making calls is a good start, but that's not enough. Small businesses should also be sure to follow up. After all, writers, journalists and bloggers often get lots of press release and queries from companies, public relations people and media relations representatives. Follow-up calls or emails can help small businesses set themselves apart from the pack.

Tug at the Heartstrings

Small businesses can attract a lot of media coverage if they can find a human-interest angle to pitch. For instance, small businesses that donate a portion of their revenue to charity or do anything else that demonstrates genuine goodwill can potentially get some press coverage. Genuine goodwill in the community combined with an interesting story angle will pique the interest of just about any media type.

Fortunately, media exposure isn't only for larger companies. With a little grunt work and ingenuity, small businesses, too, can get substantial attention from print and broadcast media. For more information about how our virtual office spaces can provide you with the ideal small business location to push for big time media exposure, visit YourCityOffice.com.

Posted on
March 28, 2018
These days, the concept of a virtual office is becoming more and more popular. People are beginning to look for ways to save money while still running their business. A virtual office is simply a mix of address services and live communication, and it permits people to cut down on the usual office costs while maintaining their professionalism. The beauty of a virtual office is that it does not require a lease, which has always been a traditional expense in any office setting in the past. Here are the four easy businesses that you can start from a virtual office.

Home-Based Businesses Are Ideal

The concept of the virtual office and a home-based business go together hand in hand. This is the ideal setup for a person who has a growing business, but does not want to risk taking out a traditional lease in an office building. Running your office space out of your home also allows you to save drastically on expenses. When you're at home, you can also spend more time with your family.

Small Businesses Are Great

If you're operating a small business, chances are that you don't have a lot of money and can’t afford to stray from your budget. Thus, a virtual office lets you cut down on costs, making it the perfect opportunity for you. The challenge of a small business is to project an image of professionalism, which can be hard when you're just starting out and you don't have any earnings yet! This is where the virtual office comes in handy, because it allows you to look professional and well-established.

Accounting Offices Use Virtual Offices

The accounting profession may not be the first thing you think of when you think about virtual offices, but accountants make use of virtual offices quite frequently. An accountant who doesn't wish to deal with the costs of maintaining a regular office can use a virtual office to save money. If he has to meet with clients, he can rent a meeting space on short notice, and then head to his physical office space to receive them.

Law Firms Use Virtual Offices

You may believe that law firms are all about prestige and leasing the biggest, most expensive offices around. However, an increasing trend in recent years has been the use of virtual offices for law firms. This is all about cutting costs, which is especially beneficial to law firms in recessionary times like these. Having a virtual office still lets lawyers use boardrooms for staff meetings and meeting rooms to talk with clients.

These are the top four businesses that you can start from a virtual office. A virtual office allows professionals to save a lot of money on their operational costs while still maintaining the prestige that their job descriptions demand. Whether it's a home-based business, a small business, an accounting firm or a law office, the virtual office provides something for every profession.

Posted on
March 29, 2018
In a traditional office the company culture tends to naturally evolve and build over time. In a virtual office, however, the lack of a physical space is detrimental to this culture building. But despite the physical barrier, virtual offices can also cultivate a company culture with a little creative thinking.

Create a Mission Statement With Specific Goals

In a virtual office the company mission statement is an invaluable resource. Every few weeks, upper management should take some time to evaluate how their staff and the company as a whole is adhering to the goals laid out by the mission statement. In a virtual environment any changes or discrepancies of how the company maintains its commitment to its collective goals can be difficult to gauge in a timely fashion. Making an active effort to evaluate the company's trajectory can help you avoid any damaging deviations from these goals. This, of course, may also involve making changes to the goals themselves, but again, this ensures that the office culture and the purpose of the company remain in sync with each other.

Schedule Regular Meeting Times Through Video Chat

The importance of attaching a name to a face is critical in order for employees to feel accountable and engaged in the team effort. Hosting meetings via video chat brings the members of the virtual office that much closer to feeling as though the company is a living, breathing organism of which they are an important part.

Invest in Face-to-Face Events

Face-to-face interaction, no matter how little, should still be incorporated in a virtual office. Annual gatherings to celebrate milestones or the company's anniversary are a great way to foster team building and bonding. These events also give employees, who otherwise might not have the chance to interact with one another, the opportunity to network and build new relationships within the company.

