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North Dongsanhuan Road
North Dongsanhuan Road Serviced Office Space
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This amazing, commercial location provides serviced office areas for lease, which include amenities such as furnishings, A/C and even the utilization of various kinds of meeting rooms and secretarial support. This business hub sits in the spectacular and thriving business district of Beijing, and, as such, it offers both tenants and guests some amazing views of the city. This is a very contemporary property that is outfitted with the latest tech and sitting within Beijing’s lively business area. It provides completely furnished and serviced offices and the usage of site staff and administrative help. This service package features the use of high-speed Internet services and meeting rooms.
Jianguo Road
Jianguo Road Serviced Office Space
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Serviced facilities are on hand, located all the way on the 24th floor of this nice, landmark structure that has a host of amenities available for both tenants and visitors. A few examples of these amenities are things such as a shopping mall, conference facilities and even meeting rooms. These entirely furnished offices are part of a landmark office structure that looks out over the city and provides amazing views for tenants and visitors. The offices are a piece of this amazing edifice that includes two international hotels, a shopping mall and even fine living amenities. The offices sit on the 24th floor and feature an amazing business lounge.
Jianguomenwai Avenue
Jianguomenwai Avenue Serviced Office Space
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A host of completely serviced and roomy office suites are available to be leased inside of this striking property, being helped by a swell corporate environment and a bunch of additional on-site amenities. There are lots of meeting spaces inside of this center, along with sophisticated communications tech and even an eatery. This modern business site sits inside of a nice-looking multi-purpose facility, providing a wonderful corporate reputation and a ton of on-site perks. Completely furnished and high-class office space is on tap here. Both the tenants and guests alike are sure to benefit from access to conference rooms, administrative help and lots more.
DongSiShiTiao Serviced Office Space
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This business center stands out from the rest because of its emphasis on contemporary office space with wonderful views across the surrounding landscape. This business hub provides high-quality office spaces that feature both bi-lingual support and meeting room availability. This is a lot more than what other office buildings in the same area can say. Breathtaking in design, this structure provides a host of high-quality office space with contemporary finishes as well as a collection of business amenities to complement your requirements. All of these features here make this location an excellent place in which to build and then improve upon your whole corporate image.
Liangmaqiao Road
Liangmaqiao Road Serviced Office Space
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This nice-looking and red, brick office building provides completely serviced and professional office space on only the most flexible terms of lease. What this means is that this business location is just the right spot for any company that’s searching for instant occupancy and very little responsibility. Many of the business buildings in and around this area cannot say the same thing. There are a whole host of amenities as well as perks that this business center can provide for you. As such, this business center can provide you with safe, underground parking, a gym and a fitness area, and even an on-site eatery.
ChaoWai Street
ChaoWai Street Serviced Office Space
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Sitting inside a nice, high-rise location, this business hub features a host of contemporary and spacious offices that you can lease. All of the offices here feature full furnishings, gracious decorations and A/C, all for your comfort as well as ease. A collection of amenities are presented on the site, including break out places and conference rooms. This business hub features 45 modern offices. They range in size from just 20 square meters all the way to 100 square meters. It also features a huge café in addition to a huge conference room on the mezzanine floor. This place features almost all perks any expat in Beijing would want!
Guang Hua Road
Guang Hua Road Serviced Office Space
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This is a business hub that is sitting right in the north tower of these high-class, twin office towers. This business hub is also in the practice of providing copious amounts of professional office space to lease on only the most highly flexible contracts. This is a lot more than what the majority of business sites in and around this area can say. The business center itself comes complete with a nice shopping mall, a five star hotel and even a membership required sports center. All of these different perks and amenities simply contribute to the amazing atmosphere for the folks living and working in this city.
Chao Wai Street
Chao Wai Street Serviced Office Space
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Located on the 5th floor of this amazing and highly prestigious structure, this particular business hub provides tenants with everything that they require in order to enjoy a great workplace atmosphere and further productivity. This professional office structure provides tenants with executive office space on only the most highly flexible lease terms. This particular business site also offers perks and amenities that empower workers to become more productive at work. For example, here, you can get round the clock access to the building, videoconferencing studios, meeting rooms and so much more. In short, this particular place caters to all of your potential business requirements and then some.
B Jianguomenwai Avenue
B Jianguomenwai Avenue Serviced Office Space
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This prestigious and high-class business hub provides tenants and guests with spectacular views of the city. It is located in a wealthy commercial district of the city and, thus, provides only the most advanced Intelligent Business System as well as digital tech, therefore making this the perfect place in which to host your company. A nicely designed business hub that offers a smart selection of services to help your business requirements along, this particular business hub sits in the middle of the busy commercial district and is easy to spot on the skyline. This business hub features the best Intelligent Business System and digital tech, all the while providing a tranquil business environment, too.
Guang Hua Road
Guang Hua Road Serviced Office Space
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Completely furnished and serviced office space is on tap at this high-quality business center. This high-quality business center offers its tenants and guests an environmentally respectful workplace for any business that’s on the hunt for a reasonable and effective answer to any office accommodation necessities and requirements. This is a LEED-certified and impressive edifice that provides a choice of completely services suites on the 6th floor. Tenants are going to enjoy the great company environment obvious inside of the center, together with a wide array of on-site facilities like meeting room availability, a sandwich and a coffee bar and safe underground parking areas.
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