Hire People With Similar Interests and Creative Processes

Interviewers often use personality tests to judge whether or not a prospective employee would fit well with the company culture. In a physical office, hiring managers can afford to be a little more lenient as far as personality types are concerned because there is a constantly present, physical space surrounding new workers giving them an immediate, immersive experience of how the office culture operates and what their role is in it. In a virtual space, these social parameters are less obvious. When filling positions in a virtual office, screening for individuals who are like-minded in how they approach the creative process, their organizations skills and their interests will save time overall and minimize the opportunity for rifts between employees as a result of creative differences.

Create a Virtual "Water Cooler"

By far, the biggest advantage of running a company via a predominantly virtual office is the ability to tap into talent from around the world. The absence of the physical office space, however, does create a major barrier for cultivating bonding between employees. In a traditional office space, employees are easily able to chat and bond with one another because they are physically in the same location. Therefore, virtual offices must find a way of facilitating this aspect of office culture through virtual means. Group message boards and virtual bulletin boards are one way of doing this.

Office culture is a reflection of the relationships employees have built with each other. To facilitate the development of a culture that is consistent with the values of the company it's important to create opportunities for employees to engage with other workers beyond exchanging emails about current projects. Even in a virtual office, there must be room for friendship. To learn more about building your own virtual office visit us at: https://www.yourcityoffice.com.

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March 30, 2018
Working in a virtual office presents a number of new opportunities, one of which is the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and businesses in your building. Connecting with your virtual office neighbors can forge strong friendships and working relationships, unearth potential business mentors, and give your team a sense of community and inclusion. Here are five ways to bring the cheer when you introduce yourself to your virtual office neighbors.

It's Not All About You

When meeting virtual office neighbors, it's natural to want to tell them all about your business and what you do. You're passionate and you want to share your passion with others. Sometimes, though, passion for your business can come across as self-centeredness. When introducing yourself, stick to your elevator pitch and avoid going into unnecessary detail. Let the other person speak, and make sure you listen more than you talk. Your conversation partner will be impressed by your listening skills and will remember you favorably.

Find Common Ground

If you're all work and no play, other business owners will find you boring. They will expect you to have hobbies and interests outside of your professional life. If you don't appear to have any such hobbies, they'll think you're an out-of-touch workaholic, which will immediately put up a barrier between the two of you. Show your neighbors that you're more than just a cardboard cutout by mentioning one or two of your hobbies; you might find common ground that can spark a friendship. Be careful not to overdo it though, or your neighbors will wonder if you actually do anything business-related at all.

A Smile Is Good For The Soul

Studies show that first impressions are primarily formed based on non-verbal communication. What you say doesn't matter quite as much as how you say it. Your neighbor is likely developing a first impression of you based on cues such as your tone of voice, your posture, and your facial expressions. Making a good first impression is simple. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and don't cross your arms - crossing your arms or hunching your shoulders can send the message that you're emotionally cold and distant, which will hinder conversation. Neurologically speaking, the physical act of smiling is so closely associated with happiness and positive emotions that if you smile, the person you smile at will feel happiness as well.

Don't Bring An Office-Warming Gift

This may seem counter-intuitive - after all, an office-warming gift can leave quite the impression on the receiver - but this tidbit of advice is grounded in the psychological principle of reciprocity. When a person receives something for free, they generally feel obligated to return the favor. Giving someone an office-warming gift when they're not expecting it can leave them feeling guilty if they don't have a gift for you. This is not a good way to be neighborly. If you think an office-warming fruit basket or bottle of wine is an absolute must, leave it for after the initial meeting and make sure your neighbor knows to expect it. That way, they can be prepared with a gift for your team and avoid the guilt trip.

A Firm Handshake Goes A Long Way

Nothing signals weakness like a limp handshake. When you shake hands, keep a firm, steady grip. A solid handshake demonstrates confidence and charm, and charming people are fun to be around. A weak or limp handshake indicates that you are reserved and insecure, and that will cost you major charisma points. Your virtual office neighbors are far less likely to socialize or do business with you in the future if you greet them with a weak handshake. If you want to gain the respect and trust of your virtual office neighbors, a firm handshake is a must.

You don't get a second chance at a first impression. How you introduce yourself to your virtual office neighbors can influence your working relationship for years to come. These five pointers will help you start things off on the right foot, and have your neighbors inviting you out to lunch in no time.

Posted on
March 31, 2018
There are a lot of perks to working from a virtual office. You save time and money on travel and enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere you want, provided that the location you're in has a stable Internet connection and a way for you to communicate with your clients and other business contacts. Though this setup might enable you to easily satisfy most of your client's needs, every once in a while you might acquire clients that want to schedule meetings with you in your workplace. Of course, inviting clients to your home office or to a restaurant to discuss business may give them the false impression that you lack professionalism or aren't as capable as you appear to be on paper. To assure these clients of your credibility and to further demonstrate the legitimacy of your business, consider renting a virtual office space package.

What is a Virtual Office?

The virtual office is an ever-evolving concept, but for the moment a virtual office is a business that operates without a physical headquarters so to speak. But, this doesn't mean this style of office setup can't have a physical space. On a temporary basis, business owners can rent meetings rooms, office workspaces and reception services, and even use a physical address that clients can touch base with via mail.

The Benefits of Virtual Office Meeting Spaces

Virtual office meeting spaces are fully furnished, well-maintained and hospitable environments that offer an affordable way for virtual business owners to meet with their clients. With the look and feel of a long running office, business owners can be assured that their professional standing with their clients is in no way diminished. Meanwhile clients will leave meetings feeling satisfied that business owners are willing and able to meet their needs.

Establishing Your Virtual Office Needs

As stated above, most virtual office packages offer a whole host of features to choose from that allow you the freedom to hand pick and pay for only the services you need. Before committing to an office package it's important to establish what features you absolutely need and what features you can do without. For instance, how big of a space do you need to hold client meetings? Will you need a space for brainstorming sessions when meeting with co-workers? Do you need a receptionist or office tools like a fax machine? Are you in need of a business address through which potential clients can contact you? Keeping these things in mind will help you decide exactly what features you need your virtual office to possess.

Maintaining a temporary physical space may seem illogical for virtual office workers. While freelancers and virtual business owners may be happy to complete their work solely through the virtual means that are available to them, there are advantages to maintaining a tangible space for clients and potential clients to connect with. A physical presence gives clients the impression of professionalism and stability they've grown accustomed to. It also gives business owners a way to connect with their clients through more traditional means. Find out more about how you can build your own virtual office by visiting us at https://www.yourcityoffice.com.

Posted on
March 31, 2018
Over many millions of years, humans have become adapted to living in the outdoors. Recently, though, the time has come when people are spending an average of 90% of their time indoors. Bringing nature into workspaces has become more valuable than ever with the amount of time people spend inside. Below is an overview of why plants are important in the workplace, the best plants for small or large spaces, and tips on how to maintain the plants once they have made their way into the office.

Why Have Plants In The Office?

The human body has lived alongside nature forever, and it's not until recently that people have begun spending more time indoors than outdoors. It's known now that indoor air is far more contaminated than outdoor air, contains less oxygen, and is less conducive to health. Adding some plants to your workspace can improve the health of your workers and add a pleasant aesthetic dimension. Why not create an inviting space for yourself and your clients to enjoy by adding some of the following plants to your virtual office?

Best Plants For A Small Space

Office spaces that are small, such as cubicles, will best be suited to some of the following plants: English Ivy (Hedera helix), Inch plants (Tradescantia zebrina), Jade plants (Carssula ovata), and Asparagus Ferns. Another alternative to a larger plant would be a cactus. Cacti and succulent plants, such as an Aloe Vera, require little watering and attention, but they don't provide the same fullness as a leafy plant.

Best Plants For A Large Space

There are plenty of varieties of indoor plants that are ideal for the use in office spaces. Some of the more common varieties are the following: Ficus, Rubber Tree, Norfolk Pine, Heliconia, Bamboo Palm, and Corn Cane. When choosing the right plant for the office, be sure to ask for help. Ask how tall and how wide the chosen plant is expected to grow, and how much attention it will require for maintenance.

Plant Maintenance Tips

When choosing plants for the office, no matter what space size is available, it's important to choose plants that are suitable for the indoors, and to understand that with little daylight, the plants will probably not flower, even if they are naturally a flowering plant. Furthermore, plants that get little natural daylight will require less water than plants that are in the outdoors. Also consider the fact that indoor plants need to be potted in potting soil that is specifically designed to accommodate indoor plants. Indoor potting soil will reduce the potential for mold buildup because of the soil's special formulation.

Before choosing a plant, be sure to consult with other people in the business. It's important to know whether anyone has any pollen or other allergies. Also, ensure that there will always be someone to water the plant, in the event that someone takes an extended holiday. Have fun choosing a plant. Plants add life to an office space, and they can truly improve a working environment.

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